Saturday, May 30, 2020

Connecticut's Government Profit Maze Funded By Connecticut's Taxpayers

I continue to be amazed at the complexities of Connecticut's state government under the rule of Ned Lamont and the Connecticut Democrat Party.  50 Executive Orders and growing.  Profits apparently will come at the expense of the Connecticut Taxpayer due to Covid-19 while the state has $145 billion dollars in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities that is being ignored.  Trying to understand the unclear and draconian guidelines that the secret Reopen Connecticut Committee came up with is a massive task (  The report forces unrealistic costs on businesses need to take on in order to reopen.  It also is apparent that mandatory testing is essential.   They are also stressing in the report that they are trying "to build trust in reopening plan" (p.41).  How?  Why should  "Wearing a mask is the new normal" (p.40) be forced upon us?   Studies are showing wearing masks cause more harm than good.  Why should Connecticut Taxpayers build trust in a horrific plan to micromanage their lives developed in secret by a bunch of millionaires (some who may profit from Covid-19)?  Their guidelines should be viewed as a bunch of illogical rules and illegal rhetoric that once again eliminates more personal freedoms in the state.  If you read this secret report that seems to be hidden from the public view you will become possibly sick from it due to its content. 
We still do not get any answers nor know what the Boston Consulting Group will be doing to help the state in their "advisory role" for their $2 million dollar Connecticut Taxpayer funded contract?
Nor do we see as Connecticut Taxpayers why the former Connecticut Economic Resource Center is now known as a non profit entity called Advance CT that works with the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD).  Connecticut Taxpayers have helped to finance Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) and its massive waste in spending.  Are we now going to subsidize Advance CT?  For example (DECD) "was cited by state auditors for forgiving or modifying state loans to companies totaling $23.6 million and awarding $16 million in excess assistance through the First Five Plus program" (   The First Five program has been an enormous waste of Connecticut Taxpayers monies since its inception and has created few jobs.
Lamont's wife Ann is the Executive Managing member of Oak HC/FT Management Company, LLC (Oak HC/FT) and certain general partnerships for private investment funds managed by them.   Will any of their companies they invest in receive state contracts from this crisis and profit by them? 
Is is also interesting to note that Ned Lamont's Chief of Staff Josh Gabelle was the former Chief Executive Officer of Core Informatics that was sold to Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2017.  However back in 2014 Core Informatics received a massive state contract with $3 million dollars in a state grant by Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD).  ( Gabelle was the head of Core Infomatics at that time.   Thermo Fisher Scientific is working on Covid-19 testing and Lamont wants to get tests from them apparently for the state (  
Confusing?  Of course.  It is meant to be that way.  For more clarity please listen to Tony DeAngelo, who has been investigating these issues on his next "Ten Minutes With Tony"  segment heard on the Lee Elci Show that broadcasts on 94.9 FM New London, Connecticut this coming Tuesday June 2.
Connecticut's profit maze seems to be funded by Connecticut Taxpayers.  Ned Lamont seems to be unable to make a decision unless it can somehow be profited from.  Ned Lamont in true Democrat Party fashion does not want to waste a crisis and its profitability.  Ned Lamont is destroying Connecticut by his actions.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Who Is Running Connecticut? Part 2 Of Not Ned Lamont

I am still wondering who is running Connecticut?  I really do not know who is running the state?
Is it Indra Nooyr former CEO of Pepsi who was chosen as Co-Chair of the Reopen Connecticut Committee?  Is she a true "Missionary for CT" as is claimed and has been stated about her.  Is she is a savior to the state even though I am still very confused as to her legal residence?  Is her legal residence Connecticut or Florida as has been recorded in real estate papers from her condo in Miami Beach, Florida?  Tony DeAngelo, who is the Owner of Paragon Trust and a radio commentator with his segment "Ten Minutes With Tony"  heard on on the Lee Elci Show that broadcasts on 94.9 FM New London, Connecticut shared on his Tuesday May 26th segment the homestead issue with Florida and how it contradicts her supposed Connecticut residency?  (
If we look at residency for elected officials here in Connecticut how do we know that our elected  government officials and department heads are complying with residency rules and laws and filing resident taxes?  Why are we allowing non Connecticut residents who are very wealthy and non elected such as the Reopen Connecticut Committee and Boston Consulting Group to make decisions that impact our state so severely?  Who made this decision?  Ned Lamont?
Ned Lamont and the Connecticut Democrat Party continue to avoid answering these questions that are being asked on these individuals.  Ten years of job creation have been wiped out in one month by our Governor.   And Connecticut's economy continues to be destroyed because of Lamont's constantly changing and never ending maze of decrees and guidelines that ultimately will cause much more physical and economic harm than good to the Taxpayers and legal Connecticut business owners that remain standing after this debacle. 
What will towns and cities do on August 1 when property tax revenues drop dramatically?   What will the state do when sales tax and corporate tax revenues drop severely over the coming months?  Just raises taxes as usual?  Where has there been any shared sacrifice by Ned Lamont?  He still is taking his full salary and benefits.  Where has there been any shared sacrifice by any Democrat elected official in the state at this time?  There has been none.  Only the Connecticut Taxpayer must sacrifice to continue this charade called state government to operate until its bitter end. 
Free Connecticut from Ned Lamont and the Connecticut Democrat Party.  Their lies have become too large to continue to be ignored.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Who Is Running Connecticut? Not Ned Lamont.

This past week was a somewhat very difficult reopening for some Connecticut businesses who were allowed to reopen.   Some Connecticut businesses have not been allowed to reopen yet and some have gone out of business for good.   It also was another week of non-resident Connecticut rule in Connecticut.  The Reopen Connecticut Advisory Committee has supposedly disbanded by the Governor's orders to be replaced apparently by the Boston Consulting Group.  The Boston Consulting Group will advise the state as to how they should reopen through its generous $2 million dollar no bid state contract it received by Ned Lamont.
The co-chair of ill fated and secret 50 member Reopen Connecticut Advisory Committee is an interesting example of a lack of transparency in our government.  For example, Indra Nooyr former CEO of Pepsi was chosen as Co-Chair of this Committee.  I wonder why?  In a state of over 3,500,000 people was she the best choice?   Her family has a home in Greenwich.  Does being a resident of Greenwich qualify one to be in this position?   She and her husband apparently own a luxury condo in Miami, Florida that is for sale (  The issue of this residence was brought to my attention by Tony DeAngelo, who is the Owner of Paragon Trust Company and also is a radio commentator with his segment "Ten Minutes With Tony"  heard on on the Lee Elci Show that broadcasts on 94.9 FM New London, Connecticut.  I wonder if her Florida address is her permanent residence for tax purposes so as to avoid paying our high taxes in Connecticut? We do not know if she is a full time or part time resident of the state.  Since tax records are not public knowledge we have no way of knowing where she pays her taxes since she has multiple residences.  
Is the Boston Consulting Group a Connecticut based corporation?  No it is not.  I have been asked by many people as to why was it chosen for leading the efforts to reopen Connecticut?  Was it political favoritism?  Was it a new example of Ned Lamont's pay to play here in Connecticut?   How did this consulting group become an expert on the Covid-19 virus and the subsequent reopening procedures for Connecticut and other states?  What are their qualifications for this?  In reading their charts and position papers one should become very concerned as to what these "experts" write about.  Quoted from this article ( "It is a fallacy that in Western economies such dynamic application of the balance between transparency and privacy is not possible. In Europe and the US, telecom carriers already share (anonymized) data to track people’s movements. In a certain NYC park, an unauthorized gathering of people was detected using this data. However, care is in order: if the balance shifts too far, it will be incredibly harmful. Citizens’ trust will be further broken, and they will take actions (such as leaving the phone at home or not reporting symptoms) to avoid being detected—a disaster for containment efforts."  Note their statement "they will take actions (such as leaving the phone home.."   Are they advocating that all of our movements need to be followed by our government?  It seems like that to me.  Is Ned Lamont and the Connecticut Democrat Party afraid where we might assemble?  Is Ned Lamont and the Connecticut Democrat Party afraid of civil disobedience?  Is Ned Lamont and the Connecticut Democrat Party afraid we might start questioning the lack of transparency in who is really running our state?  These are major issues that need to be addressed before one cent of Taxpayer's Monies are given to the Boston Consulting Group.
Ned Lamont needs to stop treating the citizens of Connecticut as his personal puppets on a string.   He is an indecisive Governor who seems to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of both his actions and constant changes he makes to his executive orders.  He needs to be transparent.  And more importantly he needs to resign.  We need democracy to be restored in Connecticut today before it is too late.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The New Government Of Connecticut

Connecticut has a new government.   It is a non elected government.  It does not have to answer to Connecticut Taxpayers.  It gets paid a great deal of Connecticut Taxpayers monies to operate without any transparency nor any accountability.  It has replaced what was formerly our Legislative branch of Connecticut government being the State House of Representatives and the State Senate.  It can dictate to Connecticut businesses when and how they can open.  It can dictate the penalties and fines that can be expected for not following their guidelines and rules.  It can replace these guidelines and rules for the Connecticut State Constitution.  It can constantly change at a minutes notice opening rules and dates for Connecticut's businesses with no repercussions or questioning by anyone.  It can decree those individuals who were voted into office non essential and having no longer any say in Connecticut's government. 
Indra Nooyi was appointed co-chair of the Reopen Connecticut Committee that was created to reopen the state.  She was the former CEO of Pepsi Co.  Why was she appointed?  Does she have ties to the Boston Consulting Group?  It is very interesting that on this same committee that there was no members of the general public chosen.  No public comment was allowed to this group.  No transparency.  Everyone was handpicked by Ned Lamont.  Now the surprise of Ned Lamont to disband this committee quickly and have it replaced now by the Boston Consulting Group with a large Connecticut Taxpayer funded contract. 
The Boston Consulting Group you may or may not know has been embroiled in controversy most recently with its work with Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of the former president of Angola, who became a billionaire allegedly by plundering state coffers through various shell companies including a Swiss Jewelery firm named De Grisogono ( 
The Boston Consulting Group was given a non bid and undisclosed contract to basically carry out the reopening of Connecticut.  The same graphics and articles written by them  seem to be seen with six other states; New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Delaware.  These states including Connecticut have formed a a regional consortium to reduce competition when purchasing personal protective equipment for use.  It is very interesting to see each state use the Boston Consulting Group graphics when talking about reopening their states and following their guidelines.
I wonder how did Boston Consulting group become an expert on Covid-19?  I wonder how did Boston Consulting group become an expert on Connecticut's economy?  Was it through their political connections with the Democrat Party nationwide?  Was it through their contributions to the Democrat Party?   What value are they offering for $2 million dollars?  Can this be explained somehow?  Why were they chosen?  Can anyone in our state government respond to this?  Why hasn't our state media investigated this?
Ned Lamont is indeed over his head as Governor of Connecticut.  To rely upon a political consulting group to decide the economic future of the state is sickening and will impact our economy for future generations.  This contract and Lamont's actions during this crisis needed to be investigated immediately.  We are no longer safe with Ned Lamont and the Boston Consulting Group in charge of Connecticut.  Stop lying to us Governor Lamont once and for all and resign.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

The Brutal Reopening Of Connecticut Small Businesses on May 20, 2020

May 20, 2020.
That is the official day that has been decreed by Executive Order by our ruler Ned Lamont and his secret non public/non transparent consulting group and committee to start a four part process to reopen Connecticut.  A day that could live in the history of Connecticut as to one of the most economically damaging days to the remaining small businesses that will reopen.  We are also looking three more draconian steps on three possible dates in the future that will possibly reopen most of the rest of state. 
In trying to understand and comprehend the series of decrees, new laws and rules that govern business here in the state, one can see that large businesses will have a much easier time to reopen than small businesses.  Small businesses at this time when they least can afford it will be incurring much higher costs of operations to try to do business next week.
A realistic example is the plight of small restaurants in the state.  They are now allowed to serve a limited number of customers in outdoor seating next Wednesday.  How is this defined?  Since zoning laws and regulations differs from town to city depending on where you are located, some restaurants will have greater difficulty in setting up outdoor seating than others.  Looking at several local restaurants here in Wallingford they will have limited outdoor seating due to their location.  How is the dining experience enjoyable if you have to eat outside on a cold evening?  How is the dining experience enjoyable if you are not allowed to talk to people at the restaurant that you wish to talk to? How is the dining experience enjoyable if you must wear masks and only take them off when you are eating?  Obviously if you healthy enough to want to eat at a restaurant the logic behind the masks becomes irrational.  Also I fail to see how restaurants will be profitable at this time offering what amounts to in some cases operating at 5% capacity.  Constant cleaning of all areas at these outdoor venues will also supposedly lead to a safe dining experience.  I wonder who foots the bill for all these new cleaning procedures, cleaning materials, cleaning wipes (that can not be found anywhere), etc?  I can see many small restaurants closing for good over the next few weeks.  Our government does not understand the economics of the restaurant industry in this state.  Take out and to go meals are limited in profitability and in demand.
The new push for fool proof temperature checking is also another illogical and irrational expense for small businesses.  Are the thousands of these new and improved thermometers being distributed fool proof?  Will they work in conjunction with the new 5G secret technology?  What happens if someone traditionally has a low temperature below 98.6? What happens if someone traditionally has a high temperature above 100.4?  Who has decided these measures since the Connecticut Public Health Commissioner was fired and a "new" individual has been selected?  Is Ned Lamont now an expert of a person's temperature?
We have seen over the past sixty days a constant changing of the rules in doing business in the state.  We see that Connecticut deems large box chains, package stores, and medical marijuana stores essential to the state economy.  Small businesses were not deemed essential since March 17, 2020.  The economic logic to this continues to be irrational.
The non transparent Reopen Connecticut Advisory Committee along with a no bid $2 million dollar contract to the Democrat Party friendly Boston Consulting Group are now making all the decisions to reopen the state on their terms with little to no input from Connecticut Taxpayers.  The excessive demands and costs that they are placing on the remaining small Connecticut businesses who are fighting for their economic survival is sickening.   How will they survive?  Our state media who completely backs Ned Lamont and the Connecticut Democrat Party refuse any investigative reporting on what has been massive violations of our state constitution.  Where is our State Senate and House of Representatives who supposedly "represent" us with an occasional email or press release telling us of yet even new laws that we must live by?  The have been silent and non existent with the exception of Republican State Senator Rob Sampson and Republican State Representative Craig Fishbein. They have abandoned with ease their constitutional responsibility to represent us in Connecticut.
A brutal state economy with high taxes and regulations coupled with overreaching reopening laws has sealed the fate of Connecticut's small businesses.  Is there absolutely no mercy on small businesses in Connecticut?  Why did this happen?  Why?

Saturday, May 09, 2020

Is There A Plan To Reopen Connecticut?

How has anything that Connecticut has done since March 17 made us more healthy from Covid-19?  I really wonder.  We need to reopen Connecticut's economy now so we do not go into a protracted never ending economic depression.  For every day the state is shut down as it has been for the past 54 days since March 17 there has been a massive loss of economic activity that is now contributing to a 20% plus unemployment rate as of May 8, a roughly $2.5 billion dollar budget deficit for the fiscal year, and a permanent loss of small businesses in the state.  This means that the Connecticut worker and taxpayer will have a great deal of difficulty in finding a new job in the future and will be looking at tax increases that will probably be very large in the near future.  How does someone unemployed with limited benefits and cash pay their taxes?  How does a business that has been forced to shut down come up with the money to pay its taxes especially their upcoming local property taxes?
The piecemeal approach to the virus has been very costly to the state and has eliminated many personal freedoms.   Ned Lamont who is ruling Connecticut by numerous executive orders without any legislative input has created a quagmire of economically illogical laws and rules that will do little for the state's economic health and well being.  For example why delay the opening of camp grounds in the state until June 11?  How is this date picked out of the air like that?  Is Lamont trying to stop groups of people getting together on Memorial Day Weekend?  This is now going to cause private campgrounds to lose even more revenue.  Being outside at a campground is one of the easiest way to practice social distancing. 
Why has Lamont created a private Commission to develop a plan to reopen the state that must report its findings by May 20.  Why is this plan taking so long?  Why is this Commission not transparent? 
There have been many things that Lamont could have done since March 17 to stabilize the state economy.  He needs to understand that Connecticut Taxpayers continue to face exceptional financial issues due to the state shutdown of the economy. 
He should implemented a 10% cut in all non essential, non virus state spending.  This could have saved the state roughly $1 billion dollars for the remainder of the current fiscal year.  These cuts would have also included a politically unpopular 10% cut in all State Commissioners salaries and benefits and also include a similar 10% in all State non union management salaries and benefits.
He could have frozen all state union workers and retirees wages and benefits forgoing their 3.5% scheduled pay increase on July 1.  These simple pay cuts and freezes could have saved the state an estimated $425 million dollars over the next two fiscal years.  The SEBAC state employee union agreement needs to be reopened as it is economically unsustainable given the shut down of the state economy.  Ned Lamont also could have led by example by foregoing his salary at this time.  After all how much of his own personal money did he spend on his campaign to win the Governorship?  The cuts in pay would show those who are unemployed in the state due to the state's mandates to the shut the economy and eliminate their jobs that the state was serious in addressing both their plight and the loss of tax revenues that is occurring. 
Small stores and businesses should be able to reopen immediately.  How is there no risk in shopping at a large store as compared to shopping at a small store?  A small coffee shop should be able to be open for people to walk into in the morning and get their coffee.  At some point these small shops and especially restaurants need to reopen or they will closed forever.   For some it is already too late and they will be permanently closed.   What happens when the unemployment checks stop in six months?  What are the unemployed going to do for money to live on?   Does our state have an unlimited supply of money with $145 billion dollars already in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities?  Won't their ability to borrow more money come with much higher interest costs and downgrades in debt grading?
Connecticut Taxpayers need to contact their State Representatives, State Senators and their Governor immediately to demand that the state economy opens again.  We still are governed by a rule of laws and a state constitution contrary to the Lamont decrees.  Contact the Governors office at 860-566-4840 or 800-406-1527 and express your frustrations with his inaction and executive orders.  We as a state can not wait any longer.  The time is now Covid-19 or not to move on and reopen.  We all can take precautions to safeguard our health and those around us.  We have an educated society here in Connecticut.  We are not stupid as our government seems to think we are when it comes to our health. 

Sunday, May 03, 2020

The Economic Hole Of No Return For Connecticut?

Can Connecticut come back economically in 2020?  Or in 2021?  How about the election year of 2022?  Will this be the virus that seals our economic fate here in Connecticut once and for all?  The economic hole of no return for the state?  An economic recession that we can never come out of?
We are told constantly to stay home and stay safe.  When will be allowed out of our homes to resume normal economic activity?  Pick a date and pick a restriction according to our by the decree Governor and his non elected officials and advisory boards.
Connecticut seems to be a wanna be New York tagging along with their Governor to try to figure out what to do economically.  Connecticut in my opinion is much different than New York especially economically.  Although many Connecticut residents work in New York City,  Fairfield county is only one part of our state greatly different than for example Windham county.  With very few virus cases why was Windham county completely shut down economically?   An economic shutdown for the entire state was not necessary if there was some logical planning taken place by the Lamont Administration so as not to treat the state exactly the same.  One must remind the Governor that our state is just not Fairfield county with its gold coast along with its economically challenged cities such as Bridgeport, Hartford and New Haven.  Connecticut has many defined rural areas and family run farms that are always an after thought to our state and are usually forgotten about.  Now since they have been shut down we see their economic problems.  For example our dairy industry must face massive losses.  Will they will survive in the long run?  I guess the Governor did not realize that cows produce milk daily and there has been an enormous amount of milk thrown out since his mandated shutdown.  The wasted milk also means a massive loss of revenue for these farms.  What is the plan for these farms if any to help them? 
Connecticut now has about a 20% to 22% unemployment rate due to the shut down.  One in five in the work force is out of work.  Down the road we will see the state's unemployment fund be completely depleted.  How much federal taxpayer monies will dumped into this fund?  How much higher will the state unemployment tax go up to for the remaining businesses left in the state to pay for unemployment benefits?  What was the economic logic in leaving large retail stores open while small retail stores were forced to close?   And how many of these same stores will reopen in the future?  
Connecticut's restaurant industry has been completely overhauled with massive restrictions placed upon them.  Their future is unknown and will be challenged if they are no longer allowed to operate at full capacity due to social distancing decrees.  Many will close for good in the short and long run.
Connecticut still has $145 billion dollars in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities.  The state budget is now massively out of balance due to the downturn in tax revenues.  Connecticut wants more federal tax monies to help them out even though our Congressional delegation has spent the last four years condemning all things President Trump.  Now they demand immediate action by him while billions of state dollars have been squandered over the years.
Connecticut's lack of emergency planning and years of fiscal mismanagement have come to an ugly head in 2020.  Lamont and his crew are starting their usual chant of raising taxes yet again to get the state out of this new and foreboding economic hole of no return.  And as usual there was no immediate action by Lamont in March to suspend collective bargaining in the state and cut state management and commissioners salaries (including his) along with other non essential state spending.  No short term plan other than "Stay home, stay safe". 
The virus has killed people in our state there is no denying it nor should it be taken lightly.  The stresses of losing family members is great especially with limited and or a lack of a funeral.  However people continue die from many other health related problems in the state daily.  Drug abuse and drug overdoses continue (although not spoken about in our controlled media).   We sadly can not control and or prevent deaths from occurring in our society. 
With the economic actions of the Lamont administration since March we may have been "safe at home"  but with some rational common sense our economic system could have continued in some capacity to have avoided a second great depression from taking place in our state as we see today.   Ned Lamont was supposedly such a successful business owner prior to being Governor.  Sadly he lacks any type of economic savvy or economic logic as Governor.  And he and his administration will forever be known as placing Connecticut into the economic hole of no return.