Saturday, May 20, 2017

Happy Tax Freedom Day Connecticut Taxpayers Sunday May 21, 2017

Tax Freedom Day for Connecticut Taxpayers is May 21, 2017.  This is the day that Connecticut Taxpayers stop working to pay all of their local, state and federal tax burdens.  The date that we stop paying our taxes is dead last in the country as Connecticut Taxpayers have the highest tax burden in the country.  With the high taxes Connecticut Taxpayers pay now they will also be dealing with even more and higher taxes in 2017 as the state has a $5 billion dollar budget deficit along with an estimated $68 to $100 billion dollars of unfunded liabilities and short and long term bond obligations.  I am not able to obtain a "real" number for our unfunded liabilities and short and long term bonds obligations since it seems to be a secret in Hartford.  Therefore I estimate this number as best as I can. 
Economic reality is harsh for Connecticut Taxpayers since they are despised by the Connecticut Democrat Party for questioning the excesses of state employee salaries, pensions and benefits for both union and management workers.  These costs are out of control and part of our debt issues. The elitism political game that the Connecticut Democrat Party plays along with along with the total disregard for allowing the minority the Republican Party to be part of the legislative process has nurtured the economic demise of our state.
Thus in a state desperate for real economic solutions to its massive debt, lack of jobs and net migration of people out of Connecticut, the Connecticut Democrat Party turns to the norm new and higher taxes to solve this yearly crisis.
Look for a much longer Tax Freedom Day for Connecticut Taxpayers in 2018.
Look for much higher and new taxes in 2018.
Look for more people moving out of Connecticut in 2018.
Look for more Connecticut Democrat Party political appointments to high salary, pension and benefits jobs in 2018.
Look for more state credit downgrades in 2018.
Look for much more state borrowing in 2018.
Look for much higher property taxes in 2018.
And finally look for?  What I no longer know.  Connecticut has become a ruined state economically compliments of our state government led for too long by the Omnipotent  Connecticut Democrat Party.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Connecticut's Debt Downgraded-Oh Well Let's Borrow More!

Oh well!  Connecticut's Debt got downgraded again by Fitch Ratings, Inc.  No big deal to drop now to A+ from AA-- meaning that the state will pay higher interest rates to borrow money.  No big deal since it is now only the fourth downgrade since last May.  No big deal that the Moody's Rating Agency has given Connecticut a "negative" outlook.  All this means for Connecticut Taxpayers is that is will cost more money in interest payments for the massive debt Connecticut has.  It is difficult to obtain actual figures as to how much short and long term debt and liabilities the state has.  I estimate it to be a mere $60 to $80 billion dollars.  That is an incredible amount for a state as small as Connecticut.  However given our current Omnipotent One Party Rule in Hartford it is not surprising.
Connecticut with the blessings of Governor Malloy borrowed another $1.5 billion dollars in bonds yesterday for all sorts of pet projects both current and past further increasing Connecticut's massive debt load.  It was refreshing to see Sen. Scott Frantz of Greenwich and Rep. Chris Davis of Ellington disagreeing with this additional borrowing only to be ridiculed by Governor Malloy.
Some new projects that will be funded with your tax monies include:
$121.2 million for upgrades to state office buildings, courthouses, prisons, and vocational-technical schools; Connecticut Valley Hospital; the Veterans’ Home and Hospital in Rocky Hill; and for a new parking garage at Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport.
$78.3 million for transportation project planning and maintenance.
$34.7 million in grants and loans for business expansion-which businesses are unknown by reading the agenda.
$19.8 million for improvements to the business district in Hartford’s North End.
$19.1 million for affordable housing and emergency mortgage assistance programs.
Connecticut continues to run a deficit and is in a fiscal crisis.  Our elected officials response is continue spend money.  To continue to borrow money at a higher cost.
Fiscal conservatism does not exist in our state.  Face it Connecticut is bankrupt and will be for the foreseeable future.  Thanks to our ruling political elite.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Connecticut Taxpayers Have Faced Grim Reality For Years Now

Connecticut Taxpayers are a strong lot.  Connecticut Taxpayers keep being punished over and over again.  Connecticut Taxpayers are despised by the Connecticut Democrat Party for not paying enough taxes especially those who supposedly make a great deal of money.   Connecticut Taxpayers were told that the two highest tax increases in Connecticut's history were going to solve all of the economic woes of the state.  Connecticut Taxpayers were told there was no budget deficit in the last Gubernatorial campaign.  Connecticut Taxpayers are shouted down when questioning why their taxes go to support illegal immigrants in the sanctuary cities that are propped up financially by the state.   Connecticut Taxpayers question why it is illegal to have a free market system to purchase their wine and beer in the state so that prices could go down.  Connecticut Taxpayers are detested by paid state lobbyists for questioning their role in running up the costs of state government through their pet state funded projects and laws.  Connecticut Taxpayers are further insulted by having to pay for a program to fund candidates running for election every two years so that there is more "equity" in our elections.  Connecticut Taxpayers have to use the Freedom of Information Act to find out in many cases how much the state is spending on certain items and projects.  Connecticut Taxpayers voted for a Constitutional Amendment to have a balanced budget which in turn is ruled "illegal" by a Democrat Attorney General.  Connecticut Taxpayers must support a bloated salary, benefit and pension spoils system that benefits a ruling management and union elite.  Connecticut Taxpayers when wanting reform in that same bloated salary, benefit and pension spoils system that benefits a ruling management and union elite are shouted down and ridiculed.
Connecticut Taxpayers have been lied to over and over again since the enactment of the Utopian state income tax.  Connecticut Taxpayers hear the same rhetoric every year, new and higher taxes will solve all of Connecticut's problems.
Connecticut Taxpayers have faced a grim reality for years now.  Their elected officials only concern is themselves and the political spoils system they protect.  It did not change in 1991 nor will it change in 2017.
Connecticut Taxpayers will be facing another round of tax increases in a few weeks.  And Connecticut Taxpayers will be hearing about the new budget deficits that still have yet to have been addressed at the end of 2017.  Connecticut Taxpayers will be told they are not paying enough in taxes in 2018.
And the story line remains the same.  Thus Connecticut declares itself economically, politically and legally bankrupt in 2018.  Then and only then will the political spoils system that rules Connecticut with an iron hand declares full and ultimate victory over Connecticut Taxpayers.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

New Budget. No New Or Higher Taxes

Connecticut's Legislature has a decision to make in this years budget.  They need to cut spending drastically.  They need to cut wages, benefits and pensions for both union and management workers.  They need to address the issues of $60 to $80 billion dollars of long term debt.  They need to understand why Connecticut ranks near last in too many economic and business well being categories.  They need to stop protecting and nurturing a ruling elite political hierarchy that has done little other than pad their own economic pockets at the expense of Connecticut Taxpayers. They need to become realistic about the amount of nepotism and corruption that is deemed a normal way of doing business in our state government.
The Republicans offered their own budget plan this week.  It was a refreshing breath of economic fresh air that was immediately condemned by State Democrat Legislators but not by lame duck Governor Dan Malloy.  The Republican plan was far reaching as it offered no new or higher taxes in the budget.  It still wants $1.5 billion in concessions from the state employee labor unions.  It eliminates grants for public financing of campaigns under the failed Citizens Election program. 
It streamlines many bloated state agencies eliminating many positions that have done little for our state.  It provides for a much more coherent, effective and smaller state government to actually bring back the state from its economic decline.
In my economic opinion it is a long overdue budget presented by the Republicans and needs to be addressed immediately.  The Connecticut Democrat Party has for too many years disrespected Connecticut Taxpayers.  Their tax and spend policies have driven Connecticut to near economic ruin.  For the economic turmoil they have created over the past 30 years the Connecticut Democrat Party should and will become a minority party in the 2018 elections.
Connecticut Taxpayers should bombard their legislators especially if they are represented by a Democrat and voice their support for this Republican budget proposal.  Let us finally address our states economic crisis and resolve it once and for all.
It Is Time To Take Back Connecticut in 2018.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Maybe Connecticut Democrats Could Listen Just Once and Hear The Cries of No New Taxes-No Increased Taxes

Maybe just once the Connecticut Democrat Party could listen to the remaining Connecticut Taxpayers in the state and hear their cries of no more new taxes and no more increases in state taxes.
Maybe just once in all of the years that the Connecticut Democrat Party has led the state to fiscal ruin they could in 2017 place taxpayers interests first and cut spending and not raise taxes.  Maybe just once in all of the years that the Connecticut Democrat Party has led the state to fiscal ruin they could in 2017 adjust the bloated salary, benefit and pension structures for their buddies who they got state jobs for.  Maybe just once in all of the years that the Connecticut Democrat Party has led the state to fiscal ruin they could in 2017 work on eliminating the corruption that exists in state government.  Maybe just once in all of the years that the Connecticut Democrat Party has led the state to fiscal ruin they could in 2017 follow the Constitutional Spending Cap Law that voters legally voted upon. Maybe just once in all of the years that the Connecticut Democrat Party has led the state to fiscal ruin they could in 2017 not even think about taxing legal non profits in the state. 
Maybe just once in all of the years that the Connecticut Democrat Party has led the state to fiscal ruin they could in 2017 see that Connecticut Taxpayers have had enough.  Enough of the Connecticut Democrat Party's lies and theft from Connecticut Taxpayers.
We need a balanced budget that cuts spending, cuts taxes and starts to address the bloated salary, benefit and pension structure of our state management, union and non union workers.  We can not afford another state budget that raises taxes yet again.  We need the Republicans to be brought to the budget negotiating table and be allowed to offer constructive plans for the budget.
Connecticut Taxpayers deserve much better than the Connecticut Democrat Party's brand of elite socialism that is force fed to us year-in and year-out.  More and new and higher taxes do not do anything other than drive more and more Taxpayers and Businesses out of the state.  How stupid is the Connecticut Democrat Party? 
Taxation without representation in 2017.  We fought a war back in 1776 over it.  Do we need to fight another economic war in 2017 to survive in Connecticut?
It is time to take back Connecticut.  Now.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Good Riddance Governor Dan Malloy. Too bad you don't resign now.

Good riddance Dan Malloy.  He is not running for a third term as Governor of Connecticut.  But now we have 20 more long hard months of a lame duck do nothing Governor.  However, Malloy can still do a great deal of damage for the state over the next 20 months.  He can still raise taxes.  He can still impose draconian socialist laws.  He can still fund raise and shake down the remaining Connecticut businesses to donate to Connecticut's Socialist Democrat Party and their omnipotent one party rule.  He can still condemn the Connecticut Republican Party for not doing anything on the state budget even though they are not allowed be part of the state budget negotiations.  He can still harbor, nurture and give state benefits to the large Connecticut illegal immigration population.  He can get his political cronies into state jobs that pay high salaries, benefits and pensions with little oversight and or productivity expected.  He can spread false job creation reports.  He can still claim how great of a job he has done with the states economy even though Connecticut is last or near last in most economic categories in the country.  He can still blame former Governors for the economic mess he inherited even though he implemented the two largest tax increases in the states history.  He can still move money off budget to claim a balanced budget while also stating (as he did when he ran for reelection) there was and is no budget deficit.  He can still travel around the country as head of the Governors Association and condemn any and all Republican states, ideas, policies and most importantly fiscal conservatism at all times. 
And above all he can receive a massive Connecticut Taxpayers funded pension for the eight year mess he created for Connecticut while comfortably living in a low taxed tax in the future that does not have a state income tax. I am confident that this will be Governor Malloy's agenda for the next long and economically hard 20 months he will still be our socialist Governor.
Governor Malloy in my opinion is what is wrong with our political system in 2017.  He represents why President Trump is our President today.  Malloy is a political hack who did little for the city of Stamford as Mayor and has run Connecticut into a morass of economic lies, deceptions, high taxes and excessive debt.  He has basically ruined Connecticut.
Malloy has been a socialist Governor.  He is disliked and seems to hold a great deal of contempt for Connecticut Taxpayers.  His high tax and spend programs that have enriched his political contributors and friends have failed Connecticut miserably. 
Connecticut needs a much a better government in all departments.  Connecticut needs a checks and balances system to govern.  Connecticut needs much more honest and ethical people to both work in state agencies and to actually represent Connecticut Taxpayers.  In 2017 with the exception of a handful of Republican legislators such State Senators Len Suzio and Joe Markley our State House and State Senate needs a complete overhaul. 
The great socialistic experiment called Connecticut is an abysmal failure.  Let us hope that both economic and personal freedom can be restored sometime in the near future.
Good riddance Dan Malloy.  And good riddance to the Connecticut Democrat Party in 2018 as it is and will be finally time to take back Connecticut in 2018.  I hope it is not too late.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

The State of Connecticut Pension Crisis

The State of Connecticut has a pension crisis.  You really would not know it because this legislative session has brought us mostly the same rhetoric from the controlling Connecticut Democrat Party legislators.  Higher taxes now tolls will solve all of the states problems.  This is the same rhetoric we heard when the controlling Connecticut Democrat Party legislators under the blessings of traveling Governor Dan Malloy forced down Connecticut Taxpayers throats the two largest tax increases in the states history over the past four years.  As a reminder to the controlling Connecticut Democrat Party legislators those two largest tax increases were supposed to resolve all of the state's never ending budget deficits.  That was another myth and lie forced down Connecticut Taxpayers throats by the controlling Connecticut Democrat Party legislators.  We have still a massive budget deficit but more importantly we a never ending pension crisis that kicks the actual payments for these pensions to 2032 with an economically irrational plan Governor Malloy has championed this session.  Thus we continue to remortgage Connecticut's economic future with continued horrific tax, borrow and spend programs that increase both short and long debt along with unfunded liabilities that now are at $60 to $80 billion dollars and rising.
There still is no plan to address this short and long term debt.
The Yankee Institute ( has published several policy briefs with regards to Connecticut employees fringe benefits, salaries and pensions.   Their analysis should shock even the most liberal Connecticut Democrat Party member.  1,030 state retirees have pensions over $100,000 per year.  Why?  What made their role in their State of Connecticut employment so important that they receive this kind of pension.  Did any of them have any role in the long decline of Connecticut's economy through their work and policies?  Was there any political patronage in how they received their employment with the state?  The questions that the lifeless Democrat Connecticut media should be asking is why are these pensions so high?  Why do retirees have lifetime medical benefits?  Why must Connecticut Taxpayers pay over $2.5 billion dollars a year to 52,333 state retirees in pensions and health care benefits?  No answers from the political elite in Hartford.  After all why change a skewed system that benefits a ruling political elite. 
The State of Connecticut has and will continue to have a pension crisis.  It is time for real reform in these out-of-touch with economic reality pensions and benefits.  How about a freeze for two years on all automatic cost-of-living increases?  How about an increase in the costs of their free and or subsidized health insurance?
But as we know all along Connecticut Taxpayers will continue to be used and abused by the controlling Connecticut Democrat Party in 2017.  We hear the same story over and over again when those politically connected get their lifetime Connecticut state job at a high salary that can lead them into their golden Connecticut Taxpayer funded pension for the rest of their lives.  And as a final insult to Connecticut Taxpayers many of these same politically connected retirees move to a low tax state to enjoy it.
What a waste of economic productivity and taxpayers monies here in economically depressed Connecticut.  Our state government and it salary, benefit and pension structure needs a complete overhaul.  It is time to take back Connecticut in 2018.