Saturday, September 26, 2020

TRUMP 2020

 I am taking a break from the corrupted State of Connecticut in this blog.  Not that there is still an incredible amount to write about including Ned Lamont's continuing one man power grab, a non elective de facto government consulting group running the state, an astronomical state debt and unfunded liabilities along with massive unemployment.

Today I am turning my attention to the Presidential election and the upcoming re election of President Trump and Vice President Pence.  President Trump has accomplished a great deal in his first term in his office while fighting daily his critics in the media, in Washington D.C., in both the Democrat and Republican parties and by the stale corrupted swamp that seems to define our government today.   President Trump has overcome all these obstacles to lead America back to making it truly great again much to the dismay of these same groups that have tried hard to destroy him.  Too bad here in Wallingford, Connecticut and other areas his campaign signs get stolen whenever they are put up.

Accomplishment after accomplishment defines this Administration.  Action not rhetoric is the norm.  Even with the fear driven Covid-19 virus President Trump has shown leadership qualities that to me were definitely lacking from Presidents during a crisis in the past.  He is truly a non politician running our country to make things better for all contrary to the daily negativity we are force fed by both the biased media and by the failed Democrat Party.  The same failed Democrat Party that wants their ruling elite to force our American population into submission to total government dependency.  The same failed Democrat Party that seems to be encouraging the violent destruction of Democrat run cities in our country.

I truly wonder why the Democrat Party would chose Joe Biden as their candidate for this election.  Is it because he will do the least amount of damage to the Democrat under tickets throughout the country?  Is it that no one else wanted to run knowing that there will be no way they would beat the President?  Is it they realize that today's Democrat Party is a mess of socialism and communism/dictators whose only concern is their power grab and profit making off the country and its Taxpayers as seen in Connecticut today.

President Trump had led one of the greatest economic expansions in our nation's history prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.  And Covid-19 is not President Trump's fault.  He immediately intervened in the economy with several different costly programs to try to minimize economic damage.  In my opinion he saved more lives contrary to what the media wants you to believe when he shut off all travel to China.  The Center for Disease Control should have responsibility with the many issues of Covid-19 we have seen along with the Democrat run states that counted anyone who died during this time frame even with a trace of Covid-19 in their system as a Covid-19 death.  And do not forget about China and their misinformation force fed to us about Covid-19.  

I can only imagine how much further along our economy and country would have been today if President Trump would have been allowed to promote and encourage his programs rather than fighting daily false impeachment proceedings and the ceaseless and unabated lies that the media spreads about him.  It has become a bore to watch and follow.  The media has lost all of its credibility with the public and this Administration.  Peace agreements in the Middle East, hostages being released, more real jobs for Americans, and much more was accomplished by President Trump and Vice President Pence.  We also have a First Lady Melania Trump who was completely ignored also during the past four years.  Why?  Why was President Trump so bad for America when he wasn't?  

Mind control of our population should not exist in our country yet when one watches network news that is all it seems to be.  And it is wrong.  How could anyone vote for Joe Biden is beyond my comprehension as it seems to me that he is very incoherent at times and seems to be suffering from either dementia or some other mental condition.  This is a man you want to handle a crisis?  I think not.  What has really done in his 47 plus years of being in politics other than make money for his family especially his son Hunter Biden?  Does he have any accomplishments?  I know of none.

Four more years of President Trump and Vice President Pence.  Our country's future is at stake. The great silent majority will speak in November.   They have had enough.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Why Is Capitalism Wrong In Connecticut?

Capitalism in its various definitions can be defined as an economic system where the factors of production are owned by private owners who in turn produce goods and services that are demanded by consumers in a free market system.  Individuals sell their labor services to be employed for free market wages and benefits.  This free market system is not controlled by the state and or federal, state or local governments in theory.  This free market system through this meeting of buyers and sellers helps to create economic activity that produces consumer goods and services, income for both employees and employers along with economic and accounting profits that help drive more economic activity to the free market system.  Our nation's economy is driven by businesses both small and large to make this free market system work and help to create one of the greatest and prosperous economies in our world today.  The opposite of Capitalism is Socialism.  Socialism has failed our world miserably for many years now.  In Socialism government and or the state control all activities. 

In Connecticut one has a very difficult time in understanding how our capitalistic system works.  It looks and feels more like Socialism.  Since the great pandemic lock down in March, 2020 when our state government and state legislature ceded control of all aspects of our economy illegally to Ned Lamont and his political friends and consulting groups, these individuals were allowed to make all decisions in our economy from where we can travel, where we can buy food, whether we can go to work or not, that we must cover our faces or face fines, etc.  And there seems to be few if any new signs in the near future that Capitalism will be allowed to function normally either as Ned Lamont and his political friends and consulting groups will continue to run Connecticut with an iron fist according to the supposed threats of Covid-19 in the state.  All in the name of keeping the state healthy?  Or all in the name of Socialism?

I find great irony in this situation as Ned Lamont and his wife's hedge fund, his hedge fund companies such as Sema-4 and many others, his political friends and consulting groups are all profiting by the end of a free market economy and Capitalism in Connecticut and a rush to Socialism.  The Lamont family in theory have all benefited by Capitalism in their various companies they have owned and operated over the years through great profits being earned.  Many of these same profits one can argue has helped to finance Lamont's political campaigns and his buying of the Governorship in the last election.  Thus apparently is perfectly acceptable for Ned Lamont and his political friends and consulting groups to utilize capitalism for profit but it is wrong for anyone else to utilize it today in the guise of Covid-19 prevention.  Many small and medium sized businesses have shut down for good due to Lamont's draconian Executive Orders.  Lamont apparently enjoys picking the winners and losers in Connecticut's new Socialism based economy especially when his family's hedge fund can profit from it.  This is hard to understand especially for those individuals who have lost their life's savings and businesses who have lost their life's work due to Ned Lamont and his political friends and consulting groups who dictated to them to shut down since March.  

Ned Lamont and his political friends and consulting groups have no end game to re open the state and or eliminate the daily fear they cast upon the state through their stale rhetoric about the Covid-19 virus.  They seem to be enjoying destroying Connecticut's economy.  My only hope is that voters in November remember that Capitalism drives our economy not Socialism and not Ned Lamont and his political friends and consulting groups.  The Connecticut Democrat Party led by Ned Lamont once again proves its incompetence in understanding how our economy works, why people work, why businesses operate, why supply and demand in essential to the state.  Connecticut should not be a Socialistic spoils system for Ned Lamont and his political friends and consulting groups.  Enough is enough.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

More Issues For Ned Lamont And Connecticut's Democrat Party

 How Ned Lamont is still Governor in Connecticut amazes me.  What a mess Connecticut is in.  And it is his and the Connecticut Democrat Party's fault for the economic debacle that Connecticut is in-in 2020, with massive budget deficits, many businesses closing and a 22% unemployment rate.  And it is the record that the Connecticut Democrat Party is running its candidates for the non functioning State House of Representatives and State Senate in November on.  Thus a Democrat candidate running for either re election and or their first election can tell the voters not to worry about re opening your business, making a profit in your business (since we will tax it away), having a job (since we lost more jobs in these past six months than the past 50 years), the $150 billion dollars in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities that the state has, being able to attend school in person (since we all apparently have Covid-19), walking the right way down a supermarket aisle (since we all apparently have Covid-19) and most importantly being fined for not wearing a mask-being in a group of more than 25 people and or organizing an event with too many people than the Boston Consulting Group wants you to have.  This is again the real record that this failed political party is running on.  Don't worry about anything since our Dictatorship will give you a few scraps of food and some masks.  Think about it.  This is our state in 2020.  

Connecticut has turned into a Kingdom/Dictatorship.  It does not allow free movement, free speech and or free assembly.  All in direct violation of the Constitution, which is the law of the land.  Why hasn't anyone questioned this?  What are the real metrics to supposedly re open Connecticut during this crisis?  Are there metrics?  No one in Connecticut especially Ruler Ned Lamont can tell us what is really going on.  What a waste of our citizen resources and economic resources.  And what a waste of our economy.  For the real winners continue to be Lamont family invested hedge fund companies and their profits that continue to be paid by the state with Taxpayers monies.  What can be better than that?

Connecticut has very severe issues that really do not seem to bother Ned Lamont and or the Connecticut Democrat Party.  The stupidity with their rules and regulations should astound anyone.  For example-why can't you bring a grocery carriage into a bottle return area at the grocery store?  Does Covid-19 exist in 151st can and bottle that you bring back to the store since the limit is only 150 cans and bottles?  Some stores only give you a ten minute limit to do your returns.  Should all returnable cans and bottles be thrown away so that our bankrupt state can get the five cents instead of those consumers who pay for the return in the first place?  Does Covid-19 become evident at 10 minutes and one second while you are in the bottle return area?  How does plexiglass prevent Conid-19?  How does walking one way in a supermarket aisle prevent Covid-19?  This and much more insanity is our new norm for Ned Lamont and his Connecticut Democrat Party dictating these failed solutions to the masses of the state.  Do as I say or leave.  Think about those issues when you vote in November.  And think about the loss of freedoms also while you are voting in person this November also.    Enough is enough.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Connecticut's Three Real Issues

 I wonder if Connecticut's elected officials understand what the real issues of Connecticut are?  There are three major ones along with a host of others.

There are many problems that Connecticut is facing today.  Ned Lamont and the Connecticut Democrat Party seem only to be concerned with the terrors and fear of Covid-19 and how to profit from it.  Connecticut has problems and economic issues it really needs to address immediately if the state will survive in the future.

Connecticut has a massive debt problem.  It has now over $150 billion dollars in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities.  Connecticut's pension costs are exceptionally high in comparison to other states with a large shortfall in its funding of the pensions and how it calculates its rate of returns for it.  The state continues to run a constant budget deficit year in and year out while stating it has a  balanced budget through the magic of taking line items off budget and over estimating revenues and underestimating expenses.  This debt must be addressed or Connecticut will go bankrupt.  During the Covid-19 crisis spending dramatically increased while state services virtually came to a halt.  State spending for non essential services should have been cut dramatically during this time frame.  Raising taxes is no longer a solution as high taxes have forced many businesses and citizens to move out of the state.

Connecticut still has a massive drug and opioid crisis.  There are still many drug overdoses and deaths in the state that have been basically covered up during the Covid-19 crisis.  The statistics for drug related deaths in Connecticut are staggering in my opinion but seem to be kept secret from the public not to destroy the constant Covid-19 fear narrative.  It is a problem that in my opinion has escalated due to the Covid-19 Lamont state lock down that has further increased mental depression and illness during this time frame.  A simplistic state 800 number to call to get help is not the solution.  Connecticut should not be forced to live in fear on a daily basis of Covid-19, a return to a normal way of life and a legal shut down to illegal drugs coming into the state through effective law enforcement would be a great help in eliminating this problem.  The real statistics of Covid-19 are small in reality to our drug problem but will never be shown as such to the public.  Too much money is being made off the fear of Covid-19 at this time to stop that.

Connecticut also suffers from years upon years of inept one party rule by the Connecticut Democrat Party to the point of almost no return.  There are no checks and balances any more to our state government.  With Ned Lamont's unchecked Executive Order rule since March there is no longer a representative body seeking out the interests of those people they were duly elected to serve.  Connecticut's state government has turned into a power hungry profit money grab for those who are politically connected and in the know.  Unchecked and no bid contracts and spending are the illegal rule that we as Taxpayers must pay taxes to support.  This is no longer a democracy nor an elected form of government.  Nor is this legal according to the state constitution.  But yet it continues.

Please ask when and if any Democrat candidate comes to your door and or calls you for your vote for them in November what are their thoughts and solutions to these three real issues of Connecticut.  Their silence and ignorance of these issues may really astound you.   And hopefully these same Democrat candidates will lose badly in November's election due to their party's ultimate failure in governing by decree and fear for 30 plus years now.  Enough is enough.

Friday, September 11, 2020


 9/11/.2001.  A day that should never be forgotten in our history.  A day in which many innocent people were murdered in cold blood by terrorists who invaded our country.  A day that we as a nation came together united against terrorists and terrorism.  A day which began several wars to try to eliminate terrorism.

9/11/.2001.  A day that should never be forgotten in our history.   It can never be rewritten nor can we go back and change one thing from that horrific day.  It is part of our history and always will be.

9/11/.2001.  A day that should never be forgotten in our history.   Let us pray for those who lost their lives that day and never, never forget the sacrifice they made for our country.  And most importantly never let us forget that Freedom is never free and will never be free.  Let us reflect today and every day on those brave Americans who gave everything they had on that day to our country.  

God Bless America today and every day.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Connecticut's Desolation-Destruction-Despondency-Depression-Despair-Discouragement-Dejection

Desolation. Destruction.  Despondency.  Depression.  Despair.  Discouragement.  Dejection.

Do any of these words remind you of the new Ned Lamont Connecticut Democrat Party ruled Connecticut economy?  An economy ruled by a de facto consultant Board of non elected unknowns whose only concern seems to be the profit that can be derived by a select few politically connected companies and individuals in the state.  A state that apparently will never open again until every man, woman and child is tested for Covid-19 and then vaccinated for it (whether or not the vaccine works or not and or is deadly to many) all driven by a company that has been Lamont based invested in.  All in the name of supposed safety and health.

Desolation. Destruction.  Despondency.  Depression.  Despair.  Discouragement.  Dejection.

Do any of these words remind you of the new Ned Lamont Connecticut Democrat Party ruled Connecticut economy?  An economy where thousands of businesses have shut down permanently and or are on the verge of bankruptcy.  An economy that has a staggering unemployment rate of 22% and rising with few if any new jobs on the horizon due to the near collapse of the restaurant and travel industries.  

Desolation. Destruction.  Despondency.  Depression.  Despair.  Discouragement.  Dejection.

Do any of these words remind you of the new Ned Lamont Connecticut Democrat Party ruled Connecticut economy?  An economy that ranks near bottom in most economic development and business friendly categories.  What business in their right mind would want to relocate to Connecticut given its horrific conditions?  $150 billion dollars in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities is now the norm and acceptable to our state officials?

Desolation. Destruction.  Despondency.  Depression.  Despair.  Discouragement.  Dejection.

Do any of these words remind you of the new Ned Lamont Connecticut Democrat Party ruled Connecticut economy?  An economy where debate and questioning what the Governor does seems to be no longer allowed and a martial law atmosphere prevails that is based on fear.  Does every man, woman and child in Connecticut have Covid-19? They don't but it sure seems like it to me.  If one case is reported why is that the lead story in our biased media?  

Fear rules our state.  Never an encouraging word spoken by our supposed Governor.  Nor any type of coherent plan spoken and or debated to re open Connecticut completely as soon as possible.  No metrics and or the supposed metrics change to suit the Governor's needs and or wants.  Nothing at all.  Why has this happened?  And when will the opposition begin?  When?  

This should be the only campaign issue in Connecticut in November-but will our Governor allow the election to occur?  I really wonder. 

Saturday, September 05, 2020

Connecticut Continues Ned Lamont's Secret Government

Connecticut's government has been confirmed again to be on a secret fear based status until some later date that is unknown to anyone.  On Friday, September 4th across pure party lines by a 6 to 4 vote, the special legislative oversight committee voted to extend until February 2021 Ned Lamont’s emergency powers to manage the supposed COVID-19 problem in the state. Thus the Connecticut Democrat Party has given a carte blanche to the secret and omnipotent Executive Order de facto government of Ned Lamont and his hedge fund, consulting and political cronies to combat the Covid-19 virus that for all intents and purposes is impacting less than 1/10000 of 1 percent of Connecticut's population at this time and has become a non-issue.  

I and many others never realized that when Ned Lamont was elected Governor he was such an expert in the medical field so that when a medical crisis would hit our state he would be able to eliminate the need to have an elected group of representatives in a State legislature so that he could make all the decisions in the state himself.   I and many others never realized that through his network of business friends from his wife's hedge fund and the Connecticut Democrat Party that he would be able to buy anything he felt the state needed to supposedly combat Covid-19 with little regard for costs, competitive bidding and ethics. I and many others never realized that every person in Connecticut is assumed to have Covid-19 and thus we must limit everything we do and have done over the past six months of this crisis.   I and many others never realized that through the power of either a paper mask or cloth mask that has germs on it that we now would have to wear these masks every where and at all times to supposedly stop the spread of Covid-19 that we in theory all have in our state.  I and many others never realized that there really is no reopening plan whatsoever to get Connecticut moving again and to get unemployed people working again.  I and many others never realized that one man and one political party could create an economic depression in Connecticut in such a short period of time. I and many others never realized that there would not be a State Constitution to follow as a rule of law in Connecticut.  I and many others never realized that we have lost most of our personal and economic freedoms due to one man and one political party.

What is really the end game to Ned Lamont and the Connecticut Democrat Party's plan to destroy our state economically due to the Covid-19 virus?  Even more short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities of $150 billion dollars or more in the future?  New and higher taxes with tolls?  More political patronage jobs for the ruling political elite?  More no bid consulting and state contracts for Lamont invested hedge fund companies?  More corrupted government that is in business for only a select few?  Mandatory vaccines to work or go to school?  Are we really saving lives?  What happened to many older people who died in nursing homes at the beginning of the crisis-are they forgotten about now?  I would like some answers to these questions as a Connecticut citizen and taxpayer.  

Connecticut needs an economic plan for recovery.  What is it?  Does any elected official know it including those who are running for re election? Connecticut needs to open up all schools, businesses and industries once again as soon as possible.  Connecticut no longer should be governed by fear.  The fear that is being force fed by Connecticut's media, Ned Lamont and the Connecticut Democrat Party on a daily basis.  I would venture to say that more people are dying daily in the state from drug overdoses and suicides than from Covid-19.  But our only concern is seems to be is Covid-19 not anything else.  

Connecticut needs real leadership.  As much we hear the all of the great things Ned Lamont has done during this crisis to keep people supposedly healthy-what has he really done?  I do not know other than he does what will give him the greatest economic profit from that activity.  Is that what Connecticut's government has succumbed to?  I guess so.  For my voice and many others continue to be silenced by these unchecked and illegal powers given to our ruler Governor Ned Lamont.  Maybe this is 1776 happening once again.  I really wonder.  Enough is enough.