Saturday, January 19, 2019

Connecticut Liberals Fascination With Tolls

Connecticut's liberals and progressives have a fascination with tolls.  Just as they had a fascination and made in reality Connecticut's progressive state income tax.  For those who can remember Governor Weicker shoved down Connecticut Taxpayers throats a progressive state income tax in 1991 that was supposed to solve Connecticut's fiscal problems.  It did not solve any problems just increased by massive amounts Connecticut's debt through much higher salaries, benefits and pensions for both state union and management workers.
Thus tolls are becoming a forgone conclusion as a new tax on Connecticut Taxpayers in the amount of $500 to $700 million dollars more to drive per year in the state on our horrific and outdated road system.  Greenwich Democrat Senator Alexandra Bergstein has filed Proposed Bill No.102 which authorizes the Department of Transportation to establish tolls in the state.  This vague bill will allow the spigot of new tax revenue to flow freely with what I feel with be a massive amount of tolls on all the roads in state.  I am also skeptical that any of the money will be used to refurbish Connecticut's decrepit bridges and roads even with the new Transportation lock box (this money can only be used by the DOT).  Instead we will now have a Toll bureaucracy with new high paid union and management jobs that will erode a great deal of the revenue taken in.  And watch the lobbying efforts by the politically connected to be exempted from the tolls.
Millions of dollars were spent spent on three political studies on tolls that have suggested that all of the states roads have tolls - 82 different locations in our small state.  The reasoning behind this is get more revenue thus all the studies concluded that over $1 billion dollars in new revenue will be achieved by tolls.  What happens if it doesn't?  Do the rate of tolls increase even more?  Also there is no mention whatsoever of the economic impact the tolls will have on Connecticut Taxpayers and the massive increases in the costs of products, services and the general increase in the cost to live in the state.
Connecticut's liberals and progressives enjoy punishing Connecticut Taxpayers through new taxes.  After all the two largest tax increases in Connecticut's history in the past six years did nothing to alleviate Connecticut's massive budget deficits and or $80 to $100 billion dollars plus of short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities it has.  Tolls will add more fuel to the economic recession Connecticut seems to always be in.  And they will do little to create a more robust business climate to attract businesses to the state.
Connecticut's liberals and progressives could care less about Connecticut Taxpayers.  What is next a $14315 per person tax to have every Connecticut Taxpayer pay their supposed fair share of the Connecticut Debt?  Connecticut's liberals and progressives I am sure are working on this.
Tolls are yet another burden added to all of the other the tax burdens that Connecticut Taxpayers must deal with.  And they will further drive more citizens and businesses out of state.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Connecticut's New Government-Same Like The Old One?

Well Connecticut just got rid of Dan Malloy.  Now it has Ned Lamont as Governor.  There is really not much new in state government as far as Commissioners and appointees.  Nine Commissioners got to keep their jobs, 3 Democrat State Senators and 2 Democrat State Representatives got either Commissioner positions and or high paying state jobs.  New elections must be called for and paid for by Connecticut Taxpayers, they are all relatively safe Democrat seats thus there should be no change in the makeup or either the Senate or the House.  The Democrats control all aspects of state government with the Republican Party being somewhat insignificant at this time.  The Democrats hold the Senate by a 24 to 12 majority and the House by a 92 to 59 majority.  The Connecticut Democrat Party has become much more liberal and socialistic in nature while the Connecticut Republican Party has become somewhat insignificant and will probably be shut out of discussions, negotiations and any and all things that the House and Senate will vote on.  The Connecticut Democrat Party will push for a $15 minimum wage, legalized marijuana, paid medical and family leave, tolls and higher taxes.
Connecticut has a declining population, ranks last or near last in most business and economic categories and ranks as one of the highest taxes states in the country.  Connecticut still has yet to recover from the recession nor from the implementation of the state income tax.
Yet with all of this negative news Governor Lamont basically has recycled the same people and Democrat politicians to run the state.  Why?  I really do not have a good answer other than the Connecticut Democrats run the state and there is massive political nepotism supported by Connecticut Taxpayers who truly have no say in our state government.
2019 seems to be just like the last eight years of one party rule in Connecticut.  I anticipate tolls,  higher taxes, more state spending, more short and long term debt, and higher salaries, benefits and pensions for state union and management employees (as witnessed by some hefty increases in Commissioners salaries). 
This is really the best Governor Lamont could do so far?  Why couldn't he be different?
Connecticut's new government is just the old one.  I didn't expect anything different.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Goodbye 2018

Goodbye 2018.
Many former Connecticut Taxpayers said goodbye to Connecticut in 2018.
In 2019 many Connecticut Taxpayers will also say goodbye to Connecticut.
They will move out of state.
In 2019 Connecticut will see probably the same that it has seen since 1991 when the state income tax was enacted.
Connecticut Taxpayers will again see higher taxes.
Connecticut Taxpayers will again see more budget deficits.
Connecticut Taxpayers will again see more state union and state management employees receive raises in their salaries, benefits and pensions.
Connecticut Taxpayers will again see more short and long term debt.
Connecticut Taxpayers will see total short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities exceed $100 billion dollars over the next year.
Connecticut Taxpayers will again see higher property taxes.
Connecticut Taxpayers will again see more businesses moving out of state.
Connecticut Taxpayers will again see less jobs in the state due to the increase to $15 for the minimum wage.
Connecticut Taxpayers will see tolls.
And once again a failed Connecticut Democrat Party liberal economic tax and spend agenda will be forced upon Connecticut Taxpayers with little discussion or transparency or challenge from the Connecticut Republican party.
The same story and the same failed results-different years thanks to the Connecticut Democrat Party.
Once again it is time to take back Connecticut. 
It is no different than it was in 1991.
We are still waiting for change.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Connecticut's Misguided Tolls

Tolls here.  Tolls there.  Tolls everywhere.  New union jobs here.  New union jobs there.  New union jobs everywhere.
A new liberal euphoria is spreading in Connecticut today with the new Lamont administration.  It can be summed up with yet a new tax being dictated to Connecticut Taxpayers.  It can be summed up as being equal to the second state income tax for Connecticut Taxpayers.
It is of course Tolls.
Tolls are a wonderful tax for Connecticut bureaucrats.  Studies have been made on tolls funded with Connecticut Taxpayers monies that are secret in nature.  It is difficult to gain information on them since the Connecticut Democrat Party does not wish to either discuss them nor disclose the amount of tolls they wish to place on the roads.  It was not an issue in the last campaign according to the state media. 
What is lost in the debate about tolls is both the economic impact it will have on the state increasing the cost of living dramatically for Connecticut Taxpayers and the amount of federal funds that will be lost because tolls have been implemented.  In my opinion there is no possible way tolls will either offset the amount of funding currently being given by the Federal Transit Administration which $703 million dollars (2017)) and or increase revenue for the state unless the state implements the highest toll roads in the country.  Someone in our state government needs to answer this question immediately before any more Connecticut Taxpayers monies are wasted on more "toll studies".  If tolls pass one will argue that Connecticut Taxpayers taxes have now increased by another $703 million dollars plus the costs to implement the tolls.
Naturally those politically connected will be exempt from the tolls through various amendments to the toll bill when enacted.  We as Connecticut Taxpayers will not be.
The new toll costs will be passed on by every business that must travel in the state through higher prices for their goods and services.  The cost of living in Connecticut will skyrocket again.  The working middle class will once again be forced to sacrifice to pay this new tax and their standard of living will become lower again thanks to these new tolls.
Thus in 2019 we will be entering our 28th year of the recession in Connecticut.  Connecticut will once again be last in all economic development and job creation categories, first in the country in state tax rates and highest local property taxes, first in the country with net population loss, and last in consumer confidence.
The new flight from Connecticut has started again.  Like it is has been for the past 28 years since 1991.

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Can Ned Lamont Separate Himself From One Party Rule?

I wonder if Governor elect Ned Lamont can separate himself from his own party. Omnipotent one party rule of the Connecticut Democrat Party has hurt our state economy over the years.  Corporate welfare, political nepotism and unrealistic and unaffordable union and management salaries, benefits and pensions has created for the state $80 to $100 billion dollars in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities.
And a progressive agenda is being touted by the Connecticut Democrat Party in the new legislature that includes a $15 minimum wage (which will ultimately cost jobs in the state and increases the costs of doing business in the state), paid by employer family and medical leave (increasing the costs of doing business in the state), legalization of recreational marijuana (that will cause more short and long term medical costs and issues) and tolls (which will increase the costs of doing business in the state and for all who drive).  I wonder if Governor elect Ned Lamont realizes the costs to all of these progressive programs as an individual who was involved in the real business world.  Or does he just accept as fact that the Connecticut Democrat Party dictates to the new Governor what he can and can’t do.  Sort of like in a socialist state.  Which in reality what Connecticut has become over the years due to the Connecticut Democrat Party and omnipotent one party rule.
Thus it will be interesting to see what direction Governor elect Ned Lamont goes in.  A party loyalist or someone who realizes the dire economic conditions that exist in the state at this time?  More and new taxes or cuts in taxes to stimulate the state economy (sort of like what President Trump has done with the national economy).  More heavy handed governmental regulation or less governmental regulation.  A user friendly state government for its taxpayers or the continual aggressive and abusive state agencies that are allowed to do as they please with a taxpayer be damned attitude and actions.
Again, I wonder if Governor elect Ned Lamont can separate himself from his own party.
And which direction does he take?


Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Many Questions:No Answers

I have many questions but no answers.
1. What is Governor Lamont's plan to pay down Connecticut's short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities of $80 to $100 billion dollars?
2. What is Governor Lamont's plan to lower Connecticut's energy costs which are the highest in the country?
3. What is Governor Lamont's plan to end corporate welfare and pay to play schemes in Connecticut?
4. What is Governor Lamont's plan to stimulate Connecticut's weak economy?  Through higher and new taxes?
5. What is Governor Lamont's plan to safe guard Connecticut's future elections so that they do not resemble and emulate elections in socialist countries?
6. What is Governor Lamont's plan to end corruption in Connecticut's state government?
7. What is Governor Lamont's plan to end corruption in Connecticut's major cities?
8. What is Governor Lamont's plan to provide for school choice in Connecticut?
9. What is Governor Lamont's plan to restore business confidence in Connecticut?  Through higher and new taxes?
10.  What is Governor Lamont's plan in anything?

As a legal taxpayer I would like to know, fast.
And I miss Ella Grasso and honest politicians.
Buyers remorse.  Coming in 2019.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Connecticut's State Government Constant Problem

Connecticut's state government has a constant problem.
It never has enough money to spend.  It always runs deficits.
It has close to $100 billion dollars in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities.
Since the state income tax was passed in 1991 state spending has increased in excess of 300 percent with no end in sight.
State taxes had tripled in some cases since 1991.
Connecticut ranks near last or last in ,many economic and business categories since that time.
Connecticut really still has yet to recover from the last recession.
And there is no end in sight as to any plans to address spending and or the massive debt the state has.
The state has lost a great deal of population since 1991 and also a great deal of legal taxpayers in that time also.
It is one of the few states that has a net migration of population out of the state.
Jobs are difficult to come by in the state since there are high taxes and a poor transportation infrastructure.  The poor transportation infrastructure will get even more costly as tolls in 82 different locations will implemented by the omnipotent Connecticut Democrat Party who controls all parts of our state government.
Taxes are likely to be raised once again since the next four years will bring more political patronage spending and more debt.
Thus, Connecticut's state government has a constant problem.
It never has enough money to spend.  It always runs deficits.
And once again there are no solutions offered by the party that is always in power and has failed for many years now to resolve the economic issues we face.
May Connecticut Rest in Peace.