Saturday, January 13, 2018

Who Wants To Be Connecticut's Governor?

There are a lot of individuals in Connecticut who want to be Governor.  The crowded field of candidates has to raise money to obtain matching taxpayer funds from our bankrupt state thus one receives at this time an enormous amount of emails with great claims of what each candidate will do for the state.  It is predictable that several of the Democrat candidates for Governor wish to continue the failed policies of the Malloy Administration by urging higher taxes, higher state spending, more nepotism and more debt.  An ex convict, Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim is also running logically ignoring rules and laws in his campaign in true Connecticut Democrat Party fashion.  Hartford's Mayor Luke Bronin obviously feels he is well qualified to be Governor by nursing the city into near bankruptcy only to obtain at the last second a taxpayers bailout and by running on a platform on shoving regionalism down all the fiscally stable towns in the state to bail out the fiscally inept cities.  Ultra liberal Middletown Mayor Dan Drew dropped out after he both ran out of money and had his town committee votes taken away from him recently.
On the Republican side conservative Peter Lumaj is running with a stable platform of lower taxes and lower state spending.  Conservative State Representative Prasad Srinivasan is another excellent candidate.  Other candidates offer the wide array of the more common Republican themes of lower taxes and economic growth ideas. To me several of the candidates are RINO's and they no longer have any objectivity or reason to be voted into office.
Along with this parade of ideologies we also have Republican State Senator Joe Markley running for the Lieutenant Governor position.  Mr. Markley who is one of the most conservative members of the State Senate and in my opinion should receive the nomination without hesitation.  I am sure many of the RINO's of the Republican Party will do whatever they can to block his nomination during the convention. 
Connecticut in this coming election needs to become conservative and frugal whether they like it or not.  Connecticut's state government needs to save every cent it can to start to address its incredible $60 to $80 billion dollars of short and long term debt along with its unfunded liabilities.  How about if someone running for Governor would develop a plan to ask his or her Administration to take pay cuts, opt out of the pension benefit and come up with real world economic solutions to stimulate Connecticut's economy and pay off this debt?  We know the Democrat candidates can not do this.  We know several Republican candidates can such as Peter Lumaj, Prasad Srinivasan and Joe Markley.  Maybe Connecticut voters can support a change finally in the way our state government runs by voting for conservative candidates in November.  Just a thought to save our state from its impending bankruptcy.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Connecticut's Decline In 2018

It is a new year.  Happy New Year to my readers.  It seems for many years now I have seen a gradual decline in Connecticut.  Our state government seems to be working for itself, with a political patronage and spoils system firmly in place.  Elected officials lie and break the law with no repercussions.  We see that no rule of law applies to them.  A constitutional amendment of a legally voted upon state spending cap is ignored then ruled illegal by a Democrat elected official.  Back room deals allow for elected officials to resign and then to be appointed to high paying state jobs with little or no experience for a lifetime.  Both state management and union workers enjoy well above average salaries, benefits and pensions with little oversight.  There are no ramifications when a job is done wrong.  Taxpayers pay for this employment debacle.  Connecticut owes a great deal of money.  It owes between $60 and $80 billion dollars in short and long term debt and unfunded liabilities.  There is no and has never been a plan to pay off this debt.  It is always kicked down the road for future taxpayers to pay off in theory. 
A theme that I have written about for years now is that I do not like government at any level local, state or federal to rip people off especially taxpayers.  Sadly I see numerous articles relating to government corruption and the rip off of local, state and federal taxpayers on a daily basis.  Here in Connecticut this is the path our elected officials in many cities and towns, in Hartford the hub of state government and our pandering and egotistical two United States Senators and five Representatives have taken.  It sickens me.  And I know it sickens many taxpayers here in Connecticut.  Taxpayers are tired of this corruption and daily rip off.  It gives new meaning to a realistic 2018 version of taxation without representation for Connecticut Taxpayers.  Again laws and rules do not pertain any more to our Connecticut elected officials.  Bridgeport Democrat Mayor Joe Ganim is an excellent example of this disregard for any law.
Thus it is a new year.  Can any solutions be found to the issues of Connecticut of 2018?  These issues include a loss of population, a loss of jobs, a crumbling infrastructure, high workers compensation costs, excessively high taxes, high state debt and a corrupt state government.  What is the plan to deal with these problems?
The silence is deafening.  Maybe Connecticut Taxpayers should stop supporting this corruption.  It is time to take back Connecticut in 2018. 

 we as common taxpayers must abide by

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Connecticut Democrats Failed Liberalism

Connecticut Democrats experiment with liberalism has failed as we near the end of 2017.  As we have seen for the past seven long years of the Malloy Administration Connecticut's Democrat government can do little to help the state.  Connecticut Democrats experiment with liberalism can not protect its citizens especially those who are most vulnerable in our society as evidence by the recent death of Matthew Tirado who was starved to death while the Department of Children and Families did nothing.  The Department of Children and Families spends $800 million dollars a year of taxpayers monies supposedly protecting children in the state.
Connecticut Democrats experiment with liberalism can not redistribute the wealth of the state since many wealthy citizens and businesses have now moved out of state permanently since Connecticut's tax burden is one of the highest in the country.  Connecticut Democrats have raised taxes in the state on a constant basis since the Malloy Administration took office back in 2010.  Three of the largest tax increases in the history have done nothing to balance the budget nor address the economic nightmare of $70 billion dollars of short and long debt along with the state's unfunded liabilities.  What is the plan to pay back this debt?  Connecticut Democrats experiment with liberalism protects and nurtures a ruling elite class of citizens who comprise the state's union and management work force paying bloated wages, benefits and pensions that can never be cut and or eliminated.  This minority holds economic power over the taxpayer.  Connecticut Democrats experiment with liberalism allows for state union agreements to be secretly negotiated and signed into law without debate.  Connecticut Democrats experiment with liberalism has helped to eliminate many personal freedoms with thousands upon thousands of laws on its books that do little to improve the quality of life in our state.  Connecticut Democrats experiment with liberalism is more worried about illegal immigrants here in the state by creating sanctuary cities rather than its legal taxpaying citizens.
Connecticut Democrats experiment with liberalism has failed badly.  Will 2018 be any different?
Can Connecticut taxpayers survive any more abuse from its liberal government?
It is time to take back Connecticut in 2018.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Connecticut Jobs Crisis Continues

Connecticut according a recent Connecticut Department of Labor report has now lost over 15,300 jobs since June with its unemployment rate going up to 4.6% which is one of the highest rates in the country.   The state has recovered about 70% of the jobs lost during the recession, while Massachusetts has recovered more than 320%.  All of the other New England states have fully recovered at either a 100% or better rate of recovered jobs except for Connecticut.
An economic consequence of Connecticut's excessively high state and local taxes along with a poor infrastructure, high workers compensation costs, uncontrolled unfunded liabilities and exorbitant short and long state debt is that businesses have moved out of the state thus moving jobs out of state.  Many Connecticut Taxpayers have also moved out of state since jobs are difficult to find here and or they lost their job due their employer moving.  One can look at the amount of jobs lost with Aetna, General Electric and Bristol-Myers Squibb for example either moving or closing operations in the state.    Those remaining businesses must adapt to a much higher cost of doing business and will cut jobs to stay afloat.  A contributing factor to this economic debacle is that our state government has become a dysfunctional mess since it seems that their only concern has developed into protecting state union and management jobs and their limitless high salaries, benefits and pensions.  Private industry again to survive must cut their jobs, salaries, benefits and pensions while state government is not bothered by it but will increase its political patronage jobs at all costs.  Connecticut's state government is layer upon layer of bureaucracy with one department or agency having different guidelines/laws and rules than the other governing the same issue or topic.  Connecticut's state government moves at its own pace with no respect to a reasonable time frame to accomplish anything nor any repercussions if a project or crisis is not finished or addressed in a timely manner.  Just look at our failed road system while we have a busway to nowhere with no riders or DCF.  Connecticut's inflated state union and management jobs and their high salaries, benefits and pensions continue to be the reason for Connecticut's economic debt and jobs crisis.  Our state government response this past year to the budget crisis was to further enhance Connecticut's state unions with a sweetheart deal that extends their recrementitious spoils for yet another ten years at the taxpayers expense.
There are few jobs in Connecticut at this time that pay a high enough salary to maintain living here and paying for Connecticut's high cost of living.  Connecticut has a continuing jobs crisis.  Connecticut is leaderless because its state union and management employees tell Connecticut taxpayers what they can and can not do.  Connecticut state union and management employees are in charge of our state. 
The election of 2018 will be here shortly.  Candidates need to express quickly what their plan is resolve the multiple issues that Connecticut has that include a lack of jobs except for state union and management jobs, excessively high state and local taxes along with a poor infrastructure, high workers compensation costs, uncontrolled unfunded liabilities and exorbitant short and long state debt.  To me they seem only to be concerned with getting Connecticut Taxpayers monies for their matching public financing campaign funds which has done nothing to rectify our spoils system of state elections or make them more fair.
We need some plan to make Connecticut economically viable again.  We need cuts in state union and management jobs and their high salaries, benefits and pensions.  We need real state employee pension reform.  We need real economic reform or Connecticut will be permanently ranked 50 out of 50 states in all business and economic activities in our country.  Doesn't anyone get that?  I doubt it.


Saturday, December 09, 2017

Connecticut's Continuing Financial Crisis

Connecticut still has a continuing financial crisis.  The current budget that was passed has already a large deficit.  Connecticut still has a net migration problem of high income taxpayers who pay a great deal of state income taxes continuing to move out of state.  Connecticut still has barely come out of the last recession as it lingers at the bottom ranks of the United States for high taxes, infrastructure, business creation, business friendliness and job creation.  The two largest Democrat Party tax increases in the states history have done little to either address the budget deficits or balance the states budget for any period of time during the ruthless Malloy Administration but have done an excellent job in forcing both business and taxpayers to move out of Connecticut.  This past week we now hear that the Transportation fund is essentially broke and needs a massive amount of taxpayers monies to stay afloat.  This is after the state spent in excess of $100 million dollars for the busway from New Britain to Hartford that still has to be subsidized daily due to low ridership and high costs.  It is also spending a massive amount of money on a rail project to Springfield.  Unknown to most taxpayers are the totals of the state's short and long term debt along with its unfunded liabilities that are between $60 and $80 billion dollars.  How is that going to be paid? 
Could it possible that the high taxes, laws, rules, regulations, policies and individuals who run and work for our state government have failed miserably and have created our current horrific economic situation for Connecticut?  Could it be that the emphasis of excessively high salaries, benefits and pensions for both state union and management workers as being a sacred right of political patronage has helped to create our current horrific economic situation for Connecticut?  Could it be that no one takes responsibility in Hartford for any economic issues as has been seen with this last state budget?  Could it be that Connecticut has a spending problem along with a crisis in leadership?
It is funny that my liberal friends can not see the economic damage that "taxing the rich" does to a city or state.  Connecticut is a textbook example of how high taxes have helped to destroy an economy.  And in looking at the field of Democrats who are running for Governor in 2018 we can look forward to more of the same economic stagnation and political nepotism that has devastated and shattered the states economy for many years now. 
Rhetoric not solutions are the norm for Connecticut. 2017 is no different than 2011. It has to stop.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Anybody Want To Buy A Used Connecticut Civic Center? Brother Can You Spare Me $134?

For sale:  Connecticut elected officials and bureaucracy.  Start by inquiring about taking off the states hands a run down Hartford Civic Center.  Contact Dan Malloy for details and what you need to offer the Connecticut Democrat Party to buy it at a song.
The song that is constantly sung by lame duck Governor Dan Malloy and the Connecticut Democrat Party is that they are right all of the time and you are wrong.  In this case it is OK for a state that has $60 to $80 billion dollars of unfunded liabilities and short and long term debt to add to that amount by another $40 million dollars of bonding to try to fix the Hartford Civic Center and then try to sell it.
As a Connecticut Taxpayer do you understand that logic?  Hartford is broke.  Thus keep sending its hand picked Mayor who is trying to become the next liberal Governor of Connecticut more cash to prop up its failed leadership and city economy.  After all what is another $40 million dollars of Connecticut Taxpayers monies?  Governor Dan Malloy and the Connecticut Democrat Party see the $40 million dollars as a drop in the bucket to suffice the state's unionized construction unions to work on this new make busy project.  Lame duck Governor Dan Malloy and the Connecticut Democrat Party endorses spending this $40 million dollars while cutting the Medicare Savings Programs that helps 113,000 Connecticut senior citizens with their Medicare premiums.  These cuts to the seniors amount to around $1600 a year or $134 a month in subsidies that they will no longer receive.  Here is a thought instead of giving $40 million dollars to the outdated Civic Center why not continue this program to help these seniors who are hard pressed to survive in Connecticut with our astronomical cost of living?  Why does Dan Malloy love to inflict the most economic pain and suffering on those Connecticut citizens who are the most in need?
This is yet another example of the tyranny of Dan Malloy and the Connecticut Democrat Party.  Hurt those who need the help.  Give to the political elite and politically connected.
Thus $40 million dollars of Connecticut Taxpayers monies are thrown out the window, more waste of our hard earned tax monies.  And 113,000 senior citizens lose $134 a month that they can't afford.  Too bad they are treated like this in our state.  But isn't Connecticut's government run for the benefit of the elite few who pay to play and have the right political connections?  Of course it is.  Don't forget it.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Connecticut's Economy Is Lousy

Connecticut's economy is lousy according to a recent United States Department of  Commerce report that looked at economic statistics and results from April to June 2017.  The state now ranks 43rd among 50 states for economic growth and is dead last of all New England states.
These statistics along with the next two quarters of results that will come out over the next six months will probably show the same poor statistics along with zero economic growth for 2016.  This will be the foundation that the Connecticut Democrat Party will run on in 2018.
This lack of economic growth, along with one of the highest pension liabilities in the country, along with being one of the highest taxed states in the country, along with short/long term debt and unfunded liabilities of $60 to $80 billion dollars is their platform in the 2018 state election.
Taxpayers and voters can then view if they are better off than they were in 2012, 2014 or 2016 when they head to the polls.
It will be interesting to hear the rhetoric from both sides of the aisle in the upcoming election.  The Democrats will probably maintain that most of the problems here in Connecticut are the result of President Trump and his policies even though he will only have been President for two years at that point.  We will hear all the great things the Connecticut Democrat Party has done for the elite state union and management employees protecting their high levels of taxpayers funded salaries, benefits and pensions.  We will hear about more Connecticut businesses moving out of state and the desire for yet more casinos being built here to solve all of our economic problems.  We will hear how higher taxes will solve all of the states problems.  We will hear lies and rhetoric the two areas the Connecticut Democrat Party excel at.  Any Democrat who is running for re-election or for the first time is running on a failed tax and spend, zero economic growth record.  That is the reality of 2018.  The state media will be excusing the Connecticut Democrat Party every step of the way for their incompetent and incoherent policies that they have shoved down taxpayers throats now for many, many years now.
The Republicans in their too crowded field for Governor will be coming up with plans and policies that may or may not be enacted depending if they gain control of the state House and Senate.  The candidates will be fighting among themselves wasting precious time and monies in their campaigns about their qualifications.  The party will miss a golden opportunity to restore Connecticut to economic vibrancy if they lose in 2018.
Connecticut's economy is lousy.  It is the work of the Connecticut Democrat Party.  They own our economy.  They are more concerned about political nepotism and patronage than anything else.  They look forward to their bloated pensions that were driven up by mileage reimbursements in many cases.  They follow no laws or rules in our state.  They are the cancer that has eaten away Connecticut's economy.  And they deserve to be in power in 2018?  Really?