Saturday, June 16, 2018

Connecticut: Who Wants To Be Governor Of The Swamp?

One could argue that Connecticut's state government is a swamp.  And this Connecticut swamp needs to be drained immediately.  But will the upcoming election be an opportunity for the political swamp to be drained?
Connecticut's economy is in poor shape.  For the past eight years we have seen a mass migration out of Connecticut of taxpayers and businesses.  For the past eight years we have seen a massive increase in state taxes.  For the past eight years we have seen laws broken by the Connecticut Democrat Party with no repercussions.  For the past eight years we have seen a state constitutional spending cap be totally ignored by our elected officials.  For the past eight years we have seen pay to play Connecticut Taxpayer funded corporate welfare at its worse.  For the past eight years we have seen the state's short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities skyrocket to well over $80 billion dollars.  For the past eight years we have seen the state rank last or near last of all 50 states in all economic and business related categories.  
The Connecticut Taxpayer funded state government political swamp needs to be the issue in the November election.  Connecticut Taxpayers can disregard any messages being sent by the two Democrat candidates for Governor as they are incoherent, biased and economically irrational.  One could further argue as to why a convicted felon is being allowed to run for Governor?  One could also further argue that the Connecticut Democrat Party is void of ideas, void of ethics, void of economic plans, void of accomplishments and has created the mess that the state is in today.  That is the real record they are running on in November.  For them to try to make President Trump the issue this election is illogical, incoherent and a desperate attempt on their part to avoid their horrific record of governing for too many years now.  They are the swamp. 
Thus who really wants to be Governor?  The Democrat candidates and their stale ideas of more spending and more taxes will once again resolve Connecticut's economy is unjustifiable.  They have no new ideas and or programs.  The Connecticut Democrat Party only concern is protect their political nepotism and their political patronage spoils system that is funded by Connecticut Taxpayers.
The solution in November is not to elect or re-elect any Connecticut Democrat.  It is a simple yet complex solution.  Complex as many current Connecticut Democrat elected officials lose their seats in November they will be rewarded with new and high paying do nothing Connecticut Taxpayer funded state jobs before the end of the year.  Yet they will finally be out of office once and for all.  And the swamp known as Connecticut government will start to drain ever so slowly of its cancerous debris and garbage that has plagued our state for too many years now.

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Connecticut: A Politicians Adult Playground

When I was younger I enjoyed playing in our school's playground.  The swings, the ball fields, the climbing bars and see saws were a great source of fun and good memories growing up in the 1960's.  Back then we did not have to check our messages on our phones, we could actually grow and learn, we did not have to hear political correctness in the classroom, we could learn to think, rationalize and reason and most importantly actually learn new ideas, concepts, and knowledge.  Skills to live in society.
In 2018 children grow up in a vastly different environment with strict controls and schedules.
Why do I bring this up in a political opinion column?  For the simple reason I can compare the playground of my youth to the carefree playground that is called Connecticut state government that is financed by you and I-Connecticut Taxpayers.
Connecticut Taxpayers foot the bill for the Connecticut politicians adult playground that is enjoyed by our elected officials, state union and management workers, state retirees along with the special interest groups that receive free taxpayers monies for their businesses.  This Connecticut adult playground is tough to get invited into as one must pay to play in it through a vast web of political donations, correct connections to employment (even though the person does not the qualifications for the job), special lobbying of elected officials with proper contributions to those same elected officials,  and secret agreements between state officials, agencies, state unions and certain hand chosen businesses that can not be viewed or questioned by Connecticut Taxpayers.
This Connecticut adult playground is free of worry or care as the only concern for many of Connecticut's elected officials is to control the press and get reelected to office for as long as possible.  This Connecticut adult playground is a place where no new or higher tax is cared about as in the playground only new and higher taxes are good and tax cuts and tax reform are bad.  In this Connecticut adult playground no laws exist and any law can be broken or manipulated to the benefit of the elected official, state official or state worker.  Laws only exist for Connecticut Taxpayers who foot the bill for this Connecticut adult playground.  This Connecticut adult playground has been nurtured and developed for years now with the Connecticut State Income Tax leading the way in its construction. 
This Connecticut adult playground has helped to bankrupt Connecticut both financially and morally.  Connecticut's short and long term debt along with its unfunded liabilities is between $60 and $80 billion dollars. Connecticut's debt to Gross Domestic Product ratio is at a staggering 20% and growing.  Is there possibly a plan to address this in the upcoming election?
Connecticut's current economic path is unsustainable and ready to collapse under this unyielding debt.   Connecticut will soon have junk bond status in the future and be unable to borrow monies to run this Connecticut adult playground.
Connecticut Taxpayers are tired of paying for this economic debacle.  This Connecticut adult playground needs to be destroyed.  Eliminated in 2018.

Saturday, June 02, 2018

For Sale: Connecticut Buddy Can You Spare Me $9,000,000?

Connecticut is for sale.  Would you like to buy it?  Would you like to be Governor?  If you do do you have any plans or ideas for the state to get it out of its economic decline?
The 2018 Connecticut Democrat Party edition for Governor is more of the same.  Connecticut Democrats offer two choices in their upcoming possible primary.  The endorsed candidate Ned Lamont is a liberal multi millionaire.  His plans in my opinion are an extension of the last eight failed years of the Malloy Administration.   He will support state unions, increase taxes along with saving the environment.  His opponent is a convicted felon currently the liberal Mayor of Bridgeport Joe Gamin.  Gamin's plans in my opinion are an extension of the last eight failed years of the Malloy Administration.   He will support state unions, increase taxes along with saving the environment.
In case anyone in the Connecticut Democrat Party cares, Connecticut has $60 to $80 billion dollars of unfunded liabilities along with its short and long term debt. It offers corporate welfare taxpayer funded checks to some of the largest corporations in the country.  This past week's $80 million dollar bond giveaway includes a mere $9 million dollars in the form of a grant to PriceWaterhouseCooper to create 400 jobs.  PriceWaterhouseCooper revenue for 2017 was a mere $37.7 billion dollars.  It was just given $9 million Connecticut Taxpayer dollars to increase their world wide work force from approximately 236,000 workers to now 236,400 workers from this grant that apparently they were in desperate need for in order to operate in Connecticut?  Will they be giving discounts to the Connecticut businesses they will be servicing?  Couldn't the $9,000,000 helped some of our elderly and special needs citizens of our state more than PriceWaterhouseCooper?  How much did PriceWaterhouseCooper give to the Connecticut Democrat Party over the past eight years?  According to Senator Murphy received a mere $10,000 this 2018 cycle along with $5,000 to Representative Esty.  That is just a start.  If one looks back for the past four elections there was much more donated.  Yes if you give you will receive Connecticut Taxpayers monies when you donate to the Connecticut Democrat Party. 
The story on the Connecticut Democrat Party is the same year in and year out.  This election is more of the same.  Connecticut Taxpayers by being charged over $5 billion dollars in new and increased taxes over the past eight years are supposed to believe that they are better off with the continued one party rule of the Connecticut Democrat Party?  Really?  Isn't Connecticut last or near last in most major economic, taxing and business development categories in the country?  Hasn't Connecticut seen a mass migration of both businesses and taxpayers moving out of state over the past eight years?  Both of the Connecticut Democrat Party candidates for Governor are economically incompetent to serve. 
Connecticut is for sale.  Would you like to buy it?  But first can you spare me $9,000,000 instead?  What you don't want to pay to play?  Get out of Connecticut then.  Fast.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Connecticut's Governor Candidates

Who wants to be Governor? There were many now there are less than many.  But still a lot.  On the Republican side Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, moderate/liberal candidate won the nomination for Governor at the convention.  Getting enough delegate support to force a primary were former Trumbull Selectman Tim Herbst and Steve Obsitnik, a Westport tech entrepreneur.  Thus a primary will occur with candidates who did not get enough support at the convention petitioning to get on the primary ballot.  These include Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti, Businessman David Stemerman, Dave Walker and Businessman Bob Stenfanowski.  More candidates may emerge for the primary.  Who is the clear cut leader?  I do not know as each candidate has interesting points in their campaigns.  The primary will dictate the winner.
On the Democrat side liberal businessman Ned Lamont is the default candidate for Governor.  Lamont is the candidate they must have as their other candidate who is Mayor of Bridgeport Joe Gamin spent seven years in prison as a convicted felon and in my opinion has little if any ability to be elected on the state level.  The Democrats have the real problem in their candidates for state office and in the House and Senate.  They all are running on the past eight failed years of the Malloy Administration.  Connecticut's economy is a mess.  They were in control. We are last in most business and economic categories.  New and increased taxes along with the massive costs of $60 to $80 billion dollars of short/long term debt along with unfunded liabilities and massive union and management salaries, benefits and pensions have pretty much crippled Connecticut.  The past eight years of Democrat rule have helped to increase the debt. There are also the economic issues of the state that include businesses moving out and a net loss of population. 
This is the record that Ned Lamont will be running on.  This is the record that the Democrats are running on.
Who want to be Governor?   I know whoever becomes Governor has their work cut out for them.  Good luck.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Connecticut Taxpayers-Are You Better Off In 2018 Than You Were In 2014? 2010? 1990?

If you are a Connecticut Taxpayer are better off in 2018 than you were in 2014? 2010?  How about 1990?
Think about it.  Are you paying more or less taxes?  Have you had to change jobs since your former employer either closed or moved out of state?  Has your local property taxes increased in that time frame?  Have you wondered why the Connecticut state budget has grown to $21 billion dollars a year from $7 billion dollars a year in 1990 while population has dropped by 10%, an approximate 67% increase in spending?  Have you wondered why Connecticut's short and long term debt and unfunded liabilities is now $60 to $80 billion dollars or four times the annual budget of the state?  Have you wondered why a state judge can retire at 70% of their pay for the rest of their lives after only three years of service?  In your current job are you guaranteed medical benefits for life when you retire?  Do you have a pension at your job?  If you do are you going to receive it by not contributing one penny to it in your work career?  Also if you have a pension are you able to include overtime worked and mileage reimbursement expenses to its calculation like Connecticut state workers can in some cases?  If you are a legal citizen of Connecticut are your children able to get financial aid attending a state community college or university like "Dreamer" students can?  If you own a business in Connecticut has the amount of regulations on your business increased since 2014 or 2010?  If you own a home in Connecticut and do not have a crumbling foundation do you want to pay a new $12 tax on your homeowners policy to supposedly correct this issue that you had no role in?  Do you like paying one of the highest levels of taxes in the country while the state ranks near last in economic growth and business friendliness?
Again if you are a Connecticut Taxpayer are better off in 2018 than you were in 2014? 2010?  How about 1990?
I know I am not and many of my family, friends and business owners are not.
This is the record that the Connecticut Democrat Party is running on in November.  They have lied for years now to Connecticut Taxpayers.  And Connecticut is in an economic mess.  They have no solutions other than tax and spend to protect their elite ruling political class.  The Connecticut Democrat Party owns the economy.  And they have no solutions whatsoever.
Remember this when you vote in November.  

Saturday, May 05, 2018

Connecticut's Shrinking Economy: Now #49 Out Of 50 States.

It seems that there is constant news about how poor Connecticut's economy is and how it has not recovered since the last recession.  Recessions come in cycles.  The last recession was in 2008 and since that time Connecticut according to United States Bureau of Economic Analysis has only regained roughly 80% of the jobs it has lost while the country as a whole has more than doubled the jobs it has lost since then.  Connecticut now ranks #49 out of 50 states in economic growth dropping from #32 in 2016.  Connecticut's economy has shrunk to its lowest levels since 2004 a regression of enormous proportions.  This means that Connecticut is losing both businesses and citizens at a rapid level.  It is also means that the eight years of the Democrat leadership of Governor Malloy and a Democrat led State House and Senate have failed miserably in their economic programs.  It also means that the eight years of the Democrat leadership of Governor Malloy and a Democrat led State House and Senate increased taxes and expanded tax programs have failed miserably.  The Democrats who are running for reelection are quick to blame the Weicker/Rowland/Rell administrations.  Some Democrats blame the minority Republicans in the House and Senate for not increasing taxes enough. 
Yet the past eight long years in Hartford should prove to any Connecticut voter how poorly managed the economy has been run by the Connecticut Democrat Party.  Yet the Democrats continue to deny that anything is wrong.  They continue to argue for new and higher taxes.  They continue to nurture their brand of political nepotism with tremendous salaries, benefits and pensions for both union and management state workers.  This is the record they are running on in 2018.  The state media continues to embrace their failed policies in their reporting of the upcoming election by focusing upon the supposed "faults" of the Republican candidates.  I read little about any "faults" of the Democrat candidates including their convicted felon who is running for Governor.
Thus 2018 remains a critical election in Connecticut's history.  It could be an election that the economically illiterate Connecticut Democrat Party loses their majorities in the House and Senate.  It could be an election that the state Republican party loses some of their RINOS and become somewhat more fiscally and socially conservative.   It could be an election that we have a Republican Governor elected.  There are a great deal of unknowns this November.  One thing that is known is that Connecticut's economy is in a downward spiral.  Connecticut's economy has not been helped through the giveaway of Connecticut Taxpayer's monies through the Department of Economic and Community Development.  We see now the misuse and lack of record keeping for jobs and loan repayments in this agency.  And we also see that nothing whatsoever is being done at Department of Economic and Community Development to rectify it.
Connecticut's economy is on life support.  Connecticut's economy is damaged and broken.  Connecticut's state government tax and spend policies are economically unsustainable.  They are the direct cause of why businesses and citizens are moving out of Connecticut daily for the past eight years.  Yet many of our elected officials just do not understand it.  And the ultra liberal wing of the Connecticut Democrat Party wants even more state spending and more taxes. 
Connecticut is an economic crisis created by years of Democrat Party rule which has increased taxes to unsustainable levels.  Connecticut can only be saved if it is willing to cut taxes and spending.  Connecticut's swamp really needs to be drained this November to survive.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Connecticut's New FMLA Nightmare

Connecticut Democrats truly dislike business and those individuals who do not work for state government.  Another example of this hatred is House Bill #5387 that massively expands the Family Medical Leave Act.  The costs to Connecticut Businesses and Taxpayers will be enormous.
Here are some of the highlights of this bill:
1. The bill will implement a .5 percent employee tax to fund a medical trust fund that will be run by the state.  Anyone who works in Connecticut now pays this tax.
2. It greatly expands the Federal FMLA Act by offering 12 weeks of leave up to $1000 per week for any worker to take care of any blood relative or friend who is considered family.  The Federal Act only allows for immediate family to be taken care of.
3. It greatly expands the Federal FMLA Act by expanding it from the current limited to only those companies with 50 or more employees to any company that has 2 yes 2 or more employees.
4. The bill the way it written as far as my analysis is not sustainable due to the  initial start up costs and yearly costs to run the program.  For example someone who earns $50000. a year will pay a yearly $250 tax and be eligible for up to $675 per week for 12 weeks of benefits.
5. Any employee who has worked for six months or 500 hours can receive this benefit.
6. The only way this program could be started is that it would be funded by a $20 million dollar bond.  The estimated costs to start the program would be $13 to $14 million dollars.  The yearly costs to run the program would be over $18 million dollars a year.  I can see how this program would be completely underfunded from the start and be exceptionally costly to Connecticut Taxpayers in the long run.
7.  A entirely new layer of state bureaucracy would be developed to run this poorly written and designed program.
All in all this is yet another damaging bill which will increase the costs of living and doing business in the state for the future.  Why is it necessary?  In my opinion the Connecticut Democrat Party is in severe danger of losing its control of power in Connecticut in the upcoming election by losing all offices statewide and losing control of the House and Senate.  Thus the great push for as many economically damaging, political patronage bills and laws to be passed and signed into law before this session ends.
Haven't you had enough?  I know I have. 

Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Economic Costs Of Connecticut's New Tolls

Information on new taxes and user fees is always at a premium for Connecticut Taxpayers.  Our elected officials love sending out Connecticut taxpayer funded newsletters and pamphlets before an election hailing all the great things they have done over the years.  For example, Democrat Representative Mary Mushinsky 85th District who has been in office 37 years stated two years ago in her brochure that the state budget was actually balanced (when it was not and has not been).  Mushinsky and her fellow Democrat legislators will vote in favor of new tolls for the state over the next few weeks with little details being given to the public.
The details of the new tolls (as much as I can could understand from the bill and its amendments) should shock any Connecticut Taxpayer.  Connecticut drivers would have one of the most expensive tolled roads in the country along with the highest costs of administering those tolls.  In other words it would be a Connecticut Democrat Party dream come true of this new tax that would cost Connecticut Taxpayer drivers anywhere from $2000 to $5000 a year for the privilege of driving in our state.  Any where from 72 to 112 tolls could be placed along all of Connecticut's roads at a cost of between 10 and 20 cents per mile.  Congestion pricing would take place during peak times.  In my own personal example of my daily commute from Wallingford to Milford if I were to take my normal routes of I91/95 or the Merritt Parkway would cost me around $6 a day for my round trip or an additional $30 a week, roughly $1500 a year.  When I drive to Gateway Community College in New Haven  to teach my weekly class 32 times a year that drive will cost me another $4 round trip or additional $128 a year bringing just my basic commute to work up to $1628 a year not counting any other driving my wife and I do during the year.  My rough estimate based on our current driving patterns will cost another $1000 a year or more bringing my costs of the new toll tax to over $2600 a year.  If I choose not to get an EZ pass and or an automated toll reader for my vehicles I will be charged 50% more for the same tolls.  I wonder how much we will paying to buy these units for our vehicles?
Any road service company in the state will pay thousands more to service vehicles and road calls.  Any transportation company will have massive costs added to their services thus raising the costs of what they charge companies in the state.  UPS and Fed Ex will be adding toll surcharges to their home and business deliveries.  The general cost of living and doing business in Connecticut will increase by around $1 billion dollars yearly.  This figure is derived by $600 million dollars or more in the new toll tax being paid for by Connecticut Taxpayer drivers and businesses along with approximately $400 million in those same costs being passed along through higher prices for all goods and services bought and used by consumers and businesses due to the new toll tax. Businesses will not be able to absorb this new toll tax due to all of the other taxes and high costs of doing business in this state which include high electric costs, high workers compensation costs, and high fuel taxes that they pay already  It will be a vicious cycle of inflation and a much higher cost of living in the state represented by this new toll tax.
The costs to run this program according to the CDM Smith report would be an astounding $157 million per year with installation costs being in the range of $450 to $600 million dollars (all work would have to be completed by union contractors thus increasing the costs of this project).  Who pays for this is unknown as I can not derive this from the bill.  
The next question will be where will all of this new toll tax money go to?  I do not think it will go to road and bridge improvement as other taxes set out to do the same (Connecticut's secret gross earnings tax on gasoline for example) even though this new toll tax is being viewed as the cure all for improving our decaying and deplorable road and bridge system in our state.  The costs to administer this new toll tax are enormous and have to be met before any new revenue is derived. However in my opinion there is no guarantee that any of this money will end up improving our road and bridge systems but will be diverted to the state's general fund slush fund as has been the norm for years now.
Connecticut is an economic decline due to its high taxes.  The new toll tax should further its economic decline even more so than before.  How much more can Connecticut Taxpayers absorb in the cost of living in this state?  How much more can Connecticut businesses absorb in the cost of doing business in this state?
Why would anyone want to vote for any Connecticut Democrat candidate in this upcoming election based on this toll tax?  Connecticut voters really need to understand the economic costs of keeping the Connecticut Democrat Party in power any longer when examining this new toll tax.  Connecticut's economic path is no longer economically sustainable.

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Connecticut's Esty Crisis. Hypocrisy Rules.

Hypocrisy seems to be a prevalent theme in Connecticut politics in 2018.  Hypocrisy
seems to be a prevalent theme in Connecticut politics since the failed state income tax Weicker Administration of 1991.  It seems to me that for the 27 years and counting there is and has been a sense of no rule of law that needs to govern our elected officials at any level of government be it local, state or federal.  For example some of Connecticut's large cities are economic nightmares, poorly run and corrupted.  Hartford has been run into the ground for years its reward comes in the form of a Democrat $500 million dollar plus Connecticut Taxpayers bailout so that its inexperienced Mayor may be handed the Governors position in the coming election.  Drive over to Bridgeport (if you dare) and see a convicted Democrat Mayor get elected again to be Mayor of the city he stole from only to restart the same political machine he had before. He then has the audacity to run for Governor demanding Connecticut Taxpayers matching funds for his campaign.  Sanctuary cities are abundant in our state with little respect or regard given to the legal law abiding taxpayers of those same communities.  
Our state government exhibits a completely irrational means of governing that favors only its management and union employees with an unsustainable salary, benefit and pension package being forced down Connecticut Taxpayers throats.  The political patronage system on both sides of the aisle is alive and well in our state.  More inefficient spending, new and higher taxes are Connecticut's theme of political rule.  Short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities are the norm passing Connecticut's economic problems down to future unborn generations.
Now we introduce the hypocrisy of United States Representative Elizabeth Esty who has led the news over the past week(much to the dislike of in your face at all times Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal who lost his spotlight for a few minutes).  Esty has broken the law although you would have not known that as her cover up continues unabated.  Her crime was that she covered up was one of Tony Baker her former chief of staff accused of abusive and threatening behavior to a co-worker.  Baker's Democrat political reward was that he "resigned" from his $132,000 a year Taxpayer funded position, was given both a Taxpayer funded $4580 buyout and a $5000 severance package along with a letter of recommendation to obtain a job at the gun control organization Sandy Hook Promise.  In private industry I believe that this situation would never have happened and Mr. Baker would have been arrested rather than rewarded as he was.  Esty is having a great deal of difficulty working her way out of this issue she created.  She is a hypocrite to the women she employs on her staff by not protecting her employees from harassment which is against the law.  Esty in her wisdom will not run for re-election placing a damper on the Connecticut Democrat political patronage machine and its lawless values.  I am sure she is making the proper political negotiations so that she will be able to continue to receive her salary and benefits until her term is up.  She will be cast as a victim and will be promised a high paying doing nothing job from one of her campaign donors or at some level of government.  
I truly feel sorry for her remaining employees who have to work for her in threatening conditions.  I am also appalled at the lack of ethics and morals in her office.  Esty should resign but won't.  I also believe the legal voters of Connecticut's 5th District may want someone new to represent them possibly an ethical Republican like Manny Santos or Dr. Petit rather than another corrupt Democrat in the Esty mold.  Hypocrisy rules in our political system.  It sickens me.  And yes it yet another example of the many that: It Is Time To Take Back Connecticut In 2018.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Republican Joe Markley For Connecticut's Lieutenant Governor

As the race in Connecticut for Governor continues to heat up, there is an excellent declared candidate for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor.  Republican State Senator Joe Markley from the 16th District is running for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor.  Senator Markley is a principled conservative who has been an outspoken critic of Governor Malloy and his tax and spend policies.  Senator Markley has been a champion of Connecticut taxpayers fighting against the economically illogical tax increases that the Governor has forced upon the state.  Senator Markley also fought again the assisted suicide bill that did not make it out of committee.  His reasoning behind his vote against Andrew McDonald for Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court shows the great thought and research he places on each issue that comes before him in the Senate.  You can watch it at
He believes and has fought for limited government, fiscal responsibility, and personal liberty throughout his political career.
Time and time again Senator Markley has stayed true to his conservative principles throughout his terms as State Senator.  His beliefs and ability to articulate issues is unsurpassed in the State Senate.   Senator Markley's greatest effectiveness will be found as the new lieutenant governor for Connecticut.  More information can be found on him at and also at
It is time for a change in the Connecticut political regime.  It is time for Connecticut Republicans to unite behind Senator Markley for lieutenant governor and his platforms.  I support him and I urge my readers to support him also.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Connecticut Taxpayers Beat Up Again This Week

It was another bad week for Connecticut Taxpayers.  Again most of the 52 weeks in the year are bad for Connecticut Taxpayers.  Connecticut Taxpayers who have no union representation and little if any representation in Connecticut state government suffered several major blows in trying to keep their incomes protected from the enormous Connecticut tax burden that is imposed on them seven days a week, fifty two weeks a years, 365 days in the year.
This week it was learned although I believe most legal Connecticut Taxpayers knew this already that Connecticut Taxpayers worked the longest in the country until May 17, 2017 to pay their local, state and federal tax burden for 2017.  Connecticut ranks 50 out of 50 states, the longest time in the country for the third year in a row according to the Tax Foundation report which was quickly dismissed by State Revenue Commissioner Kevin Sullivan. 
This week it was also learned against great public outcry that the first steps in creating one of the most expensive toll road systems in the country moved out of committee.  These tolls will be paid mainly by Connecticut Taxpayers who drive in the state.  Our new utopian electronic toll system from what I read from the bill will make Connecticut one of the most expensive toll roads in the country along with having one of the highest administrative costs to run it.
This week it was learned that Connecticut Taxpayers will be paying for the city of Hartford's short and long term debt of $550 million dollars at a rate of between $24 and $36 million dollars a year. This along with the already $270 million dollars a year Hartford receives each year for a total of roughly $310 million dollars will be given to the city for an infinite amount of years.  The gift by Governor Malloy to his future handpicked successor for Governor Mayor Bronin is a classic political backroom pay off deal that does nothing to make Hartford more efficient in its spending nor renegotiate the incredible sums of Connecticut Taxpayers monies that is being spent on city employee management and union salaries, benefits and pensions.  Hartford should have gone bankrupt.  This will create a massive burden for Connecticut Taxpayers in the future.  It will also set the precedent for New Haven, Bridgeport and Waterbury to demand and receive even more Connecticut Taxpayers monies to further their liberal political agenda, political patronage and the sheltering of illegal immigrants in their cities.
This week it was learned that the current budget deficit of anywhere from $50 to $250 million dollars has still not been resolved.  One must remember that Connecticut's short and long term debt along with its unfunded liabilities is between $60 and $80 billion dollars with absolutely no plan to pay it off.
Why should all of this matter to Connecticut Taxpayers?  It is obvious that our appointed and elected Connecticut government officials feel comfortable in the complete destruction of Connecticut's economy through their massive tax plans and payoffs to keep the current and corrupted political system in place. 
Why should all of this matter to Connecticut Taxpayers?  It is obvious the Connecticut Democrat Party is proud to run on this horrific economic record for election and re-election in November.  It is business as usual for the Connecticut Democrat Party in their pay for play economy while the Connecticut Republican Party is crucified for their objections to the unqualified liberal activist Justice Andrew J. McDonald, to become chief justice of the state Supreme Court. 
Thus another week has passed in Connecticut.  Another week that Connecticut Taxpayers got beat up again.  Another week of living in Connecticut: A state with true taxation without representation.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Connecticut's New Tolls:Protest Against Bills #389 and #5391

Connecticut's government really can never get enough money to run a streamlined and efficient operation.  If one looks at the total disrepair of its bridges and roads an argument can be made as to where did the $2,266,955,203.52 the Connecticut Department of Transportation spent in fiscal year 2016-17 actually go to?  Examining the very complex DOT budget is a difficult task with money being channeled in many different ways in general terms.  Thus it is nearly impossible to see the money flow that is actually used to maintain our bridge and road system in the state.  Taxpayers do know Connecticut has one of the highest budgets for transportation in the country along with one of the highest administrative costs to run this department in the country.
Now Connecticut Taxpayers are trying to grasp two new legislative raised bills that enact tolls that are estimated to produce $1 billion dollars in toll revenue, 72% which would be paid by Connecticut residents.  The raised bills are: # 389 "AN ACT ESTABLISHING THE CONNECTICUT TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY."  To establish the Connecticut Transportation Authority to develop and implement electronic tolling systems., and raised bill #5391 "AN ACT CONCERNING TRANSPORTATION INFRASTRUCTURE." To require the Commissioner of Transportation to conduct studies and satisfy other requirements pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act for the purposes of developing electronic tolling systems on the highways of this state.  This Transportation Authority would have the ability to install tolls, collect toll revenue, borrow money, own and lease land, and manage maintenance and construction on tolled highways.  The new authority would have a 15 member board of directors that is appointed both directly and indirectly by the Governor.  The hope for the Connecticut Democrat Party is that they can pass these bills in this current short session, enact immediately the Commission, and make 15 Democrat political patronage appointments to run the Commission.  It is a socialist's dream Commission.  Political appointees telling Connecticut drivers and Taxpayers how much they will be paying for tolls.  State politicians seen to have forgotten how much already Connecticut drivers and Taxpayers pay in gasoline/diesel taxes, tire taxes, road use taxes and other miscellaneous taxes for the privilege of driving on our horrific bridge and road system.  There seems to be little result in the monies being used to maintain our current bridge and road system thus why we are going to be taxed more with no guarantee that the money will actually be used to maintain our bridge and road system?  To me it is a way to extract another $750,000,000 or more tax monies from Connecticut Taxpayers in now new tolls and still not have any guarantees that our bridge and road system would be improved and or maintained.
Connecticut Taxpayers need to protest again raised bills #389 and #5391.  Why should Connecticut Taxpayers allow yet a new politically motivated agency to be formed that will only further the economic demise of this state along with increasing its costs of living?  Enough is enough.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Connecticut Democrat Party Record For The Upcoming Election

In the upcoming Connecticut state election on November 6, 2018, the fight to take back Connecticut concludes.  In this election there is a strong possibility and probability that the Connecticut House and Senate will be controlled by the Republicans and we will have a Republican Governor.  The Connecticut Democrat Party has controlled the House since 1992.  Since 2008 the Connecticut Democrat Party has lost 34 House seats with a current split of 80 Democrats and 71 Republicans.  The Republicans lost the February special election in the 120th District that they held for 40 years by 63 votes with only 19% of the registered voters voting in the election.  In my opinion if the local Republican party had done their work they probably could have gotten 64 more Republican voters to the polls and the seat would have remained Republican.  I do not see this seat as staying Democrat for long. 
The Connecticut Democrat Party has controlled the Senate from 1996 to 2014.  In 2016 the Senate became split with 18 Democrats and 18 Republicans with Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman casting tie breaking votes on legislation. 
Let us now examine the record of the Connecticut Democrat Party in particular the past seven years of complete control of our state government in both chambers and as Governor.
In the past seven years Connecticut has had two of the highest tax increase in the states history.
In the past seven years Connecticut has had continuous budget deficits.
In the past seven years Connecticut has seen his unfunded pension liabilities increase dramatically.
In the past seven years Connecticut's union and management employees salaries, benefits and pensions costs have increase dramatically.
In the past seven years Connecticut has seen its short and long term debt along with its unfunded liabilities increase to $60 to $80 billion dollars.
In the past seven years Connecticut has had a massive loss of businesses that have moved out of state.
In the past seven years Connecticut has had a massive loss of citizens move out of state especially younger people.
In the past seven Connecticut has had many corporate taxpayer funded deals turn bad with Connecticut taxpayers footing the bill.
In the past seven years Connecticut has consistently dropped in all economic categories as compared to the 49 states in our country.
In my opinion and the opinions of others the Connecticut Democrat Party has failed miserably in running our state.  They have basically run it economically into the ground. 
This is the record they are running on for November.  They have taxed the economic vibrancy out of Connecticut.  They have developed and nurtured an elite political ruling class that can enjoy the economic spoils they created funded by the remaining Connecticut Taxpayers. 
Are you better off than you were in 2016?  2014? 1992?  Probably not.  Then why continue to vote for any Democrat in the November election?  Why would you based on the real record they have?
I think and many others think that we need a change in leadership in Hartford quickly before the state goes bankrupt due to economic incompetency and political patronage.  Vote Republican in November.

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Connecticut's Next Governor Republican Peter Lumaj

If you do not know already those remaining legal and illegal Connecticut voters will be going to the polls in November to elect a new Governor.  Mercifully Dan Malloy will no longer be Governor in January and he will be able to collect his Connecticut Taxpayer funded pension for life and or broker a sweetheart high paying job where he can continue to brag what a great job he did in Connecticut and continue to condemn all Republicans at all levels of government.
Republicans have a crowded field that are really not be covered by Connecticut's biased media.  Connecticut's biased media looks for a ritualistic condemnation by Republicans of President Trump before they will embrace any state or local Republican.  Thus is rather difficult to gather unbiased information about Connecticut Republican candidates since the media's only concern is to promote and gush over Democrat candidates for Governor such as ex felon Mayor Joe Gamin and Hartford's taxpayer funded bailout Mayor Luke Bronin.
There is a Republican candidate for Governor who I support and I urge my readers to support also.  Peter Lumaj who escaped from communist Albania when he was young and came to our country as a legal immigrant exemplifies what is great about our country.   He is a self made man who understands the horrors of communism.  He has worked hard in his life and is successful contributing greatly to his state and country.
His candidacy for Governor exhibits a breath of fresh air and fresh ideas in the broken arena of Connecticut's politics.  Mr. Lumaj's platforms can be found on his website
He has ideas that to me represent a new beginning and hope for Connecticut and its Taxpayers.
Some of his ideas include the selling of the Governor's Mansion, elimination of pensions for statewide constitution office holders, making the Office of Public Auditors  a non-partisan office, eliminate the Citizens Election Program (which in my opinion is a complete waste of money), eliminate the Early Release criminal Program, reform the costly collective bargaining process for state and municipal workers, and make Connecticut a Right-to-Work state.
Mr. Lumaj wants to enforce the unenforced state spending cap along with actually making our government transparent.  His bold ideas are far reaching and progressive.  He actually has a plan for the renaissance of Connecticut.  I appreciate his economic proposals of cutting state spending while also cutting taxes that are essential to get Connecticut economically vibrant again.
It is time for a change in the Connecticut political regime.  It is time for Connecticut Republicans to unite behind Mr. Lumaj and his platforms.  I will be discussing his ideas more in future columns.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Connecticut's Department of Economic and Community Development Failures

Connecticut has a massive amount of economic problems.  One of the biggest problems it has is its poor economic environment for business and industry.  A great deal of business and industry has moved out of the state since the state income tax was enacted. More businesses have moved out since Connecticut has one of the worse infrastructures in the country, highest workers compensation costs in the country, regressive anti business worker laws that include a high minimum wage along with ridiculous labor laws that in many cases entrap the remaining businesses in the state.  I will also point out that Connecticut also has one of the highest Unemployment Compensation taxes that it charges its businesses along with having one of the highest unemployment rates in the region at 4.5% compared to the national average of 3.9%.  Connecticut still has yet to come out of its recession if it is compared to the other New England states especially when looking at Massachusetts and its unemployment rate of 3.7%.
Connecticut has a Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) that using taxpayer funded state bonds along with taxpayers monies budgeted to supposedly invest in existing Connecticut business and attract new businesses to the state to help create jobs and tax revenues.  If one examines the DECD public annual report they would shocked to see how much is being spent with in my opinion poor results as far as job creation.  Their annual report is one of the most complex pieces of economic literature that I have tried to read in a long time.  For Fiscal year 2016-17 the state allocated a mere $382,704,969.99 to their budget.  Some of the companies that have received credits and taxpayers monies include Bob's Furniture Stores, ESPN and Irish airline Aer Lingus.
In the last information I could find on the finances of Bob's Furniture Stores who is owned by Bain Capital (Bain manages $75 billion dollars worth of businesses worldwide) their sales were somewhere between $900,000,000 to $1,000,000,000 nationwide.  The DECD awarded Bob's a $11,000,000 Urban and Industrial site Reinvestment Tax Credit in 2016.  I can not figure out what type and or how many jobs may have been created for this $11,000,000.   Lowes Home Centers  have received $15,944,575 in credits since 2004.  ESPN (who is laying off many employees) has received $10,000,000. in credits since 2014. 
All of this data in credits can be obtained from the DECD annual report
Thus we live in a state that no matter what cost per job is the state will pay it.  One could also argue that the state has wasted an enormous amount of taxpayer's monies paying out these amounts and it really has done little to stimulate Connecticut's economy.
This week brought news that Connecticut Taxpayers's will subsidize Irish airline Aer Lingus a mere $4.5 million dollars for flying out of Bradley Airport since their target passenger goals were not met according to their agreement with the state.  Irish airline Aer Lingus has revenues of $1.86 billion euros and saw a 15% increase in their profits by $269 million euros last year.
I wonder if there is any oversight to the failures of Connecticut's Department of Economic and Community Development.  For example the individuals who negotiated the Aer Lingus deal?  Why isn't Commissioner Catherine Smith held accountable for any of this?  After all she earned in salaries and fringe benefits in the last fiscal year $213,340.40.  according to the CT Transparency website.
Connecticut state government really does not get much right does it?  And as usual Connecticut Taxpayers pay the bill for this corporate welfare.  Remember that next time you watch ESPN, buy furniture at Bob's or fly Aer Lingus.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

SEBAC 2017-Ten More Long Hard Years For Connecticut Taxpayers

It is sort of like a prison term for those remaining legal taxpaying citizens of Connecticut.  Ten more long hard years of unbalanced budgets, more and higher taxes, more and higher short and long term debt.  It is the SEBAC 2017 agreement which was negotiated behind closed doors between the omnipotent Connecticut SEBAC Labor Union and pro Union Democrat Governor Malloy that should help bankrupt the state over the next four years.  An analysis by Conservative Republican State Senator Len Suzio of Meriden and confirmed by the nonpartisan Office of Fiscal Analysis (OFA) shows a much bleaker side of this union agreement.
Let us look at the supposed savings in wages for the next four years.  The first two years of the agreement there are no wage increases. The state union employees will pay a 1% increase in their health care premiums over a three period raising their premiums from 12% to 15%.  The state still pays the rest of the ever increasing health care premium.  They will also increase their contribution rates to their pensions ending up paying a mere 2 to 4% in the third year of their agreement for their over generous and economically unsustainable pensions.  Union employees have to take three unpaid furlough days that may average a loss of $850 per employee that first year only. That is the end of their "concessions".  However there are "step increases" which are regular annual wage increases for every full-time employee that average 3% each year that are guaranteed.  Even though these increases are suspended for the first two years they increase on average between 6-7% in year 3 of the agreement and 13-14%. in year 4 of the agreement.  However the second year of the agreement each union employee gets a $2000 to $2850 one time payment obviously to make up for the the two year wage freeze and the three unpaid furlough days.  There are also annual longevity payments (I have never received one in any job that I have had since I started working many years ago, have any of my readers received one?) that are paid to state union employees with 10 to 15 years of service, they receive $1,000 each year and those with more than 15 years get $2,000 each year.  This agreement continues through the first two years of the supposed wage freeze thus the state still pays this money out. According to the analysis of the nonpartisan Office of Fiscal Analysis (OFA) a union employee who earned $74,000 in the first year of the agreement will earn $84,000 by the fourth year of the agreement due to the step and wage increases.  How much was given back by the union employees?  In my analysis around $1000 at the most given all the wage increase and payments made during this four year period (an average of $250 per year).  Thus the $10,000 average salary increase adds a mere half-billion dollars to the state payroll over the coming years.  How is this wage agreement saving any taxpayers monies in the next four years?  It is impossible because the other part of this secret agreement is that there can not be any union employee layoffs over the next four years. 
Why is this agreement not the central focus of the Gubernatorial campaign?  Why was this agreement not voted upon by the State Legislature?  Connecticut State Employee Unions own the state government.  It is legal collusion in its purest sense that helps to continue the further economic decline of Connecticut's economy.  Connecticut Taxpayers and Legal Connecticut Voters need to wake up to this embarrassment that is our state government in this upcoming state election.  This supposed money saving agreement secretly negotiated between the Connecticut Democrat Party and SEBAC is a farce.  There is no credibility as far as I am concerned in our state government.  And the remaining legal Connecticut Taxpayers continue to be economically raped by the ruling political elite and corresponding state employee labor unions through agreements like this.  Enough is enough.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Connecticut's Lack Of Fairness To Its Remaining Taxpayers

In his last State of the Union address, Governor Dan Malloy embarked upon a typical liberal Connecticut Democrat progressive and utopian vision of tolls everywhere, much higher and new taxes along with the same rhetoric of affordable mandated health care, higher minimum wages along with a much lengthier paid family leave law.  He threw in the usual cuts in municipal aid to "wealthier" towns to give more more money to the Democrat run economically failing cities such as Hartford, Bridgeport and New Haven.  The broken down XL Center gets yet more money to prop it open.  He harped on these liberal concepts as part of a "Connecticut Fairness" plan which ties in with the Connecticut Democrat Party plan of a "Values Agenda" (whatever that may be). Not a word was mentioned in his speech about the budget deficits nor the massive amount of short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities the state has in 2018.
Malloy thus has spent both terms as Governor raising taxes and forcing an even more failed liberal agenda upon the remaining Connecticut Taxpayers left in the state.  Does he realize how bad the state's economy is and that we are still yet out of the recession?`
But the question must be asked after listening to this speech is "How is this budget fair to Connecticut Taxpayers?" In my analysis all this new budget does is once again raises taxes, makes driving in Connecticut especially expensive with a seven cent increase in the gas tax tax along with congestion price tolls on all highways and secondary roads in the state and expands taxes elsewhere.  The new budget keeps up social welfare programs for those in the state here illegally along with a much higher minimum wage (which will eliminate more jobs in the state).  Why does "Fairness" apply in this budget only to those who are politically connected such as state labor unions, the ruling political hierarchy and those here in the state illegally?  What happened to "Fairness" to those who are legal citizens of the state and pay an excessive amount of state taxes to live here?  Are they not entitled to any benefits of state government?  And how has this Connecticut Democrat Party liberal agenda worked so far in the state since the Malloy Administration began in 2011?  Haven't we seen an enormous amount of businesses and citizens move out of the state since 2011?  How many tax increases has the state had? Why is the short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities of the state now $60 to $80 billion dollars, a massive increase since 2011?  What is the plan to pay off this debt? 
Fairness does not exist in the Connecticut Democrat Party in 2018.  This budget is a cesspool of higher taxes and failed programs that can only further the economic decline of the state.  It is economic garbage.  Yet this is the liberal agenda that the Connecticut Democrat Party will be running upon throughout the state in the upcoming elections this November.  And this why all Democrats need to be voted out of office on election day from top to bottom.  Dan Malloy's policies have failed completely since 2011.  The Connecticut Democrat Party's policies have failed completely since 2011.   Enough is enough.

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Connecticut's Government Lacks Exceptionalism

Exceptionalism is defined as "the condition of being different from the norm; also : a theory expounding the exceptionalism especially of a nation or region."  Connecticut's government lacks exceptionalism.  If anything Connecticut's government is a mediocre self serving instrument of those individuals and groups that have political connections to those in power in Hartford.  Its only concern is to nurture and develop what has failed in the past only to be restated as the new better idea even though that same idea has meet with disaster in the past.
Tolls and higher taxes are the new in words for failed Governor Malloy this week.  Further proving our state government's lack of exceptionalism we are now going to turn to tolls on our state roads in the theory that some out-of-state drivers will pay for these tolls(even though reports and studies indicate 70% of the tolls will be paid for by state drivers) and higher gas taxes.  One could argue that Connecticut drivers pay an extraordinary amount of taxes for the privilege of driving on Connecticut's horrific road and bridge system.   For example drivers pay already pay 39.3 cents per gallon in a state gas tax, a fee to buy their drivers license, a tax to register their vehicles each year, the already enacted state tire fee when one buys a new tire, and the property taxes that you must pay when you own a vehicle.  This new toll revenue will supposedly be directed to improve and maintain our road and transportation system in the state.  I wonder where all the revenues goes from the various taxes drivers pay already?  Obviously not to road and bridge repair and maintenance.
Connecticut's government lacks exceptionalism especially when we have had already the two largest tax increases in the states history during the failed Malloy Administration.  Connecticut's government lacks exceptionalism especially when most state agencies when asked by the states budget director what recommendations could be made to cut spending in their agencies replied by suggesting nothing or failed to reply at all, while some recommended increasing spending instead.  To me this proves that these highly paid state agency directors are clueless in both running their agencies and in understanding the magnitude of Connecticut's budget crisis.  Not one of them was willing to take a pay or benefit cut to help the state.  In private industry these same people would be fired for their lack of action and ineptness in management.
The Connecticut state budget crisis continues unabated.  We hear the same rhetoric of some sort of new tax and or fee placed on Connecticut Taxpayers will solve the same problems that have yet to have been solved with all of the taxes and fees the state has already.  Silence is heard when wanting to examine and address both management and union salaries, benefits and pensions.  This sacred and cherished part of our state government fully funded by Connecticut Taxpayers may never be spoken of and or reformed.   
Yes, Connecticut's Government lacks exceptionalism.  And yes it has failed Connecticut Taxpayers.  New taxes and tolls help to advance the Connecticut Democrat Party agenda of a failed economy but continues to protect those who own this rigged system of government.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Connecticut's Only Concern:Salaries, Benefits, Pensions and Debt

For those who are actually able to decipher Connecticut's state budget and short and long term debt issues one may want to put a for sale sign in front of their house immediately and move.  For those of us who choose to fight both parties and remain to take back Connecticut this year one must comprehend the economic Armageddon that may take place if spending is not brought under control.  Currently Connecticut has between $60 and $80 billion dollars in short and long term debt along  with unfunded liabilities.  For every $1 of tax money raised .35 cents of it goes to salaries, benefits, pension and debt.  That means .65 cents is allowed to be spent for actual operations of the state.  Thus one may see more clearly the economic mess the state is in since 1/3 of the state budget is spent only on salaries, benefits, pensions and debt.  To further the economic short fall in the future state pensions have accelerated at massive pace.  According to a recent report and article issued by the Hartford Courant and the Yankee Institute there are now over 1400 former state employees who receive pensions of over $100,000 a year in 2016 as compared to just 110 former state employees eight years ago.  Connecticut state employee pensions can include overtime worked along with car and travel expenses to boost up this amount.  The IRS defines the highest pension that can be received is $215,000.  This does not matter to former UConn business professor John F. Viega who gets over $300,000 a year in his pension.  His pension violates IRS law but nothing is done about it.  This is not allowed in the private sector where most employees must be enrolled in a 401K type pension along with their meager amount of Social Security they receive.  The private sector pension benefits are minimal compared to the generous Connecticut Taxpayer funded benefits that have helped enrich Connecticut's political ruling class for years now. 
Connecticut candidates for Governor especially on the Democrat side have avoided the subject of every $1 of tax money raised .35 cents of it goes to salaries, benefits, pension and debt.  They choose to look for new ways to raise taxes the most common Utopian one being car and truck tolls everywhere in the state.  Connecticut already has one the highest tax rates in the country with little to show for it so I guess the economic logic is raise them even more than they are now.  Don't bother to reign in the every $1 of tax money raised .35 cents of it goes to salaries, benefits, pension and debt.  That might impact Connecticut's political ruling class and their dictatorial rule in our state economy. 
Connecticut has a complete economic disconnect in its state government.  While many of Connecticut's middle class struggle to survive and while many of Connecticut's super rich move out of state to low tax states like Florida and the Carolina's, Connecticut's political rulers just keep making excuses to raise taxes more to nurture the economic quagmire that continues unabated. 
Something has to give.  There needs to be a complete overhaul of Connecticut's union and non union salary, benefits and pension system and structure.  Connecticut can not survive in the long run spending the amount it does on union and non union salaries, benefits and pensions.  It can not keep borrowing to survive.  No amount of new or higher taxes can raised to offset this excess of spending.  Connecticut will cease to exist as we know it if spending is not brought under control.  And no amount of failed Connecticut Democrat Party Liberalism can save them this election year.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Not Fiscally Sound

Connecticut's Governor Malloy has vetoed a bill this week to reverse eligibility restrictions in the program that would have reduced or eliminated health benefits for an estimated 113,000 seniors and disabled patients.  The bill would have helped those 113,000 people who were stripped of these additional health benefits payments in Malloy's recent deficit ridden budget.   The bill would restore those funds that these 113,000 people use to help pay their Medicare related expenses. The claim that the funding for it was not fiscally sound.  I wonder as a Connecticut Taxpayer what if any of the Democrat and Governor Malloy budgets and or programs has ever been fiscally sound in his rule?  I wonder as a Connecticut Taxpayer what if any of the Democrat and Governor Malloy deals that were made with Connecticut State Employee Unions were fiscally sound?  I wonder as a Connecticut Taxpayer what if any of the Democrat and Governor Malloy numerous tax increases that were supposed to balance the budget were fiscally sound?  I wonder as a Connecticut Taxpayer what if any of the Democrat and Governor Malloy proposed programs on tolls and congestion pricing to drive in Connecticut will be fiscally sound?  I wonder as a Connecticut Taxpayer what if any of the Democrat and Governor Malloy state union and management pension and benefit programs are fiscally sound?
We have a state government that is economically inept.  We have a taxpayer funded state government that enjoys hurting those most in need in our state while embracing political patronage and illegal immigration.
Malloy's veto of this bill should be overridden immediately.  Why does Connecticut's government like to hurt those most vulnerable in our society while embracing those here illegally?
Connecticut's Democrat led government lacks fiscal sense.  They lack economic logic.  This veto of a bill that helps many vulnerable citizens in our economy is yet another example of how the Connecticut Democrat Party feels about its taxpayers and citizens. 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Who Wants To Be Connecticut's Governor?

There are a lot of individuals in Connecticut who want to be Governor.  The crowded field of candidates has to raise money to obtain matching taxpayer funds from our bankrupt state thus one receives at this time an enormous amount of emails with great claims of what each candidate will do for the state.  It is predictable that several of the Democrat candidates for Governor wish to continue the failed policies of the Malloy Administration by urging higher taxes, higher state spending, more nepotism and more debt.  An ex convict, Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim is also running logically ignoring rules and laws in his campaign in true Connecticut Democrat Party fashion.  Hartford's Mayor Luke Bronin obviously feels he is well qualified to be Governor by nursing the city into near bankruptcy only to obtain at the last second a taxpayers bailout and by running on a platform on shoving regionalism down all the fiscally stable towns in the state to bail out the fiscally inept cities.  Ultra liberal Middletown Mayor Dan Drew dropped out after he both ran out of money and had his town committee votes taken away from him recently.
On the Republican side conservative Peter Lumaj is running with a stable platform of lower taxes and lower state spending.  Conservative State Representative Prasad Srinivasan is another excellent candidate.  Other candidates offer the wide array of the more common Republican themes of lower taxes and economic growth ideas. To me several of the candidates are RINO's and they no longer have any objectivity or reason to be voted into office.
Along with this parade of ideologies we also have Republican State Senator Joe Markley running for the Lieutenant Governor position.  Mr. Markley who is one of the most conservative members of the State Senate and in my opinion should receive the nomination without hesitation.  I am sure many of the RINO's of the Republican Party will do whatever they can to block his nomination during the convention. 
Connecticut in this coming election needs to become conservative and frugal whether they like it or not.  Connecticut's state government needs to save every cent it can to start to address its incredible $60 to $80 billion dollars of short and long term debt along with its unfunded liabilities.  How about if someone running for Governor would develop a plan to ask his or her Administration to take pay cuts, opt out of the pension benefit and come up with real world economic solutions to stimulate Connecticut's economy and pay off this debt?  We know the Democrat candidates can not do this.  We know several Republican candidates can such as Peter Lumaj, Prasad Srinivasan and Joe Markley.  Maybe Connecticut voters can support a change finally in the way our state government runs by voting for conservative candidates in November.  Just a thought to save our state from its impending bankruptcy.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Connecticut's Decline In 2018

It is a new year.  Happy New Year to my readers.  It seems for many years now I have seen a gradual decline in Connecticut.  Our state government seems to be working for itself, with a political patronage and spoils system firmly in place.  Elected officials lie and break the law with no repercussions.  We see that no rule of law applies to them.  A constitutional amendment of a legally voted upon state spending cap is ignored then ruled illegal by a Democrat elected official.  Back room deals allow for elected officials to resign and then to be appointed to high paying state jobs with little or no experience for a lifetime.  Both state management and union workers enjoy well above average salaries, benefits and pensions with little oversight.  There are no ramifications when a job is done wrong.  Taxpayers pay for this employment debacle.  Connecticut owes a great deal of money.  It owes between $60 and $80 billion dollars in short and long term debt and unfunded liabilities.  There is no and has never been a plan to pay off this debt.  It is always kicked down the road for future taxpayers to pay off in theory. 
A theme that I have written about for years now is that I do not like government at any level local, state or federal to rip people off especially taxpayers.  Sadly I see numerous articles relating to government corruption and the rip off of local, state and federal taxpayers on a daily basis.  Here in Connecticut this is the path our elected officials in many cities and towns, in Hartford the hub of state government and our pandering and egotistical two United States Senators and five Representatives have taken.  It sickens me.  And I know it sickens many taxpayers here in Connecticut.  Taxpayers are tired of this corruption and daily rip off.  It gives new meaning to a realistic 2018 version of taxation without representation for Connecticut Taxpayers.  Again laws and rules do not pertain any more to our Connecticut elected officials.  Bridgeport Democrat Mayor Joe Ganim is an excellent example of this disregard for any law.
Thus it is a new year.  Can any solutions be found to the issues of Connecticut of 2018?  These issues include a loss of population, a loss of jobs, a crumbling infrastructure, high workers compensation costs, excessively high taxes, high state debt and a corrupt state government.  What is the plan to deal with these problems?
The silence is deafening.  Maybe Connecticut Taxpayers should stop supporting this corruption.  It is time to take back Connecticut in 2018. 

 we as common taxpayers must abide by