Saturday, January 16, 2021

Connecticut’s Constant Budget Mess


Connecticut’s budget year is upon us.  Connecticut Taxpayers are used to the usual rhetoric spewed by Ned Lamont, his consulting groups, his hedge fund and the Democrat controlled state legislature.  The rhetoric is new and higher taxes, new and or higher “user” fees, cuts to programs that impact people most in need such those with disabilities and the elderly, and once again for “tolls”.  If one goes back and looks at the last thirty years of Connecticut’s budgets one will see a massive increase in state spending, a massive amount of programs placed “off budget” to hide them,  massive increases in taxes, new taxes, and new and higher user fees.  2021 starts the same as it has since 1991.  Connecticut is running a massive budget deficit this year anywhere from $2 to $3 billion dollars and we will probably see new and or higher taxes and tolls as being the only way to solve this deficit.  Sound familiar?  It should because it is what Connecticut Taxpayers have heard for the past thirty years from their government.  These "new" taxes were going to solve all the revenue problems of the state from the fairness of a state income tax, to a secret gross earning tax on gasoline, to a $250 tax to file a piece of paper to the Secretary of State’s office to state that you are still in business, to a tax on every can of paint you buy, a tax of every plastic bag you use for your groceries, a tax to be placed in a supposed fund to pay for people for family leave in 2022, a tax on your car registration to get into state parks whether you use them or not, etc.  This list of taxes and user fees is endless in Connecticut and to me is the result of out of control state spending that has shown little if any positive economic results for either businesses or citizens of the state while at the same time running up an insurmountable $150 billion dollars in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities.  Why is this lost on our elected officials?
Connecticut’s elected officials need to get a handle on spending.  The amount of money that is wasted on a state level is enormous.  I would love to hear a brave state legislator from either party introduce a bill for a full forensic audit of all of the state’s assets, liabilities and spending.  I would enjoy bills introduced in the State House and Senate to decrease state spending on political patronage jobs, programs that have failed the state economically and an across the board cut in all state agencies budgets.  Start taking action on the economic crisis that this state has had to live through since 1991.  Start respecting Connecticut Taxpayers and not use them as their personal bank accounts to gain wealth and power.  Start demanding economic efficiencies from each state agency to cut spending.  Force any state agency that must deal with the public to become consumer friendly and courteous to the Connecticut Taxpayers they are dealing with.  
Ned Lamont, his consulting groups, his hedge fund and the Democrat controlled state legislature should admit once and for all that the state has serious economic issues and a state spending problem.  Instead, 
Connecticut Taxpayers must deal with and live with a constant budget mess.  Thirty years of this is enough-don’t you think?

Saturday, January 09, 2021

Really? The First Day Of Connecticut’s Comeback Story? Where?


Ned Lamont recently gave his State of the State speech.  It was the “First Day of Connecticut’s Comeback Story” according to our state run media.   Obviously the speech was a glorification of Ned Lamont and the Connecticut Democrat Party.  Obviously the speech was written with the help of the many Connecticut Taxpayer funded consultants that are in the Lamont Administration via no bid contracts. Obviously the speech had to be prerecorded and given if front of an empty General Assembly.  Obviously the speech stated the usual promises of what a great job he has done as Governor, how he feels the state is his family (especially when his family can profit from Covid-19 and his Executive Orders).  Obviously the speech announces more new revenue streams that will be the cure all to Connecticut $150 billion dollars in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities via the legalization of marijuana, sports and online betting, etc.  Obviously Connecticut no longer has a drug overdose problem since marijuana becomes legal and taxed.  Obviously Connecticut with its massive amount of “legal” gambling already will flourish even more with this new revenue stream of even more legal gambling.  Obviously the states unemployed will somehow see jobs created for them via his speech.  Obviously the businesses that were shut down due to Lamont’s Executive Orders will somehow reopen again, be debt free and flourish from his speech.  Obviously the state I live in and work in is much different than the state that Ned Lamont talked about in his speech.  I wonder what state he is talking about and where is it located?  Because to me it is not Ned Lamont’s Utopian Connecticut.
It is funny that most Democrats called President Trump a Dictator.  However I and many others feel that Ned Lamont through his Executive Order Decrees that have ruined the state’s economy. This coupled with his no bid secret state contracts with some of his family’s Hedge Fund companies represents a Dictator in a pure political power role over his subjects known as the Connecticut Taxpayers who foot the bill for this corruption and abuse of power.  
Lamont’s speech was once again short on specifics big on what he did two years ago and long on political generalizations.  His speech lacked depth and understand of the grave economic conditions that are seen in Connecticut in 2021.  What is the plan?  More taxes?  More new commissions to study why the state economy has collapsed?  Connecticut Taxpayers have been hearing this type of speech since Lowell Weicker’s State Income cure-all in 1991.   And Connecticut Taxpayers are now in their 30th year of listening to 30 years of the same “First Day of Connecticut’s Comeback Story” year in and year out, over and over and over again.  And guess what Connecticut has yet to come back. 

Sunday, January 03, 2021

Connecticut's New Year-2021

 Happy New Year.  It is now 2021.  Unfortunately Connecticut's New Year seems to be replicating 2020 already.  Supposedly a new General Assembly will be sworn in on Wednesday in a safe and protected environment (obviously the same environment that Connecticut Taxpayers must do their grocery shopping in at large chains).  Thus they will apparently be wearing their masks (N-95 type?), take Covid-19 tests supplied by a Lamont hedge fund invested company, only walking one way up and down their outdoor aisles and have their temperatures checked possibly hourly in order to assemble.  Could they possibly meet and address the massive economic problems the state has since Ned Lamont locked down the state in March?  Could they possibly cut state spending to address the massive downturn in tax revenues and yet again another budget deficit? Could they possibly overturn and eliminate the new .05% Payroll Tax on a hypothetical Family Leave Act/Law/Decree giveaway that may go into effect in 2022?  Could they make Connecticut Taxpayers safe from theft and thieves who seem to be running rampant in the state due to the lack of enforcement of laws by our Police especially with car thefts and car break ins?  Could they address the 25% State Unemployment rate?  Could they state in writing what are all the incredible new jobs that unemployed state residents are going to be training for?  Could they eliminate the upcoming 17 cents gasoline tax that Lamont has signed on to?  Could they tell Connecticut Taxpayers what is the plan to pay off $150 billion dollars in short and long term debt along with Connecticut's unfunded liabilities?  Could they tell Connecticut Taxpayers what is the plan and time frame to fully reopen Connecticut's destroyed economy?  Could they explain to Connecticut Taxpayers why the Lamont's family hedge fund invested companies and those individuals/businesses who have ties and connections to the Connecticut Democrat Party have received and are continuing to receive no bid Connecticut Taxpayer funded contracts?  Could they make these same contracts public knowledge and post them daily on the Connecticut Taxpayer funded state website in their entirety for public knowledge?  

2021 to me seems a great deal the same as did 2020 here in Connecticut.  We still have a corrupted secret executive order government.  We still have high taxes, high unemployment, a horrific business environment, massive debt and a net migration of population out of the state.  I think Connecticut Taxpayers should get some answers and accountability out of our new General Assembly.  I think however we will get more of the same failed General Assembly that used to meet in 2020 and has been meeting since 1991.  Free Connecticut from this tyranny called government in 2021.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

$600 Take It Or Leave It-Do You Understand?


$600 Take It Or Leave It-Do You Understand?

Take it or leave it peasants.  Political waste, fraud and a classic view of our government swamp was on full display with one of most brazen rapes of American Taxpayers shown with over 5,600 pages of pork in the guise of “stimulus” and “Covid-19 relief”. The bill if one could actually read it or be allowed to read and digest it shows the waste of Taxpayers monies found in it and also shows the total disrespect the Democrat Party along with many RINO’s in Congress has for the American public in general.  It is corruption at its worse.
Why so much pork for foreign countries now while many Americans are on the verge of bankruptcy?  $600 is the bribe for Americans from this bill. 
The following is just a sampling of what has been found in the bill:
The National Art Gallery $154,000,000.
The Smithsonian $1,000,000,000.
The Kennedy Center $40,000,000.
The Ukraine $453,000,000
Pakistan $25,000,000 ($10,000,000 for gender identity)
Egypt $1,300,000.
Cambodia $85,000,000. (didn’t we fight a war there?)
Asia RIA $1,400,000,000. (I can’t find out what this actually is or what it is for?)
$2,500,000 to count the number of amberjack fish in the Gulf of Mexico.
Illegal Aliens can receive up to $1800 also in this bill.
The list of waste in this bill is endless.  And on and on it goes.  
$2 trillion dollars ($2,000,000,000,000) basically wasted on nothing to do with Covid-19 nor stimulus except for those who are politically connected.  
And Democrats are actually defending this bill as written.  It is sickening that this bill would even be passed.  It is an insult to the American public and the American Taxpayer.  The political swamp that created this bill in Washington is alive and well.  And the public be damned.  $600 take or leave it.  Why don’t you understand?  Our corrupt and unethical government has once again failed us.  Why are we paying taxes for to support this sham?

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Connecticut's No Shared Sacrifice Government

 There is no shared sacrifice in Connecticut's government since Ned Lamont and his consulting group issued lock down orders in March.  None.  Do you know of any areas of Connecticut's budget that was cut?  Do you know of any elected and or appointed management or union state government official who took a wage or benefit cut?  Do you know why state employee unions received their pay increase on July 1 even though unemployment in the state was roughly 25% at that time?  And now the state unemployment fund in broke and has to borrow money from the federal government.  Do you why there was no cuts whatsoever in state spending in any state agency or department?  Do you know where your Federal tax dollars went in Connecticut's share of Cares Act monies?  Do you know how many firms that are affiliated with the Lamont Family Hedge Fund received parts of Connecticut's share of Cares Act monies? Do you know many of these same companies either received no bid emergency state contracts and or have donated directly or indirectly to the Connecticut Democrat Party?  

So why are you doing without if your state government is not doing without?  Why are you sacrificing if Ned Lamont or the Connecticut Democrat Party is not?  He along with all of our elected officials and both management/union employees are not giving up one red cent to help the state in our current economic crisis.  Ironic isn't it since Connecticut has $150 billion dollars in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities?  And we see many business owners life's work, their businesses and savings lost by the constant drumbeat of fear-doom and gloom due to the self induced chronic Covid-19 crisis and shutdown. A crisis that apparently will never end since an elite few who are politically connected can benefit from it economically apparently forever and ever since there is no and never will be questioning of where Connecticut Taxpayer's monies are being spent at this time.  

There is no shared sacrifice in Connecticut's government.  Why should there be anyways? Ned Lamont's state government is ruled by fear and executive order.   Connecticut's Taxpayers work for the benefit of our state government.  A state government void of ethics, economic responsibilities and common sense.  I again ask when will Connecticut be open again?  The silence continues to be deafening.  Especially since I can not hear anything due to my deafness when someone speaks through their Ned Lamont and his consulting group/hedge fund's mask of fear and shame. 

Saturday, December 12, 2020

What Connecticut Needs

 What Connecticut Needs

Connecticut needs a great deal.  It used to be an economically diverse and dynamic state that was also known as “The Constitution State”.  The state had excellent schools, strong police departments, a strong sense of community, opportunities for jobs and personal growth along with diverse independent towns and cities that had a strong self-government.  Most of that changed with the draconian State Income tax that was passed in 1991 and 30 years of unchecked Democrat social liberalism.
Connecticut in 2020 is a vastly different and economically and socially incoherent wasteland of its citizens, businesses and resources.  Connecticut in 2020 has become a welfare state run by a multi-millionaire Governor and his hedge fund gaming profits off its taxpayers coupled with a small politically obedient base of state union and management workers dictating to the rest of the state their incessant demands for higher salaries, benefits and pensions.  Connecticut in 2020 is ruled by decree in a dictatorial fashion, those who question and or oppose this illegal rule are condemned and nullified by the ruling elite and its consultants.  Connecticut in 2020 is no longer a safe state to live in with constant crime, a de-funding and elimination of police services and rampant illegal drug problems and issues.  Connecticut in 2020 forces its citizens to live in constant fear of Covid-19 no matter what precautions they take.  Connecticut in 2020 has some of the highest taxes in the country, a crumbling infrastructure, a net migration of its population moving out of the state, and one of the poorest business climates in the country.  And Connecticut in 2020 now has over $150 billion dollars in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities that it has absolutely no idea how to address nor wishes to address.  
Connecticut needs a great deal if it wishes to avoid bankruptcy and a complete destruction of its economy and its citizens while hiding under the pretense of keeping us safe from Covid-19.  It is apparent that everything that our Executive Order Governor has done and is doing is still not protecting those most in need being our senior citizens in nursing homes and those citizens who are impaired physically and mentally.  And it also apparent that our Department of Public Health is ill prepared for any type of health crisis whether it is this current one and or one even more severe.
Connecticut needs a new government.  It needs a new state government that is open, that functions on a day-to-day basis, has checks and balances, eliminates lobbyists and most importantly is transparent to those taxpayers who are forced to support it.  Connecticut needs a complete independent forensic audit of all of it departments, buildings, equipment, and cash spent on every line item in its budget.  I am confident that the amount of fraud, waste and political do nothing patronage jobs that would be found would astound even the most liberal taxpayer in our state.  Connecticut also needs a working media that has objectivity and is not run by the Connecticut Democrat Party.
A small group of individuals in our state who believe in freedom and who are continually condemned as being “hard right” and or “ridiculous” for bringing up the chronic waste and fraud that we see in the state on a daily basis will continue our fight to restore Connecticut.  Maybe just maybe it might be time for others to join us and bombard our elected officials with our suggestions and demands to make Connecticut free again and not a vast economic wasteland.  Maybe just maybe someone in our supposed state government would listen this time.  Free Connecticut.  Or may just maybe it is too late.  I can’t say that I didn’t try to save our state nor do I have any regrets about my actions to save it either. 

Saturday, December 05, 2020

Connecticut: The Lost State


Connecticut: The Lost State

Connecticut is the lost state.  It is lost in so many ways it becomes difficult to keep track of.  The daily fear based state media along with our non-functioning government coupled with an Executive Order Governor who is profiting from Covid-19 has created an out-of-control economic debacle unfolding in front of our eyes.  We have a broke unemployment compensation system, excessively high unemployment, businesses shutting down never to reopen again, a net migration of population moving out of the state, the state ranking last or near last in all economic activities, the state ranking in the top five in highest taxes in the country and $150 billion dollars in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities.  What’s more to say if we are not lost?  And the reward for this fiscal nightmare is two more years of unchecked one party rule by the Connecticut Democrat Party in this past election.  We are lost as a state.
In case our elected officials do not realize it the shutdown of the state economy due to Covid-19 coupled with the limited reopening of certain segments of the state economy have done little to eliminate fear in the state nor get Connecticut working again.  Is public education functional at all?  What are our children learning in school-how to wear a mask?  The constant unknown in our state is perpetuated by the lack of leadership Ned Lamont has shown in this crisis with again statistics that do not justify the closures that continue to be mandated by Lamont and his consultants.  And what will be done to close the massive budget deficits in the coming budget?
Since we are the lost state the losses in revenues will probably be debated in the following manner:
1. Executive Order Governor Lamont signs an Executive Order mandating tolls.  The Democrat controlled legislature accepts it as law stating there are no alternatives to raising much needed cash for the state (even though people are driving less and that it will increase the cost of living in state dramatically)
2. Legalize all forms of betting.  How much revenue comes in from this is unknown, those most likely to bet are the individuals who have the most to lose and further their problems of being poor and or in poverty.
3. Legalize cannabis.  This would be a liberal’s dream as supposedly the tax revenue that would be coming into Connecticut would be astounding and never ending.  No mention of the continuing long term drug problems that Connecticut has with legal and illegal drug overdoses and deaths-the state is more concerned with the revenue that would coming in.  I see a great deal of irony that we have destroyed the state economy in trying to keep people from dying from Covid-19 while there is a carefree attitude towards drug addiction so long as it generates tax revenue.  Not to mention the amount of young people who will become addicted to this legal drug and move onto stronger drugs in the future.  Not to mention the amount of accidents that will be forthcoming while people are impaired under this “legal” marijuana.
4. Continue to raise all state income taxes and state sales taxes while adding additional user fees to any and every activity that takes place in the state.  This tried and true method I am sure will be sought as the “only” alternative to keep state employee salaries, benefits and pensions at excessively high levels.  In turn these high salaries, benefits and pensions are unsustainable and have given state taxpayers one of the worse managed and run state governments in the country.
A more simplistic solution to the state’s economic problems is one that is rarely mentioned nor endorsed by our current one party rule.  Drastically cut state spending.  We the taxpayers of Connecticut must cut our spending but this concept is unheard of in Hartford.  Then and only then will Connecticut be able to attempt to recover economically from the many years of fiscal neglect and incompetence that has been brought about by the Connecticut Democrat Party.  This Covid-19 crisis has shown Connecticut taxpayers how poorly prepared the state is to protect it citizens especially those most vulnerable during a crisis while allowing unchecked profits to be gained from those politically connected especially for Ned Lamont and family.  I personally am tired of paying taxes in Connecticut to support this fraud and ineffectiveness called state government.  Maybe by not funding Hartford would be a way for Connecticut to find its way again from its lost state status in America today.  Maybe that should be tried this time?