Saturday, April 22, 2017

Maybe Connecticut Democrats Could Listen Just Once and Hear The Cries of No New Taxes-No Increased Taxes

Maybe just once the Connecticut Democrat Party could listen to the remaining Connecticut Taxpayers in the state and hear their cries of no more new taxes and no more increases in state taxes.
Maybe just once in all of the years that the Connecticut Democrat Party has led the state to fiscal ruin they could in 2017 place taxpayers interests first and cut spending and not raise taxes.  Maybe just once in all of the years that the Connecticut Democrat Party has led the state to fiscal ruin they could in 2017 adjust the bloated salary, benefit and pension structures for their buddies who they got state jobs for.  Maybe just once in all of the years that the Connecticut Democrat Party has led the state to fiscal ruin they could in 2017 work on eliminating the corruption that exists in state government.  Maybe just once in all of the years that the Connecticut Democrat Party has led the state to fiscal ruin they could in 2017 follow the Constitutional Spending Cap Law that voters legally voted upon. Maybe just once in all of the years that the Connecticut Democrat Party has led the state to fiscal ruin they could in 2017 not even think about taxing legal non profits in the state. 
Maybe just once in all of the years that the Connecticut Democrat Party has led the state to fiscal ruin they could in 2017 see that Connecticut Taxpayers have had enough.  Enough of the Connecticut Democrat Party's lies and theft from Connecticut Taxpayers.
We need a balanced budget that cuts spending, cuts taxes and starts to address the bloated salary, benefit and pension structure of our state management, union and non union workers.  We can not afford another state budget that raises taxes yet again.  We need the Republicans to be brought to the budget negotiating table and be allowed to offer constructive plans for the budget.
Connecticut Taxpayers deserve much better than the Connecticut Democrat Party's brand of elite socialism that is force fed to us year-in and year-out.  More and new and higher taxes do not do anything other than drive more and more Taxpayers and Businesses out of the state.  How stupid is the Connecticut Democrat Party? 
Taxation without representation in 2017.  We fought a war back in 1776 over it.  Do we need to fight another economic war in 2017 to survive in Connecticut?
It is time to take back Connecticut.  Now.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Good Riddance Governor Dan Malloy. Too bad you don't resign now.

Good riddance Dan Malloy.  He is not running for a third term as Governor of Connecticut.  But now we have 20 more long hard months of a lame duck do nothing Governor.  However, Malloy can still do a great deal of damage for the state over the next 20 months.  He can still raise taxes.  He can still impose draconian socialist laws.  He can still fund raise and shake down the remaining Connecticut businesses to donate to Connecticut's Socialist Democrat Party and their omnipotent one party rule.  He can still condemn the Connecticut Republican Party for not doing anything on the state budget even though they are not allowed be part of the state budget negotiations.  He can still harbor, nurture and give state benefits to the large Connecticut illegal immigration population.  He can get his political cronies into state jobs that pay high salaries, benefits and pensions with little oversight and or productivity expected.  He can spread false job creation reports.  He can still claim how great of a job he has done with the states economy even though Connecticut is last or near last in most economic categories in the country.  He can still blame former Governors for the economic mess he inherited even though he implemented the two largest tax increases in the states history.  He can still move money off budget to claim a balanced budget while also stating (as he did when he ran for reelection) there was and is no budget deficit.  He can still travel around the country as head of the Governors Association and condemn any and all Republican states, ideas, policies and most importantly fiscal conservatism at all times. 
And above all he can receive a massive Connecticut Taxpayers funded pension for the eight year mess he created for Connecticut while comfortably living in a low taxed tax in the future that does not have a state income tax. I am confident that this will be Governor Malloy's agenda for the next long and economically hard 20 months he will still be our socialist Governor.
Governor Malloy in my opinion is what is wrong with our political system in 2017.  He represents why President Trump is our President today.  Malloy is a political hack who did little for the city of Stamford as Mayor and has run Connecticut into a morass of economic lies, deceptions, high taxes and excessive debt.  He has basically ruined Connecticut.
Malloy has been a socialist Governor.  He is disliked and seems to hold a great deal of contempt for Connecticut Taxpayers.  His high tax and spend programs that have enriched his political contributors and friends have failed Connecticut miserably. 
Connecticut needs a much a better government in all departments.  Connecticut needs a checks and balances system to govern.  Connecticut needs much more honest and ethical people to both work in state agencies and to actually represent Connecticut Taxpayers.  In 2017 with the exception of a handful of Republican legislators such State Senators Len Suzio and Joe Markley our State House and State Senate needs a complete overhaul. 
The great socialistic experiment called Connecticut is an abysmal failure.  Let us hope that both economic and personal freedom can be restored sometime in the near future.
Good riddance Dan Malloy.  And good riddance to the Connecticut Democrat Party in 2018 as it is and will be finally time to take back Connecticut in 2018.  I hope it is not too late.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

The State of Connecticut Pension Crisis

The State of Connecticut has a pension crisis.  You really would not know it because this legislative session has brought us mostly the same rhetoric from the controlling Connecticut Democrat Party legislators.  Higher taxes now tolls will solve all of the states problems.  This is the same rhetoric we heard when the controlling Connecticut Democrat Party legislators under the blessings of traveling Governor Dan Malloy forced down Connecticut Taxpayers throats the two largest tax increases in the states history over the past four years.  As a reminder to the controlling Connecticut Democrat Party legislators those two largest tax increases were supposed to resolve all of the state's never ending budget deficits.  That was another myth and lie forced down Connecticut Taxpayers throats by the controlling Connecticut Democrat Party legislators.  We have still a massive budget deficit but more importantly we a never ending pension crisis that kicks the actual payments for these pensions to 2032 with an economically irrational plan Governor Malloy has championed this session.  Thus we continue to remortgage Connecticut's economic future with continued horrific tax, borrow and spend programs that increase both short and long debt along with unfunded liabilities that now are at $60 to $80 billion dollars and rising.
There still is no plan to address this short and long term debt.
The Yankee Institute ( has published several policy briefs with regards to Connecticut employees fringe benefits, salaries and pensions.   Their analysis should shock even the most liberal Connecticut Democrat Party member.  1,030 state retirees have pensions over $100,000 per year.  Why?  What made their role in their State of Connecticut employment so important that they receive this kind of pension.  Did any of them have any role in the long decline of Connecticut's economy through their work and policies?  Was there any political patronage in how they received their employment with the state?  The questions that the lifeless Democrat Connecticut media should be asking is why are these pensions so high?  Why do retirees have lifetime medical benefits?  Why must Connecticut Taxpayers pay over $2.5 billion dollars a year to 52,333 state retirees in pensions and health care benefits?  No answers from the political elite in Hartford.  After all why change a skewed system that benefits a ruling political elite. 
The State of Connecticut has and will continue to have a pension crisis.  It is time for real reform in these out-of-touch with economic reality pensions and benefits.  How about a freeze for two years on all automatic cost-of-living increases?  How about an increase in the costs of their free and or subsidized health insurance?
But as we know all along Connecticut Taxpayers will continue to be used and abused by the controlling Connecticut Democrat Party in 2017.  We hear the same story over and over again when those politically connected get their lifetime Connecticut state job at a high salary that can lead them into their golden Connecticut Taxpayer funded pension for the rest of their lives.  And as a final insult to Connecticut Taxpayers many of these same politically connected retirees move to a low tax state to enjoy it.
What a waste of economic productivity and taxpayers monies here in economically depressed Connecticut.  Our state government and it salary, benefit and pension structure needs a complete overhaul.  It is time to take back Connecticut in 2018.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

The Connecticut Democrat Party seems to be at war with the remaining Connecticut Taxpayers left in the state.

 With Traveling Dan Malloy's initial budget proposal of shifting a massive burden of state spending to fiscally responsible towns and cities through the guise of higher property taxes for state teachers pensions along with higher state taxes coupled with the Democrat House and Senate proposals of tolls, shopping bag taxes and higher sales and income taxes the Connecticut Democrat Party seems to be at war with Connecticut Taxpayers.  In my economic opinion the tax and spend proposals developed by the Connecticut Democrat Party are economically illiterate and economically inept.  They show why the Connecticut Democrat Party can not govern effectively any more.
Connecticut's state government has a massive spending problem.  It spends money rampantly to support a ruling political elite that consists of state workers both union and management through excessive salaries, benefits and pensions.  A true spoils system for the politically connected that has helped to ruin our state economically.  Then we hear that the Connecticut Democrat Party blames the Connecticut Republican Party for our economic demise. 
Connecticut continues to rank last in many economic categories and will continue in the future based upon what we are seeing from this current budget session.  There are no cuts in spending.  No mention of real pension reform.  No cuts in salaries or benefits.  No changes to the ruling political elites economic power over Connecticut Taxpayers.
Connecticut has become a horrific example of economic Socialism at its worse.  A total disregard for any type of economic logic nor economic plan to bring the state out of its economic depression.
More of the same is the theme for the Connecticut Democrat Party in 2017.  More spending and more taxes. No reforms.  No law too large or too small to break for the Connecticut Democrat Party in 2017.
Why didn't Dan Malloy's and the Connecticut Democrat Party two highest tax increases in state history solve our economic problems?  The Connecticut Democrat Party seems to be at war with the remaining Connecticut Taxpayers left in the state.  No make that the Connecticut Democrat Party has declared a complete economic war with the remaining Connecticut Taxpayers left in the state.  Their hatred of Connecticut Taxpayers knows no limits. 

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Thanks to the Connecticut Democrat Party Connecticut's Tax Freedom Day Is May 21.

Here come the new taxes for 2017 for Connecticut Taxpayers thanks to the Connecticut Democrat Party.  By the way Connecticut still has a budget deficit.
1. A five cent plastic bag tax.  Any bag that is used by a retailer will be accessed a five cent tax that consumers will have to pay for.  Supposedly this will reduce the number of plastic bags used.  As we know the Connecticut Democrat Party hates these bags as they provide a convenience for shoppers to place their items in that they purchase.  I will assume that not one member of the Connecticut Democrat Party uses plastic bags when they shop. 
2. Tolls.  As one representative stated tolls would be "all over the place".  Connecticut Taxpayers would now have an even higher cost of transportation even with one of the highest state per gallon gasoline taxes in the country. Please remember a few years back that the secret gross earnings tax on fuel was supposed to resolve all of our "transportation and road" problems we had in the state.
3. A carbon tax.  This would increase the costs of all energy in Connecticut by placing a $15 per ton tax on carbon emitted through fossil fuels going up $5 each year afterwords.  My estimates of increased costs for Connecticut Taxpayers include a 15 to 20 cent increase in home heating oil and gasoline 10 to 15 cents a gallon.  Electric costs would continue to skyrocket.  This tax would placate the global warming crowd (who apparently do not drive cars or heat or cool where they live) like State Senator Ted Kennedy, Jr.
4. An increase in the state sales tax to 7% with an expansion to many previously exempted areas.  This would allow Connecticut to be ranked back up in the top ten states in our country with one of the highest sales taxes in the country.
5. An elimination of the current $200 property tax exemption on your state income tax for certain income filers.  Thus this can be viewed as an increase in the state income taxes.
6. A shifting of the state mandated teacher funded pension system costs to cities and towns thus increasing the already high property tax burden that local taxpayers pay.  The cut is $400,000,000 which may contribute to a 3 to 6 mill property tax increase depending upon where you live.
What is interesting is that there is no mention of reforming state employees management and non management salaries, benefits and pensions.  I wonder why? 
New and higher taxes are the order of the this legislature.  More political patronage, nepotism, waste and fraud.  On May 21 Connecticut Taxpayers finishing paying their total tax bill for the year.  It is the longest length of time for any state as we rank 50 out of 50 states.  Last in the country.  Dead last.  Thanks to the Connecticut Democrat Party.  

Saturday, March 18, 2017

It is Time to Take Back Connecticut. Again is it too late?

As I look back at my columns written over the years I see a reoccurring theme.  Connecticut for whatever reason embraces a care free attitude towards laws, spending and political nepotism.  No matter what the year, season, law or economic issue the results seem to be the same.
The results are poor economic decisions that have bankrupted Connecticut.
Higher taxes will solve all of the state's problems.
Yet even more and higher taxes will solve all of the state's problems.
Connecticut has one of the highest levels of taxes in the country.
There is no budget deficit even when there is one.
Pension reform does not exist until supposedly 2032.
Political nepotism and political appointments run amok.
Regionalization will solve our big cities problems by penalizing well run towns and giving their monies to these corrupt big cities.
There continues to be a net migration of population moving out of Connecticut.
There continues to be a net migration of businesses moving out of Connecticut.
Short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities are ignored.
Connecticut ranks near last in the country in all types of business, economic freedom and economic well being categories.
There is no following state laws or Connecticut's Constitution.
A voter passed Constitutional Spending Cap is not Constitutional.
Limits on giving money to the state Democrat Party are ignored and circumvented.
Voters have no legal power to recall any elected state official.
Voters have no legal power to eliminate the taxpayer funded public campaign financing program.
Illegal Immigration is embraced and funded by legal Connecticut Taxpayers monies.
Your body parts will become property of Connecticut when you die to be disposed of as they see fit.
Prisoners who commit violent crimes are released early to be allowed to commit even more violent crimes.
Connecticut needs to start all over again.  It is a political and economic mess that should alarm even the most liberal in the state.  This current legislative session again proves the lack of economic foresight and long term solutions to Connecticut's problems.
The answers to me are simplistic.  Cut spending.  Cut waste and fraud in Connecticut's government.  Cut salaries, benefits and pensions for both management and non management state workers.  Eliminate useless laws and state programs that waste money.  Lower taxes.
It is simple yet complex.  Especially for individuals who feed off of the Connecticut Taxpayer's trough for their personal political and financial gains while these same Connecticut Taxpayers are condemned by these same politcially connected individuals.
It is Time to Take Back Connecticut.  Again is it too late?

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Connecticut's Budget. Hurry Up Republicans.

Dan Malloy wants the Connecticut Republicans budget immediately.  ASAP. Pronto.  Malloy in my opinion needs the Connecticut Republicans budget immediately to confide to our biased media how bad it is.  In all probability it will contain real pension reforms, cut spending and will allow for some business tax cuts.   It will be dead on arrival as Malloy has not and never will negotiate a budget with the Connecticut Republicans for the rest of his term.  After much grandstanding and rhetoric Connecticut Taxpayers will be forced to pay more taxes on a state level.  They will be paying more property taxes on a local level.  They will continue to pay for a ruling political elite and a state budget that consists basically of salaries, benefits and pensions.
Financial and fiscal reform is dead on arrival.
Salary reform reform is dead on arrival.
Benefit reform is dead on arrival.
Pension reform is dead on arrival.
Yet Dan Malloy will scream for that Connecticut Republican budget proposal.  He will dismiss it as economic garbage immediately.  He will state that he did the best he could given all the bad things he inherited from previous administrations.  He will state that regionalism is the only way out to prop up the Democrat city voting machines of Bridgeport, Hartford and New Haven through the economic penalization of economically efficient towns.  He will state that higher taxes are the only way out to somehow restore economic vitality to the state even though in 2016 no new jobs were created in the state and that taxes have been raised non stop since he has taken office. 
For 2017 Dan Malloy and his Connecticut Democrat Party priorities are basic.  New and higher taxes to continue to support Connecticut state employees both management and non management.  Give legal status and resident benefits to those who are here illegally.  To tax plastic shopping bags and make your body state property when you die.
Connecticut's budget is still a mess.  Compliments of Dan Malloy and the Connecticut Democrat Party.  Hurry up Connecticut Republican budget.  Malloy ran out of time.  More importantly Connecticut Taxpayers have run out of time, money and patience.