Saturday, June 25, 2016

Brexit and the United States-God Saved The Queen

I have been asked over the week my thoughts on the Brexit situation and how it impacts our country.  I know this is away from my usual opinions on the worsening Connecticut economic debacle and the highly corrupted state political situation however as an economist I feel I should offer thoughts on it.
First in my opinion I feel it is an excellent choice on the part of Britain to regain its independence and economic sovereignty.  I do not believe nor have seen enough economic evidence that the European Union has created such economic prosperity in Europe and for other countries in the world to justify its expense.  Also I do not believe nor have seen enough economic evidence that the Euro currency has created great economic excitement nor economic stimulation for it to continue to thrive as a viable unified currency.  To me all it has done is propped up weaker countries and placed economic strain on stronger countries (like the United Kingdom).
Secondly the issue of radical terrorism has expanded in the European Union due to open borders and unlimited immigration policies that have been able to allow and nurture terrorism cells especially in France and Belgium.  Europe is far less safe than what it was in 1990.  The European Union liberal drum roll of being politically correct when it comes to immigration and radical terrorism/lack of profiling has created an unsafe and highly dangerous situation for both Europe and the United States.  The citizens of England had enough and chose freedom and  sovereignty as a nation. 
To me all the European Union has evolved in is a bureaucratic liberal experimental think tank that has no checks and balances in it.  They wish to force feed the Union with failed liberal social and economic experiments. 
England in my opinion now will prosper economically and terrorists will have a much more difficult time in their operations in the United Kingdom.  The fear mongering manipulations of our financial markets here in our country make little sense to me economically.  Why the stock market dropped the way it did on Friday proves that fear when properly placed in the media allows for financial/stock swings to beat up the small investors in the market while allowing for massive profits for the stock shorting gamblers and large institutional investors to gain.  There should be no fear over this exit.
Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher summed up the issues of the European Union in her famous quote "What we should grasp, however, from the lessons of European history is that, first, there is nothing necessarily benevolent about programmes of European integration; second, the desire to achieve grand utopian plans often poses a grave threat to freedom; and third, European unity has been tried before, and the outcome was far from happy." -- Margaret Thatcher
 God saved The Queen this past week and God saved England.  Can God save America next?

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Connecticut The Corrupted State

A constitution defined:  is a a body of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is acknowledged to be governed.
In my opinion Connecticut has no constitution.  It has no principles or precedents governing.  It has corrupted leadership and elected officials. 
With Connecticut's Omnipotent One Party Rule fully entrenched the constitution be it with regards to a legally binding state constitutional spending cap or with the total disregard for Connecticut's Clean Election Law is ignored. 
It is without question this weeks corrupted agreement between the Connecticut Democrat Party and in particular with Governor Malloy and the State Elections Enforcement Commission was done in secret with no one being allowed to be interviewed by the Commission.  Mr. Malloy and his Connecticut Democrat Party were in  clear violation of House Bill No. 850-Public Act No. 13-60 (which I urge Connecticut Democrats to reread and to comprehend what laws campaign financing should be followed).  Malloy made expenditures well in excess of what this law allows in his mailings in the last election.  It can not be denied nor was it actually investigated by the State Elections Enforcement Commission (which to me now is another tool of the Connecticut Democrat Party).  Should taxpayers and voters expect anything different?
And the question that also needs to be asked is why taxpayers are paying taxes to support such a corrupted regime in Hartford?   If the Constitution is non existent what rule of law are we following in Connecticut?  Thus why are we paying taxes?
Connecticut should be referred to at all times as the "Corrupted State"  I would hope in the next legislative session after more items are taken off budget illegally, more taxes were raised and new taxes implemented, more secret hiring of politically connected Democrats occur, no discussion on most laws or the budget take place that some legislator brings up a law to change the official state nickname to "Connecticut-The Corrupted State".  At the same a new law could also be passed to tax anyone moving out of the state.  An exit tax-a fitting tribute to the cancer that has engulfed our state-the Connecticut Democrat Party.
It is time to take back Connecticut in November.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Connecticut and Its Economic Decline

It is evident that Connecticut is in and has been in an economic decline for many years now.  Since the passage of the Weicker state income tax that was supposed to solve all of Connecticut's problems we still see an economic decline.  For many years now, over and over again.  An economic decline that is far reaching from young and old citizens moving out of state along with many businesses and industries heading elsewhere.  An economic decline that encourages constant non productivity through a political elite ruling class that is embellished with high salaries, benefits and pensions while penalizing those who actually produce and earn their income through yet even new and higher taxes on their wages.  An economic decline that chooses to tax literally anything and everything in a never ending quest for more revenue to constantly satisfy the same political elite ruling class that has helped to bring Connecticut to economic ruin.  An economic decline as viewed by millions of taxpayers dollars being spent on a Hartford baseball stadium that can not be finished nor generate any income in the near future.  An economic decline in which the Governor picks who wins and who loses through taxpayer funded corporate welfare cash given to businesses who donate to his ruling party.
The list is endless in the chronic economic lie that the Connecticut Democrat Party and Dan Malloy have force fed taxpayers for years now.  More and higher taxes continue to bring Connecticut to its economic knees. 
And many of these same Democrats are running for re-election in November for their golden House and Senate seats.  Why?  To further Connecticut's economic decline?  To pad their pensions and benefits?
Think about the continuing economic decline of our state when you vote in November.  If you still live here.  It is time to take back Connecticut. 

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Dan Malloy’s Governing Delusions

Dan Malloy as Governor of Connecticut has done an excellent job of grinding Connecticut into the ground since he has taken office in 2011.  It has been a long six years with his debacle of his second term not ending until 2018.  And it seems to most taxpayers in the state that if anything goes wrong it is easy to blame the Republicans for it.
It is too bad that Dan Malloy does not believe in either telling the truth nor accepting responsibility for the mess he has turned Connecticut into.  He accepts no responsibility for higher taxes, business and taxpayers moving out of state in droves nor his reelection campaign lies that there were no deficits in the state budget.
This is the record that the Connecticut Democrat Party is running on to continue their unyielding grip and control on the state House and Senate.  How does this party have any credibility with the taxpayers and voters of Connecticut is beyond me.  And it is also beyond many of the voters of Connecticut.  And many of the voters in Connecticut will be for in some cases for the first time in their lives voting Republican to stop the hemorrhaging of their state.
It is time to take back Connecticut from omnipotent one party rule in November.  It is time to force Dan Malloy and his Democrat party into economic reality once and for all.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Armed Forces Day May 21-Let Us Give Thanks to Those Who Serve

Saturday May 21 is Armed Forces Day.  It is a day to reflect and give thanks to all of our Men and Women who serve in our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard without ego or fanfare.  It is a time to reflect on all of those who gave their lives to preserve the freedom of our country. 
To me it is a thankless job especially when our national elected officials are ignorant of military and world matters.  America has always been asked to help in times of crisis or natural disaster.  It should be understood that the greatest country in the world is expected to lead in times of need or crisis.  Our country relies upon an all volunteer Armed Forces to help keep peace in our world, help protect our citizens abroad and to allow others the opportunity to live in a free society rather than under a dictatorship/tyrant rule as we still see in 50 countries of our world such as Cuba, Iran and North Korea to name a few.
Freedom is not and has never been free to achieve.  Millions upon millions of people have died in a quest to be free and to remain living free in our world.  Freedom should be taken for granted nor abused by politicians who in many cases are ignorant of their world history of freedom.
Let us rejoice and give thanks to all those who are current serving and have served in our Armed Forces every day of the year not just once a year.  For with out them the likelihood of us being free would be questionable.  Thank you all who have served and are serving our country.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

What Is To Like About The Connecticut Democrats Fourth Deficit Budget?

Not much.  In trying to understand as an economist and as a taxpayer a complex $20 billion dollar budget in 48 hours or less, there is not much to like about this budget.  Nor did I like the past Connecticut Democrat Party/Malloy developed deficit ridden budgets.
This budget again lacked any input from the Republicans who represent a large part of the state.
This budget in theory does not raise any taxes however it again puts off the payments of GAAP debt for yet another year.  This only increases the interest payments the state must make in the future.
This budget also takes over more local control from cities and towns by creating in 2018 Regional Education Service Centers that will force cities and towns to consolidate human resources, finance and technology divisions.  This was done with no input from the 169 towns and cities in our state.
This budget has built in deficits in it due to the apparent creation of supposed savings and shifting of budget items around.  If you did this in private business you would probably be arrested for accounting fraud.  This is a well known magic trick of the Connecticut Democrat Party to help continue their economic debacle.  There will be no increased savings nor lack of spending.
This budget caps non union pensions at a mere $125,000 a year.  I am curious as to how many middle class citizens in the state receive this type of pension or any type of pension from their employer?
This budget also satisfies long time Democrat controlled cities by allowing Bridgeport to defer part of their pension payments into the state run pension system for municipal workers for two years  and Middletown receives $2 million dollars more in funding through the implementer rat function of the budget bill.  Political favors given without anyone knowing about it in an implementer bill is known as a rat.  Again in private business this amounts to bribery. 
What is to like about the Connecticut Democrats fourth budget?  Not much.  It is more of the same with the exceptions of cutting some spending.  But there was once again no structural reforms in the way the state does business.  Connecticut still has massive unfunded short and long term debt.  Depending on how one views it it is between $44 billion dollars and $80 billion dollars (figuring in long term benefit and pension obligations).  This economic issue was still not addressed nor will it ever be addressed with the continuing one party rule of the Connecticut Democrat Party.
I do not like this budget.  It is more of the same.  The Economic Armageddon is fast approaching thanks to the Connecticut Democrat Party.

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Fourth Connecticut Democrat Budget-Will There Be A Fifth?

Four budgets now here in Connecticut.  Each budget only slightly different than the other.  Each based upon incredible and overly opportunistic projections of tax revenues that never seem to be met due to the decaying Connecticut economy.  Pet projects and political nepotism never being touched.  High level non-productive, highly paid and massive benefit do nothing positions never cut.  Those most in need due to illness and or disability have their programs slashed.  Mandated transportation for school children bus funding is cut.  Hospitals are taxed and are supposed to provide free care for those who have no insurance even though there is socialized health insurance that is supposedly affordable for all.
Thus four budgets have been created with no input, discussion or debate from the Republicans in Hartford who represent believe it or not a large percentage of the remaining Connecticut taxpayers who still live here.  The supposed spirit of bipartisanship is unknown and declared illegal by the Connecticut Democrat Party at times of budget negotiations.
More of the same for Connecticut taxpayers.  More budget deficits, more long term unfunded liabilities, more and higher taxes, more of Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule and their continuing economic nightmare.  Will it ever end for Connecticut taxpayers?
I do not think so.  This budget serves up the same economic lies as the last three.  In 2017 we will be reading about the new deficit much the same as the old deficit and the new taxes that are needed to cover it.  We will be reading about how the highest taxpayers of Connecticut are not paying their fair share even though they are moving out of state quickly due to the massive tax burdens they have.  It is the constant replay of the Connecticut Democrat Party's economic nightmare and debacle.  And it has to stop this November with the voting out of office in mass of these same Democrats who have ruined Connecticut beyond economic repair.  Taxpayers can not afford this economic burden placed on them now that they are truly the economic slaves to the Connecticut Democrat Party.
It is time to take back Connecticut in November.