Saturday, February 04, 2017

Legal Connecticut Taxpayers Have No "Sanctuary" In Connecticut

Yes there are more taxes on the horizon if you are one of the remaining Connecticut Taxpayers left in our "Sanctuary" state.  As a Taxpayer I can see how the Democrat Legislature goes about it business.  Many legislators crave media attention thus they introduce many bills that in many cases continue to erode our personal freedom and raises taxes and or fees.  They talk up reforms for the state to try to attract businesses and correct pension deficits.  They posture and cut deals for the lobbyists and unions who have an iron grip on our budget and political system.  And the end result is and has been in the past more and higher taxes along with higher budget deficits.  This years theme seems to be protecting illegal immigrants in a "Sanctuary" status as a "Sanctuary" state. 
Our core cities that have massive economic debt are readily embracing "Sanctuary"  a safe haven for those in our state who are here illegally.  Middletown just decreed "Sanctuary" status without any input from their taxpayers or voters.  My question that I ask and in many cases never get an answer to is why are these people here illegally and what are their costs to support them here in our state? 
Thus one must assume that our state government helps to support these "Sanctuary" cities and those people who are here illegally through legal Connecticut Taxpayers monies.
I can understand why people from foreign countries would want to escape terror and communist governments like China, Cuba and North Korea.  I have no issues taking in these individuals from these countries as in most cases they are escaping inhumane living conditions.  In my opinion also China, Cuba and North Korea need to become free countries.
But I do not understand why people leave other countries to come here illegally other than to make cash to send home and or get free benefits from our government.  What is also lost in this "Sanctuary" argument is why are the countries that these immigrants are coming from do not have any responsibility for their citizens? 
I really would like to know what Connecticut Taxpayers are paying to support "Sanctuary" status.
Especially since we have $60 to $80 Billion dollars in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities with basically no plan to pay it off.  And especially when Dan Malloy wants to eliminate rifle salutes at funeral services for our veterans to save money. 
Where is the "Sanctuary" for legal Connecticut Taxpayers?  Obviously not in Connecticut.

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