Wednesday, June 08, 2011

This Is Good Government?

Is this really good government?
The Federal Government's unfunded liability is at $61.6 trillion dollars and climbing.
Connecticut's government unfunded liability depending upon what you believe is between $50 and $80 billion dollars and climbing.
The National Debt of the United States is $14.4 trillion dollars and climbing.
We now have one of the highest tax burdens in the world with no economic growth in the foreseeable future.
Connecticut continues to have negative job growth with an unrecorded unemployment rate of 18+% (those who are still out of work and no longer receive benefits).
Connecticut on July 1 will have the largest tax increase in the state's history and still does not have a balanced budget.
The United States Congress seems to have an unquenchable appetite for sexual adventures, all while we as taxpayers pay for it. Democrats in this area of sex must remain in power while Republicans are forced to resign their positions.
Why are we as taxpayers continuing to support this type of government?

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