Saturday, February 20, 2021

How Bad Can Connecticut's Legislation Get?

 How bad can Connecticut's Legislation get?  Apparently the worse is yet to come with some current bills being introduced in this current session.

I really thought we saw it all last year with the debacle of a "Police Accountability" law that has made Connecticut unsafe with massive amounts of car thefts and robberies in broad daylight.  Crime runs rampant in our state thanks to this bill.  Or maybe the "Paid Family Leave Act" that taxes many who work a 1/2 of percent of their income that will somehow pay for many weeks off of paid leave in 2022 for those who will get this paid time off for not working.  The oversight to this law and its requirements astound me as to how it can remain solvent over the next few years.  Or maybe its the liberal green "Transportation and Climate Initiative" that will be implementing a plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector, that includes you guess it higher gasoline taxes.  Or as Ned Lamont and his consultants have stated only a "nickel" a gallon will be the increase.  Says who?  And how will this "help" Connecticut other than eliminate more jobs and cause more businesses to close and or move out of state.

This session we have to deal with the usual Connecticut Democrat Party draconian increases in taxes via laws that would include higher income tax rates, a statewide property tax on "mansions" that are worth  $430,000 or more, much higher capital gains taxes and the usual highway tolls.   Want to work?  Not in Connecticut as Connecticut public employee unions want new powers to pressure state and local government employees to join and pay them.  They are demanding workers private information obviously so that they can contact them everywhere and anywhere and pressure them to pay dues.   This is SB908.  Do you want private health insurance?  Many Connecticut Democrats don't want you to have that as seen in a "public option" healthcare plan found in SB22 and a state run "single payer" healthcare system found in SB842.  No more local town/city planning and zoning decisions as the state's politically correct forces will eliminate decisions made on a local level and transfer them to the state in the guise of affordable housing, multi-unit residential buildings, sewerage systems, housing authority jurisdiction, training for certain municipal officials involved in planning and zoning decisions and compliance with municipal zoning regulations found in SB804.  Have you heard enough yet?

Connecticut's bad legislation is getting worse with the constant omnipotent one party rule of the Connecticut Democrat Party.  High taxes, an Executive Order Governor, and one party rule all help Connecticut to continue its road to economic and personal ruin.  These bills help to nurture its demise.  I have had enough of it.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Connecticut’s New Budget-More Rhetoric

Governor Ned Lamont with great fanfare and adulations has presented the new Connecticut Fiscal Year 2022-23 budget this past week.  The budget for the two years is roughly $46 billion dollars in spending for a state that has roughly 3.5 million people.  The budget increases state spending by 3.5 to 4%.  The budget includes new taxes including a mileage tax on trucks that will in all likelihood be passed onto consumers in the form of higher prices for goods and services and a roll back in some previously stated tax cuts.  The budget relies upon a great deal of Federal Covid-19 aid to help balance its budget along with increases in state income taxes due to the stock market increasing in value and thus more capital gains taxes being paid.  The budget is 268 pages in length and I wonder how many member of our state legislature will have read each page before they will vote on it?  Maybe five or ten.  When reading through the budget and its analysis I wonder if I am living in the same state that they are describing.   On page 2 of the budget this paragraph should shock anyone who lives or works in this state“The $17 billion in financial resources from the federal government to Connecticut was significant and critically necessary to manage the public health pandemic and resulting impacts on the Connecticut economy and lives of our residents. Without the combined fiscal and monetary policy actions of our federal government, the nation and the state’s economy would have entered a depression. This is evidenced by the more than 30% decline in the gross domestic product on an annualized basis in the second quarter of 2020.”

Therefore Connecticut received $17 billion dollars in Federal aid last year due to the Covid-19 crisis.  If Connecticut spends roughly $23 billion dollars a year then this aid accounted for almost 74% of the state budget. Or did the $17 billion dollars in Federal aid go to many no bid state contracts for those who had political connections in the state?  Did it go to consulting groups who apparently are experts in creating policies to perpetuate stale one party rule in the state? 

Stating it in other terms how can Connecticut survive without a massive inflow of Federal money in the future?  Since spending does not get cut in this state budget nor is any state agency downsized in state government how can state officials make these economic predictions of $46 billion in spending with the state economy being on limited/restricted/reduced hours and thousands of businesses shut down along with massive unemployment?  And again is there any plan to fully reopen the state’s economy? Again there is no mention of it.  But instead we hear the familiar cries of not enough money is being spent to address poverty, new and higher taxes on the working middle class are essential for the state’s fiscal health, more cuts to the police are critical to combat crime, legalization of marijuana will bring in an incredible some of taxes, online gambling being taxed will be great, etc.
The budget in my opinion does little to address the massive debt the state continues to accrue.  Connecticut has $150 billion dollars in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities or roughly a debt of $42860 for every person who lives in the state. What is the next step a new debt tax for every person who lives in the state?
Thus I am to assume as a Connecticut Taxpayer that unless Connecticut continues to get unlimited Federal aid an economic depression will occur in the foreseeable future.  I am also to assume that new taxes and the legalization of drugs and gambling online are the new panacea that will solve all of Connecticut’s economic problems just like the state income tax did in 1991.
I suggest all of the Connecticut State Representatives and State Senators read the state budget in its entirety. See if any of you can find even one dollar that could be cut from it and let your constituents know about it.  And explain to your constituents how Connecticut survives without a Federal handout for the future.  Cutting spending always falls on deaf ears in Hartford.  Why bother with it anyways since there are no longer any checks and balances in our state government nor any economic logic found either.  The new budget in my opinion is again another sham for Connecticut Taxpayers.  A sham that sadly is too familiar to an unresponsive and totalitarian state called Connecticut.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Connecticut Is Closed On February 12, 2021 Lincoln’s Birthday. Thank You Connecticut Taxpayers.


I bet you did not know Connecticut Taxpayers monies are being used to give Connecticut State employees Lincoln’s Birthday off today Friday February 12, 2021 as a paid holiday.  They also have Monday February 15, 2021 off as a paid holiday which is the Federal holiday of President’s Day.  I find great irony in the woke, liberal, socialist Connecticut Democrat Party embracing this paid day off for Connecticut State employees.  After all we are somehow led to believe through the new history of today where lies are truth that we must abide by, that Republican President Lincoln was somehow bad (not woke) in wanting freedom for slaves that were held in our country and that a Civil War was fought for to eliminate slavery from our country.  If one reads some excerpts about President Lincoln and the Civil War from the politically correct New York Times 1619 Project (a project in my opinion that wishes to destroy facts from our history), or from the many other liberal views of how bad President Lincoln was one would wonder why Connecticut State employees are off today?  Thus why are Connecticut State employees off today since President Lincoln should be discarded from history according to many new history “experts” and their shameful rewriting of our history to facilitate a socialist agenda that they want us to believe?  To me this day of pay for Connecticut State employees is economically and politically irrational especially for our most liberal and socialist Democrat leaders in our state.   Why are they off?  Wasn’t “Honest Abe” bad for our country?  And isn’t “Honest Ned” doing incredible things for Connecticut since he has taken office instead?  Like $150 billion dollars in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities?
Maybe a compromise could take place.  Connecticut State government could rename February 12th as Connecticut Democrat Party/Ned Lamont Day.  This way Connecticut State employees could be more comfortable in having the day off with pay, paid for by Connecticut Taxpayers without the stress of worrying about that evil Republican President Lincoln.  Why Connecticut Taxpayers must pay for this day off is absurd and ridiculous.  
Freedom is never free and President Lincoln understood that concept.  It is too bad it is lost in Connecticut in 2021.  Free Connecticut.
By the way Happy Lincoln’s Birthday and get to work so that you can pay your Connecticut taxes to help pay for this essential day off for Connecticut State employees.

Saturday, February 06, 2021

Connecticut Is Curious?


I am curious about Connecticut.  I also believe that many Connecticut Taxpayers are curious about their state also.  They are curious as whether or not to remain in the state for a variety of reasons.  These reasons include but are not limited to excessive state and local taxation, excessive state government laws on running businesses, excessively high unemployment insurance and workers compensation costs, a neglected bridge, road and highway system, a lack of ethics in state government, a lack of checks and balances in state government, excessive unfunded pension liabilities, excessive short and long term debt, just to name a few issues.  There are many more that one can talk about.
The economic news continues to be negative in Connecticut and I am curious as to what our one party rule is going to do about these issues in the coming legislative session?  We see already that the tried and true policies of raising of taxes, new taxes/tolls/miles driven tax are being reintroduced in the legislature along with the usual laws that continue to take away our personal freedoms and advance a failed socialist liberal agenda for the state.  
There seems to be little new coming out of our state government as far this Legislative session is concerned.  I again am curious as to what are the plans to restore the state’s economy and create jobs?  Raising taxes?   Mandating a socialist liberal education agenda for Connecticut Taxpayer funded schools?  Hiring more politically connected state employees at above average salaries and benefits?  Creating more no bid state contracts that are directed at companies that have economic ties to the Lamont’s hedge fund?  
If all of these programs and new and higher taxes have failed to solve Connecticut’s economic problems why are they being touted again as a solution?  With the amount of money Connecticut Taxpayers are spending in taxes why is the state in such bad shape economically?  Is it possible that these same programs and taxes have done nothing for the state since the implementation of the state income tax in 1991?  Thus I am curious as to why in 2021 they are being offered again as a“solutions”.  
“Solutions” should include the following:
1. Cutting state spending across the board by at least 10% focusing on the elimination of political patronage management jobs and the over compensation of State Commissioners.  
2. A complete overhaul of the state purchasing system opening it up to real competitive bidding and the elimination of no bid contracts regardless of pandemic restrictions.
3. The elimination of binding arbitration for municipalities and a complete restructuring of the state pension system to eliminate a pension like the one Mark Ojakian, 67, who retired January 1, 2021 as President of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities System received for $237,310 a year and will grow by an estimated 2% or more annually with cost-of-living adjustments. Does he really deserve a pension like this?  This defies economic logic.
4. A Constitutional right to recall elected officials who are incompetent and unethical via petition and vote form.  
5. Fully open hearings on all bills that come to the legislature.  These same bills can’t have amendments tacked on to them that have no relationship to the original bill itself.  All bills must be made public and summarized as far as the costs involved in the bill that must be borne by the Connecticut Taxpayers.  No votes on legislation or state budgets can take place between 7pm and 7am during a business day.  
6. No former state employee or legislator can be employed by a lobbying firm before a five year waiting period after they leave their position or office.
7.The elimination of all paid consultants and consultant group from any work or policies with state government.  We have elected and paid state employees who should be capable of running our government.  That is their job.  If they can't then they should be removed from office or their jobs.
If Connecticut started working on and implementing some of these suggestions I am curious if we would see some changes in our state government?  Connecticut Taxpayers are curious?  Maybe our state government officials should be too?  Free Connecticut.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Connecticut’s Damaged Economy

Connecticut’s economy is damaged.  Today is Day 320 of Ned Lamont’s Imperial Executive Order one man rule shutdown.  And it is supposed to continue until April 20th.  I guess it will never end even as the governing body of Connecticut, the State Legislature has gone back into session.  So far the Democrat controlled Omnipotent One Party Rule 2021 Legislature has come up with-you guessed it-new and higher taxes for the upcoming session.  What I am confused about as a Taxpayer is even though the Governor has extended his Executive Order Administration for yet another two months, why has the State Legislature gone into session just to install new and higher taxes?  A session that already does little to address the massive economic damages that have been inflicted upon the state economy by our Executive Order Governor and the Democrat Party with a never ending shut down of the state.  Can we then logically assume that if any disease causes the death of one Connecticut resident that the economy will be shut down until a cure for that disease occurs?   No matter how severe or mild the health issue is? 

Some of the new taxes that the Democrat 2021 Legislature has come up with includes tolls again, a one mill tax on property taxes and capital gains, a $20 tax if you do not vote, just to mention a few.  I still am wondering how well the tax increases since the state income tax was enacted in 1991 have bettered Connecticut’s economy, created economic growth and economic stimulation?  Can some elected official explain to me how having as many taxes and excessively high tax rates that we have in the state on an incredible amount of goods and services has brought about economic prosperity for Connecticut Taxpayers and Businesses?  

There again has been no mention of any cuts in state spending for the new fiscal year.  Political patronage jobs continue to flow freely in the state.  The Governor’s Hedge Fund has benefited economically during our never ending Covid-19 crisis.  And Connecticut’s economy remains badly damaged by the years of unyielding and incomprehensible tax increases, new taxes and unchecked state spending that produce little if any benefit to the Connecticut Taxpayer.  Why is it still continuing in the face of massive unemployment in the state, colossal amounts of businesses that have closed for good, and $150 billion dollars in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities?  What is the economic benefit any more to tax increases?  To satisfy a failed liberal Democrat agenda of socialism and keeping citizens from gaining economic freedom? 
Is that the real reason that the Connecticut Democrat Party has damaged our economy beyond recognition?  And what is the plan to fully reopen Connecticut?  When illness and disease has been completely eliminated in the state by the Governor's Hedge Fund?  Or when his Hedge Fund has made enough profit?
Connecticut Taxpayers deserve much better from their failed Executive Order Governor and Government.   We need checks and balances once again in the state.
It is time to cut state spending and cut state taxes to turn our economy around.  The lies of the Connecticut Democrat Party are now the truths they believe in and expect us to believe in also.  These are still the lies that on a daily basis that we are being force fed that continue to damage Connecticut’s economy.  Enough is enough.

Friday, January 22, 2021

History Repeats Itself. Free America.

History has always been very interesting to me.  I have always felt history repeats itself.  In 2020 and now in 2021 history in my opinion is repeating itself again with the new but mostly old Biden Administration.  
Being born in 1958 and growing up at the time I did, I was taught in grade school during the 1960's to “Duck and Cover” by squatting underneath my school desk in case of a nuclear attack and when I heard the air raid sirens.  We practiced that exercise once a month that was supposed to save our lives.  My early years from when I can first remember was spent dealing with and trying to rationalize the never ending Vietnam War which in my opinion could have been won by our country if our elected officials did not try to run the war especially President Johnson.  If the war was won South Vietnam and Cambodia would have been independent and free countries.  Many lives would have been saved and Cambodia would have never seen the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot who murdered over 1.7 million of his own people during their four year reign of terror.  This twenty year war finally was lost in 1975 while in the interim America saw massive protests against the war on almost a daily basis along with the issues of President Nixon and his spying on his political foes ultimately ending in his resignation in 1974.  Then throw in the mix an energy crisis in which we are lead to believe that if we don’t conserve energy we will run out of it in a few short years.  That was the fear I was forced to understand during my childhood and teen years.
Needless to say one could argue that is was a very unsettling time to grow up in our country.  Daily on the news was the mix of war, protests, a “bad” President along with no more energy.  Inflation, shortages and fear were the norm of the time.  Sort of what we have just experienced since March 2020 and still going on today, news filled with protests, a government mandated shut down of the economy in Democrat controlled states, a civil war against those who don’t agree with your political beliefs, certain death from Covid-19 if you do not follow the draconian mask centered guidelines that have been developed on the fly by both “political” and “health” experts and a rigged election and election process.
Getting back to history, I finally got some relief during the Reagan Administration as energy prices became deregulated, oil became plentiful and America became a strong country both economically and in the world view.  President Carter literally destroyed our economy and was a weak world leader during his term in the late 1970's and 1980.  President Reagan believed in freedom and ultimately he helped to bring about the end of the Cold War.  It paved the path for freedom to the oppressed people of Communist Eastern Europe and Russia.  I personally never thought Communism would be torn apart like that in my lifetime.  It was a period of prosperity for both our country up to roughly 1990 until the short Gulf War of 1990-91 that occurred which created the foundation for horrific events that were to happen ten years later.  1991 began the long decline in Connecticut’s economy with an “Independent” Governor’s lies about a Utopian Income Tax and all the revenue problems it would solve.  Connecticut thus began a thirty year decline based upon fraudulent tax and spend policies that has led the state in 2021 to a staggering $150 billion dollars in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities.  Connecticut sees a continuing recession until this day.   On a national level in 1993 President Clinton started an eight year term of deception, White House sexual adventures and the ignoring of worldwide terrorism growing especially in our country.  
9/11 is a day that lives in history.  We all know what happened that day the murder of many innocent American lives by terrorism.  President Bush reacted quickly and swiftly and the country is back at war although this time it is even more difficult to know who the enemies are.  The war on terrorism continues this day costing once again many lives and money to keep our country and world free from terrorists.  News at that time presented to Americans on a daily basis expresses fear and uneasiness especially if one wishes to fly again.  Massive changes are implemented immediately to “protect” those who travel in and out of our country.  We as Americans must “Say something if we see something”.  Fear seems to be everywhere.  The economy is up and down.  
In 2008 the presidential election brings us eight long years of President Obama and a rapid decline in our economy, unchecked immigration and our status in the world as the President feels a need to apologize to the world for our country’s strengths and history.  America becomes stagnant, restless and unsafe.  There is growing unrest by those American citizens who believe in freedom and the greatness of our country.  This leads to the rise of the anti-politician and the election of a non-politician in President Trump.  President Trump oversees a reversal of the failed policies of the political swamp of Washington leading to massive increases in our economy with more jobs, more disposable income, great gains in the stock markets and a feeling of prosperity that has not been felt since the days of President Reagan until what amounts to being a planned pandemic of a deadly flu virus via China that hits us in March of 2020.  And as we all know President Trump exposed the Washington political scene for what it really is, a combination of deception, lies and fraud.  The swamp despises our freedom and the American Taxpayer. And President Trump is made to pay for it with a constant barrage of accusations thrown at him daily and with two baseless impeachments.  Just think about the amount of Taxpayers monies that were wasted and are continuing to be wasted in pursuit of the Democrats bias against President Trump.  The hatred of President Trump by the elite ruling political class and the biased media is and was astounding. It seems like it will never let up.  This hatred only increases the intensity of the 75 million plus people who legitimately voted for President Trump in November and still believe in his goals and programs.  The same goals and programs that President Biden has started to strip away in just four quick days.  He has undone already tremendous growth, prosperity and most importantly personal freedoms that are guaranteed by the United States Constitution.  He combines the worse of our worse Presidents in our nation’s history such as President Carter, President Johnson and President Buchanan.  It will be a long four years if this Administration lasts that long.
History repeats itself.  I have lived through many incredible man made and natural crises, wars, economic recessions/depressions, flu pandemics, diseases, and fear.  And I have seen time and time again history repeating itself although never to the extent that I see at this time of the destruction of our freedom of speech and personal liberty and freedom.  We need to understand our history and also remember that in our history our country was founded based on prayer, faith in the almighty Lord, and freedom from tyranny and unjust rulers.   It cannot be forgotten.  Nor will it be forgotten as the next real leader and President for our country is nestled somewhere in our United States of America waiting to come onto the political scene.  And he or she will emerge soon to lead America to its greatness once again.  Don’t despair.  Pray for our country’s health, prosperity and well-being.  The country will survive.  History does repeat itself.  Free America from its current tyranny.  It will be free once again.


Saturday, January 16, 2021

Connecticut’s Constant Budget Mess


Connecticut’s budget year is upon us.  Connecticut Taxpayers are used to the usual rhetoric spewed by Ned Lamont, his consulting groups, his hedge fund and the Democrat controlled state legislature.  The rhetoric is new and higher taxes, new and or higher “user” fees, cuts to programs that impact people most in need such those with disabilities and the elderly, and once again for “tolls”.  If one goes back and looks at the last thirty years of Connecticut’s budgets one will see a massive increase in state spending, a massive amount of programs placed “off budget” to hide them,  massive increases in taxes, new taxes, and new and higher user fees.  2021 starts the same as it has since 1991.  Connecticut is running a massive budget deficit this year anywhere from $2 to $3 billion dollars and we will probably see new and or higher taxes and tolls as being the only way to solve this deficit.  Sound familiar?  It should because it is what Connecticut Taxpayers have heard for the past thirty years from their government.  These "new" taxes were going to solve all the revenue problems of the state from the fairness of a state income tax, to a secret gross earning tax on gasoline, to a $250 tax to file a piece of paper to the Secretary of State’s office to state that you are still in business, to a tax on every can of paint you buy, a tax of every plastic bag you use for your groceries, a tax to be placed in a supposed fund to pay for people for family leave in 2022, a tax on your car registration to get into state parks whether you use them or not, etc.  This list of taxes and user fees is endless in Connecticut and to me is the result of out of control state spending that has shown little if any positive economic results for either businesses or citizens of the state while at the same time running up an insurmountable $150 billion dollars in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities.  Why is this lost on our elected officials?
Connecticut’s elected officials need to get a handle on spending.  The amount of money that is wasted on a state level is enormous.  I would love to hear a brave state legislator from either party introduce a bill for a full forensic audit of all of the state’s assets, liabilities and spending.  I would enjoy bills introduced in the State House and Senate to decrease state spending on political patronage jobs, programs that have failed the state economically and an across the board cut in all state agencies budgets.  Start taking action on the economic crisis that this state has had to live through since 1991.  Start respecting Connecticut Taxpayers and not use them as their personal bank accounts to gain wealth and power.  Start demanding economic efficiencies from each state agency to cut spending.  Force any state agency that must deal with the public to become consumer friendly and courteous to the Connecticut Taxpayers they are dealing with.  
Ned Lamont, his consulting groups, his hedge fund and the Democrat controlled state legislature should admit once and for all that the state has serious economic issues and a state spending problem.  Instead, 
Connecticut Taxpayers must deal with and live with a constant budget mess.  Thirty years of this is enough-don’t you think?