Saturday, October 27, 2018

What Is The Connecticut Democrat Party's Plan For The Future?

What is the Connecticut Democrat Party's plan for the future of the state?  If we are to understand the answer to this question it will probably be more the same that we have seen for the past eight long and hard years of Democrat rule.
We will see new and higher taxes.
We will see tolls on many of the roads in the state.
We will see higher salaries, benefits and pensions for both state union and management workers.
We will see increased corporate welfare for businesses that are willing to pay for play using Connecticut taxpayers monies.
We will see Connecticut's big bankrupt cities like Bridgeport, New Haven and Hartford have their state funding increased along having most of their debt be picked up by Connecticut taxpayers.
We will see more people move out of state to continue the enormous net migration out of Connecticut.
We will see more and new levels of corruption in our state government.
These visions are real if we are to once again vote into office one party rule and allow the Connecticut Democrat Party to control all levels and divisions of our state government.  The candidates that the Connecticut Democrat Party have decided to run are weak and are controlled by the party machine.  There are no new thoughts other than the same mantra of higher taxes, higher spending and more debt will solve all of Connecticut's problems.
We all now it hasn't and never will solve our problems.
It is time to take back Connecticut in November before it is too late.
It is time to end one party rule.
Vote Republican this November.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

What Is The Real Platform The Connecticut Democrat Party Is Running On In 2018?

I am confused as a voter.  I do not understand what the real platform the Connecticut Democrat Party is running on in 2018?  Is it based on their last eight years of one party rule here in Connecticut?  If so then the platform is one of new and higher taxes along with increased borrowing, higher salaries, benefits and pensions for state management and union workers.  Is it based on the results of the two highest tax increases in the state's history over their last eight years of one party rule here in Connecticut?  If so their platform will discuss the failures of these tax increases to improve Connecticut's economic health.  Is it based on the results of the early prisoner release program they have championed in their last eight years of one party rule here in Connecticut?   If so their platform will explain why we are much less safe in our homes and in our streets in 2018 especially in our cities.  Is it based upon millions upon millions of dollars being spent on toll studies in their last eight years of one party rule here in Connecticut?  If so their platform would show that we have not been give any accurate figures as to how much revenue these tolls will bring to our state nor how much these tolls would cost and where they would be located.  Is it based on the amount of Connecticut Taxpayers monies have been to given to businesses free in the form of free and forgiven loans, tax credits for supposed jobs retained and overall corporate welfare programs in their last eight years of one party rule here in Connecticut?  If so their platform would show a political economy in which a business must pay to play and that there is little to no oversight in these political patronage corporate welfare programs that have done next to nothing economically for our state economy.  Is it based upon Connecticut's ranking in the country in economic and business categories in their last eight years of one party rule here in Connecticut?  If so then their platform would show Connecticut ranked last and or near last in all major economic categories.
That is an amazing platform to run on in 2018 for Democrat candidates.  Connecticut's media is fixated on condemning the Republican candidates and their platforms of cutting taxes, cutting the bloat in state government, salaries, benefits and pensions and saying no to tolls.  Obviously this real Republican economic platform that actually questions the enormous waste we have in Hartford is discounted and made fun of.  While the real platforms of the last eight years of one party rule here in Connecticut is embraced and made to look like an economic utopia.  I really don't understand any more how and why would Connecticut Voters who are legal citizens of our state and pay taxes would vote for any Democrat running for state office given the true state of our economy?
Is it time to take back Connecticut with new elected officials and new economic ideas.  Is it time to take back Connecticut with a common sense approach to how our government runs. Is it time to take back Connecticut with state government working for Connecticut Taxpayers not Connecticut Taxpayers being enslaved to a politically corrupted Democrat one party rule that has failed miserably for the past eight years.  Is it time to take back Connecticut in 2018.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Connecticut's $53,400 Per Taxpayer Debt:Another Democrat Sinkhole State

Connecticut according to a recently released report by ranked Connecticut 49th out of 50 states in fiscal health due to its massive debt.  If you live in Connecticut you owe the state $53,400.  $53,400 is owed by each taxpayer because the state in its efforts to hide the real economic truth has over $80 billion dollars in unfunded pension liabilities, short and long term debts and bonding.  The state is basically broke as its costs exceed its revenues even with the largest two tax increases in the country during the current Malloy regime. 
$53,400 is a great deal of money that is owed by each taxpayer in our state.  Thus we can logically assume that if the Connecticut Democrat Party sweeps this coming election in November, a bill will be introduced by several of the more extreme, socialist Democrat members of the state legislature to add a surtax to the remaining middle class taxpayers to pay off this debt of $80 billion dollars.  They will do this under the guise of fair taxation robbing those who work for a living to give to their politically connected elite who have run our government into the ground.
I have made a point over the years to expose this debt and keep it at the forefront of our state's economic ills but to little avail as the state legislature in their quest to hide the truth from Connecticut's taxpayers keeps sliding items off budget and into the black hole of unknown accounting procedures.  The real debt of Connecticut is sickening to think about especially now that it is fast approaching $100 billion dollars with many items being swept off budget.  It is alarming to have this high debt especially when seeing how small our state is and how little population we have left.  These remaining taxpayers have to support the politically chosen who have exploited our government through massive state salaries, benefits and pensions along with businesses who receive legal kickbacks of no cost forgiven loans and tax breaks to stay in the state with little or no oversight by the state agencies who are supposed to oversee these programs.  It is political corruption at its worse.
Connecticut Taxpayers during this election somehow have to understand the Connecticut Democrat Party playbook that they can do no wrong with yet even new and higher taxes and tolls while the Connecticut Republican Party can do no right with cutting state spending and cutting taxes.  The state's biased media embraces the Connecticut Democrat Party while it crucifies the Connecticut Republican Party.  It is the same old story.
I believe that Connecticut Taxpayers are fed up with the extremes and corruption of the Connecticut Democrat Party.  They are seeking a change in the damning swamp called Hartford and its bloated, inefficient, and corrupted state government.  They no longer want their tax monies to support this type of failed government. 
The change can only be seen in voting a straight Republican line for our United States Senator and House Representatives along with Republican majorities in the state house and senate working with a Republican Governor, Attorney General, Treasurer, Secretary of State and Comptroller.  Maybe a change in our state government will allow Connecticut to stop being a sinkhole state and start to prosper once again.  It is time to take back Connecticut in 2018.

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Connecticut Needs A Republican Senator. It Needs Matthew Corey

Connecticut needs a Republican Senator.  It can not afford another six years of the simpleton explorations of its current junior Senator Democrat Chris Murphy.  Murphy is all of his years in elected office has accomplished next to nothing in legislation and in helping Connecticut Taxpayers both when he was a Representative and now as a Senator.  He talks the strict Democrat party line and apparently loves to walk through Connecticut and get loads of press for himself and his ego.  He has raised a staggering sum of campaign money in order to eliminate any and all competition to his Senator for life job.  
Republican candidate for Senate Matthew Corey faces an uphill battle to beat Murphy in November.  You see Corey works for a living as compared to the Democrat incumbents running for United States Senate and the House of Representatives.  You see Corey is actually productive in our society and our economy unlike the Senator for life he is running against.
Corey has a variety of real world experiences that gives him an edge in this race in my opinion.  He is a United States Navy Veteran.  He owns his own business.  He is a supporter of President Trump.  His website discusses his pro business, conservative stances on job growth, the national debt and the issues of our educational system.  Connecticut could use a person who actually knows how to run a business and has the understanding of what is necessary to help create jobs especially in job short Connecticut.  Corey is undergoing a difficult race however I believe that many Connecticut Taxpayers have had it with the status quo of its paid political ruling elite telling us what we can and can not do to protect their political self interest.  Republican candidate Matthew Corey represents a breath of fresh air for our state and deserves your vote.
Connecticut can not afford the Connecticut Democrat Party any more.  It has ruined our state.  It is time to take back Connecticut in 2018.