Saturday, December 14, 2019

Governor Lamont-Connecticut's Can't Governor

Ned Lamont supposedly won the Connecticut Governor's race back in 2018.  He helped the Connecticut Democrat Party by spending a huge amount of his money to help buy his way into office thus preserving the Connecticut Democrat Party's monies to help them buy their way into other state offices and races.
Although Ned Lamont had some political experience being a former Greenwich selectman and losing several races on both a state and federal level, he seems lost as Governor.  He can't really do anything for the betterment of the state and its taxpayers.  He apparently has surrounded himself with ineffective aides and commissioners along with flipping his positions numerous times on issues especially tolls.  A grassroots organization called No Tolls Connecticut has taken down the Governor on the tolls issue showing the public that one can fight and win over Connecticut state government economic stupidity and nepotism.  Lamont has catered to his liberal base while energizing moderate and conservative taxpayers to fight his ridiculous policies and ideas.
The can't Governor also does not realize the folly that Connecticut has become as far its catering to its superior political elite and ruling class.  The recent reports that the state has $125 billion dollars in unfunded pension and pension benefits liabilities earned a collective yawn from the Connecticut Democrat Party and Lamont.  The state now has depending on how one researches it (since it is very secretive information) roughly $160 billion dollars in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities including pensions.  The can't Governor and the Connecticut Democrat Party have not offered one bit of information as to where they are developing the $500 million dollars in budget savings that was included in this past partisan budget for the state.  One could argue clearly that both revenue and savings estimates are no where near where they should be thus the state will once again have a massive budget deficit in January.  Oh well the can't Governor and the Connecticut Democrat Party will once again shrug it off and demand more taxes, tolls, etc. to balance the always unbalanced state budget.
I personally believe Connecticut voters and taxpayers are having the great awakening to the can't Governor and the Connecticut Democrat Party.  They are seeing the folly of their inability to lead and govern.  They are seeing what a grassroots organization like No Tolls Connecticut is having on our elected officials.  They are seeing the daily lies being force fed to them by a biased state media.  And they are seeing people flee the state on a daily basis moving to lower taxed along with more personal freedom states such as Florida and Tennessee.
The can't Governor and the Connecticut Democrat Party is starting to lose their ruthless grip on the state.  The tide has turned.  Years of economic inefficiencies along with a failed state command economy coupled with political corruption and nepotism has brought the state to its knees.
The Connecticut Taxpayer can't really take any more of our can't Governor and the Connecticut Democrat Party.

Saturday, December 07, 2019

Connecticut The State That Can't

Connecticut to me does not seem to be the Constitution State any more with years of omnipotent one party rule.
Connecticut has turned into the Can't state.
It can't seem to cut state spending it can only only increase state spending.
It can't seem to cut state taxes it can only increase and create new taxes.
It can't seem to understand and utilize a lock box for transportation projects only lobby for tolls.
It can't seem to understand that the majority of those people who drive in Connecticut do not want tolls.  No tolls must be constantly communicated to the Connecticut Democrat Party on a daily basis.
It can't seem to understand that withholding municipal aid to towns for snow removal because there are no toils in the state is both illegal and violates its own statutory budget it signed into law.
It can't seem to understand that Connecticut has still not recovered from the recession of 2007-08. 
It can't seem to understand that Connecticut continues to lose high paying jobs since our taxes are so high.
It can't seem to understand that Connecticut continues to lose business and industry since our taxes are so high. 
It can't seem to understand that constitutional amendment to have a balanced budget it what that means not chronic budget deficits. 
It can't seem to understand that Connecticut has in excess of $160 billion dollars in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities and pension liabilities.  There is no plan whatsoever to address this.
It can't seem to understand that Connecticut government has no transparency.
It can't seem to understand that Connecticut's State Treasurer is violating his office and breaking the law by divesting state investments from gun companies to make a political stand.
It can't seem to understand that Connecticut's legal system has no transparency any more.  Legal Connecticut citizens have little protection when their rights have been violated and or have been stolen from.
It can't seem to understand that Connecticut government works only for a ruling political elite with pay for play in full display from the amount of corporate welfare that is given to certain businesses with ties to the Connecticut Democrat Party. 
It can't seem to understand that Connecticut is last in most economic categories in the country.
It can't seem to understand that Connecticut is in poor economic and fiscal shape. 
It can't seem to understand that Connecticut's supposed leaders have failed miserably in providing any leadership whatsoever in dealing with the massive economic problems the state has.
Connecticut has turned into the Can't state.  It Can't really do anything except protect its political ruling class and nurture the constant failure of its command state economy. 
When will this economic madness end in Connecticut?

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Connecticut's Constant Pension Crisis

Connecticut has had a constant crisis when it comes to trying fund its overly generous pensions to state and local management and union workers along with teachers and judges.  A recent report by Pro Bono Public Pensions and written about by the Yankee Institute ( ) that was issued this week stated that Connecticut has a $99.5 billion dollar unfunded pension liability and other post-employment benefits along with $22 billion dollars that is owned by Connecticut's municipalities for the same areas. These pension obligations are for 99,594 active and retired state employees and 87,952 active and retired teachers according to the state while also by law the state  has to maintain pension funds for approximately 17,000 municipal employees and 493 judges, family support magistrates and compensation commissioners.
If you do the math 205,039 past and present state and municipal employees will cost Connecticut Taxpayers approximately $125,000,000,000 in present and future tax dollars since the individuals getting the pensions and retirement benefits contribute very little to their plans.  Thus the massive under funding of the plans.  Connecticut has a total population of roughly 3,573,000 as of 2018.  Thus almost 20% of the state budget now goes for salaries, benefits and pensions for roughly a half of per cent of the population.  This unfunded liability represents almost seven complete state budgets or in other words if the state just spent every dollar from its budget on nothing else but these liabilities it would take roughly 14 years for this obligation to paid off (this also does not take into economic account all of the other state debt and bonds it has which is roughly another $40 billion dollars).
Putting it is even more simpler terms each citizen of the state would owe about $55,000 to the state for their share of this debt plus the other debts and liabilities the state owes.  The Connecticut Democrat Party could easily pass a new unfunded liability tax on each Connecticut Taxpayer based on income while exempting their own political ruling class to help pay for this short fall. 
Connecticut's pension crisis is a real economic crisis.  It has been pushed aside for years.
As a Connecticut Taxpayer I wonder along with many others what is the justification for these high state management, union, judges and teachers salaries, benefits and pensions?  I see many political appointments to these jobs when a Democrat candidate loses an election and or "retires" from public office (think of Ben Barnes).  Are they bettering the state?  I really can't see it since Connecticut is now roughly $140 billion dollars in debt and last or nearly last in the country in most economic and business categories while in the top five states for highest taxes in the country.  I will assume that this is what these 205,039 past and present state and municipal employees have helped to develop and nurture over the years-what amounts to being a toxic economy.
What is the solution?  Obviously the Connecticut Democrat Party along their media cheerleaders believe higher taxes in any and all forms will resolve this problem.  But it hasn't and will not in the future.  The current situation is economically unsustainable while Connecticut still has yet to recover completely from the 2008 recession. 
Something is radically wrong with this system of salaries, benefits and pensions.  It is unfair to the remaining legal Connecticut Taxpayers who are serfs in this Connecticut Democrat Party serfdom. 
We should not have to live and work in these economic conditions.  Fix the system seems always to fall on deaf ears.  How about solving it today? 

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Connecticut's Constant Tax Crisis-No Tolls

The Connecticut Democrat Party seems to be besides themselves in always trying to raise taxes and to protect their ruling elite in Hartford.
Their new toll tax manufactured crisis is yet another example of a crisis to help create new toll taxes and yet more prevailing wage and excessive cost construction jobs for the state unions.
Some Democrat Senators are truly concerned now for their campaigns and seats next November since a majority of legal Connecticut Taxpayers are against tolls and will vote them out of office.  In my opinion they should be voted out of office anyways since they have done nothing for our state other than create an economic nightmare and constant recession.
We do not need a toll tax.  The monies will not go to repairing bridges and roads.  There will be constant cost overruns to these tolls.  The costs of administering tolls to the state will be enormous.
We do not need tolls.  We need a functional unbiased financial analysis of what roads and bridges need to be repaired and how much will it cost.  We need a competitive bid process for these same projects not a group of Connecticut Democrat Party donors and or lobbyists getting the work.  We need a definitive time table as to when it will be completed.  We need the original transportation funds and gas taxes that were earmarked for these repairs to go back into the DOT budget and be used as such.  We need a full forensic audit of the DOT and its spending.  We need answers as to why our roads and bridges are in such a state of disrepair.
We can compare these possible new tolls taxes with the complete failures of the ten cent a bag plastic bag tax, the $12 per homeowners insurance tax for crumbling foundations, the dry cleaners surcharge tax and the upcoming sales tax on dry cleaning effective 1/1/2020, the $2 tax per tire for tire disposal when buying new tires, the secret roughly 25 cents per gallon gross earnings tax on each gallon of gasoline you buy, the $250 tax on all LLC's in the state to file a three line form with the Secretary of State's office, etc., etc.  The list of these taxes is really endless.  Toll taxes will be no different.  And I am confident they will do little to improve our road and bridge system.  And I am confident Connecticut's $100 billion dollars in long and short term debt along with unfunded liabilities will only grow even more in the near future.
It is time for Connecticut's ruling political elite to come up with a much different plan to provide Connecticut drivers a efficient, functional and safe road system with the monies they already have.  The Connecticut Republican Party's new plan is a start.  Connecticut Taxpayers need to be respected by Connecticut Democrat Party and its cronies.
No Tolls.  No they will not work.  Our ruling elite need to figure out a new plan that does not include new taxes or tolls.  They need to do it today.
No Tolls

Friday, November 08, 2019

Tolls Are Taxes

I wonder what part of No Tolls doesn't Ned Lamont or the Connecticut Democrat Party understand?
I wonder what part of new tolls does not mean new taxes for Connecticut drivers, taxpayers and businesses?
I wonder what part of new tolls does not mean new higher transportation costs that will be passed on to all in our state economy thus increasing the cost of living?
I wonder what part of new tolls does not mean more Connecticut bureaucracy and high costs to run the already failed program?
I wonder why there is going to be a toll on a part of Interstate 684 that is not even in Connecticut?
I wonder how many drivers will use non toll roads in order to avoid these tolls?
I wonder how fast will toll revenues decline from their projections?
I wonder how many out-of-state drivers will ignore the toll notifications they will get from the State of Connecticut and not pay the toll?
I wonder how quickly the temporary tolls will increase in costs and become permanent?
I wonder also how quickly the toll money gets diverted to the State's General Fund to pay for state union and management salaries, benefits and pensions?
I wonder how long will it take to actually repair the major road and bridge projects that are being proposed to be fixed by the Governor? 
I wonder how many cost overruns will occur when these projects are being worked on?
I wonder how much more money has to be spent because these repairs can only be done by unions with no competitive bidding and with a forced prevailing wage rate being paid?
I wonder what Democrat political appointee will run this already failing toll program?
I wonder how much he or she will be paid also and why such an excessive amount of salary?
I wonder why Ned Lamont and the Connecticut Democrat Party have such a dislike and disrespect for the Connecticut Taxpayer especially since there is such a great opposition to tolls?
The Connecticut Democrat Party will once again damage the state economy with their new toll tax.
And for those members of the Connecticut Democrat Party who vote for tolls, they will lose at the polls in November.

Sunday, November 03, 2019

Connecticut's New Temporary Tolls Are Just New Taxes

What is a temporary toll?  Here in Connecticut with a majority of drivers and businesses in  opposition to tolls, 14 "temporary" tolls are now being introduced by our leaderless Governor Ned Lamont.  The tolls are supposedly "temporary" in nature if one can understand the new complex program for approximately 20 years or until the time the state can pay back the Federal Transportation Administration for money borrowed to fix our failed highway, road and bridge system while making Metro North 15 minutes faster on some routes for their commuters. The state is going to borrow against future revenue streams claiming that there is no money as usual to pay for road repair.
That is what a "temporary" toll is going to look like in Connecticut.  The tolls will be placed on most bridges making it close to impossible to avoid.  Thus the Connecticut Democrat Party will have the best of all worlds with these new "temporary" tolls.  The Connecticut Democrat Party gets a new tax in the form of a toll, gets to continue to divert road and highway funds to pay for state union and management salaries, benefits and pensions, and again like the state income make a "temporary" tax into a permanent one.  The Connecticut Democrat Party economic reasoning defies any type of economic logic as these new toll taxes will only further the economic decline of the state.
New toll taxes will increase the cost of living in Connecticut as drivers must find this money from their personal budgets in order to drive to work daily.
New toll taxes will increase the cost of living in Connecticut as all deliveries will cost more and those increased costs of delivery for food, fuel and all essential goods and services get passed on to consumers in higher prices.
New toll taxes will increase the cost of living in Connecticut while not guaranteeing any roads or highways get repaired in the long run since there will not be enough money in the future since toll revenues will not meet estimates.  Thus tolls will have to go up as usual to meet these inflated estimates.  I am also confident that most of the repair work will have no bids involved and thus the costs to repair will be astronomical.
Governor Lamont took the easy way out and has offered an unrealistic solution to fix our state's road and highway problems.  New toll taxes will increase the cost of living in Connecticut.  The Connecticut Democrat Party gets what they want in new taxes so they can continue to tax and spend Connecticut into economic oblivion.
And once again legal Connecticut Taxpayers are ignored and shunned by our inept one party rule state government.
No Tolls.

Saturday, November 02, 2019

Wallingford's Vote On Tuesday November 5th

Wallingford is a well run and strong town and community.  It has low taxes, low electric rates, AAA bond ratings, a superior school system, a safe community to live and prosper in, an ethical and 
non-egotistical Mayor, a dynamic Town Council and Board of Education that govern effectively, and an incredible variety of businesses and companies that call Wallingford home.
It is an exceptionally well-run town being led by Republicans.  Republicans who want to see the town grow and prosper.  Republicans who are concerned about families, taxes and their physical community.  There is no play to pay in our community nor lack of services. To many others and me it shows by how dynamic and strong Wallingford is in 2019.   It continues to be a model community in our poorly run Democrat led state.
The Republican ticket led by Mayor Dickinson deserve your vote on Tuesday November 5th.   Your vote will keep Wallingford moving forward and growing for the future.