Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Am A Liberal Therefore I Need Not Pay Any Taxes

I am a Liberal and therefore I need not pay any taxes. However if I was a Conservative or a Republican and was being appointed to the Treasury Secretary position and did not pay my estimated taxes when I worked for the IMF, I would be chewed up, spit out and not confirmed. So why is this Obama pick being treated with such grace and forgiveness? Last time I remembered it was against the law not to pay your taxes. And someone in this position in the IMF, an elitist position, who was that ignorant in forgetting to pay his taxes? In my economic opinion he decided willfully not to pay his taxes and put his money to use someplace else, especially not paying the United States Treasury, which he is now going to lead. Timothy F. Geithner is unfit to become our next Treasury secretary in these difficult economic times. He has shown his displeasure for following the laws of our tax system and his blatant disrespect for our economic system by doing this. Yes he was sloppy. He also broke the law. Therefore his nomination should voted down immediately.
I can see the Obama cabinet having many different political hacks being recycled over and over again in his very short four year term. This administration is showing its ineptness already. Bring on 2012.

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