Saturday, December 02, 2017

Anybody Want To Buy A Used Connecticut Civic Center? Brother Can You Spare Me $134?

For sale:  Connecticut elected officials and bureaucracy.  Start by inquiring about taking off the states hands a run down Hartford Civic Center.  Contact Dan Malloy for details and what you need to offer the Connecticut Democrat Party to buy it at a song.
The song that is constantly sung by lame duck Governor Dan Malloy and the Connecticut Democrat Party is that they are right all of the time and you are wrong.  In this case it is OK for a state that has $60 to $80 billion dollars of unfunded liabilities and short and long term debt to add to that amount by another $40 million dollars of bonding to try to fix the Hartford Civic Center and then try to sell it.
As a Connecticut Taxpayer do you understand that logic?  Hartford is broke.  Thus keep sending its hand picked Mayor who is trying to become the next liberal Governor of Connecticut more cash to prop up its failed leadership and city economy.  After all what is another $40 million dollars of Connecticut Taxpayers monies?  Governor Dan Malloy and the Connecticut Democrat Party see the $40 million dollars as a drop in the bucket to suffice the state's unionized construction unions to work on this new make busy project.  Lame duck Governor Dan Malloy and the Connecticut Democrat Party endorses spending this $40 million dollars while cutting the Medicare Savings Programs that helps 113,000 Connecticut senior citizens with their Medicare premiums.  These cuts to the seniors amount to around $1600 a year or $134 a month in subsidies that they will no longer receive.  Here is a thought instead of giving $40 million dollars to the outdated Civic Center why not continue this program to help these seniors who are hard pressed to survive in Connecticut with our astronomical cost of living?  Why does Dan Malloy love to inflict the most economic pain and suffering on those Connecticut citizens who are the most in need?
This is yet another example of the tyranny of Dan Malloy and the Connecticut Democrat Party.  Hurt those who need the help.  Give to the political elite and politically connected.
Thus $40 million dollars of Connecticut Taxpayers monies are thrown out the window, more waste of our hard earned tax monies.  And 113,000 senior citizens lose $134 a month that they can't afford.  Too bad they are treated like this in our state.  But isn't Connecticut's government run for the benefit of the elite few who pay to play and have the right political connections?  Of course it is.  Don't forget it.

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