Saturday, September 09, 2017

September 9 and No New Connecticut Budget

Again we have no new Connecticut budget.  Nothing new.  It is now September 9 and there is no new Connecticut budget.  71 days into the new fiscal year and there is still no new Connecticut budget. However we are witnessing the unmitigated gall of the Governor and the Omnipotent One Party Rule of the Connecticut Democrat Party in now developing the third highest tax increase in the states history with their new budget proposal coming after the two highest tax increases in the states history.  Those two highest tax increases were supposed to stabilize the states finances.
This new proposal again with zero input from the Connecticut Republican legislators who represent over 47% of Connecticut voters and taxpayers will be shoved down our throats in the coming days.  The tax increases are severe.  There is an increase in hospital taxes. There are increases in the state sales tax, an elimination of tax free week in August, the property tax credit on the state income tax would be reduced to $100 and be limited to senior citizens or those with dependents, a new 7% restaurant sales tax and an increase the conveyance tax on real estate sales.  Municipal aid to towns and cities to help pay for mandated teachers pensions will be cut thus creating higher property taxes for local property tax taxpayers.
Thus Governor Malloy has lied once again to Connecticut Taxpayers.  He will raise taxes yet again.  Connecticut still does not have a balanced budget.  The Connecticut Democrat Party has once again lied to Connecticut Taxpayers and will raise both taxes and spending.
There has been no real cuts in spending in the upcoming out-of-balance fiscal 2017-18 state budget.  There will be again budget deficits in six to nine months as more businesses and personal taxpayers move out of state.  There will be no mention of any plan to pay off Connecticut's $60 to $80 Billion dollars worth of short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities.  There is no discussion of the constitutionally mandated state spending cap that was ruled illegal by the Democrat Attorney General.
Connecticut voters and taxpayers need to recognize the fact the Governor and the Connecticut Democrat Party can not govern in any way, shape or form.  They can only legislate for themselves, their state unions and their political friends.  They despise Connecticut Taxpayers and Connecticut businesses.  The Governor and the Connecticut Democrat Party are useless in resolving our states economic problems.
A solution to our economic issues in Connecticut would be a general Taxpayers strike.  Connecticut Taxpayers would stop paying their state taxes thus it would strip our state government from its funds to enrich its political ruling class and truly force real budgetary negotiations along with real structural changes to take place in Hartford.  Alas I can only dream of a non corrupted state government in Hartford.
More of the same tax and spend lies will be spewed this week as Connecticut Taxpayers lose once again with still even higher taxes to try to manage.  All while Dan Malloy and the Connecticut Democrat Party lie and laugh at Connecticut.
It is horrific.

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