Monday, June 13, 2011

Another Lost Four Years-No Make That Twenty Four Now

Well it looks like another lost four years here in Connecticut. After the rash of economically illiterate and leftist legislation which was passed by the Connecticut Democratic Super Majority this session, Connecticut is on its way for another wasted four years. This will go along with with the past 20 years which have been wasted with no new job formations since 1991.
Thus I am supposed to buy into the lies that the Connecticut Democratic Super Majority offer taxpayers, that higher taxes, socialistic governmental intervention of businesses and excessive liberal laws will make Connecticut open for business. All these failed bills, taxes and laws will do is make our border states much more attractive for any state business to move to. Really nothing has been done to improve our business climate, address runaway state spending, unfunded liabilities or excessive taxation. No, we as taxpayers have been given more of the same, higher state spending, more intrusive laws and higher taxes. It has been like this for 20 years now.
Better make that 24 years now.

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