Saturday, September 23, 2017

Governor Malloy-Sign The Republican Budget

I do not think the Connecticut Democrat Party understood what happened to them when there was defections in their ranks and some moderate Democrats decided to vote for a Republican sponsored economically feasible no tax increase budget.  Do they realize that their economic lies and excessive taxation has now actually grown stale with their own party members?  Does the Connecticut Democrat Party now realize that the last seven years of the Malloy Administration has been a complete economic failure of excessive taxation and excessive short and long term debt?  Has the Connecticut Democrat Party seen the amount of houses and condos for sale in our state?  Has the Connecticut Democrat Party seen the amount of businesses that have moved out of our state in the past seven years?  Does the Connecticut Democrat Party have any plan to pay off Connecticut's short and long term debt of $60 to $80 billion dollars?
There are no answers to these questions by the Connecticut Democrat Party.
Thus several of their members have decided to move away from their tax and spend policies and try something different.  A Republican budget that actually cuts spending and does not raise taxes.  A budget that looks at the excessive costs of mid and upper level management positions in all areas of state government including higher education. And the responses have been the usual bureaucratic outcries of how all of these cuts will decimate their programs.  Have all of the higher taxes and higher spending for these same programs in the past seven years done anything to make Connecticut economically attractive and viable?  Or has all of this excessive taxing and spending brought Connecticut to its knees economically?
Governor Malloy needed to sign that budget immediately.  Of course he didn't and we will see in a few days his massive spending cuts take place for our cities and towns on October 1.  We will see his politically charged and induced form of punishment of well managed and economically efficient towns and cities losing aid for state mandated programs take hold while Connecticut's corrupted and poorly run cities gloat in their windfalls of yet even more state aid.
Leadership in Hartford has not been seen for many years now.  This budget allows Connecticut the beginnings of a new prosperity and towards economic growth.  It gives the remaining legal Connecticut residents and taxpayers a slim glimmer of economic hope for the future of the state.
But will Governor Malloy and the Connecticut Democrat Party admit their lies and move this budget to become law?  I highly doubt it.  The Connecticut Democrat Party is and always will be the economic cancer that has destroyed Connecticut.  Enough is enough.

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