Saturday, January 21, 2017

Connecticut Lacks Leadership-The Emptiness of the State Capitol

The State of Connecticut lacks leadership.  It has lacked leadership for many years now.  Our current Governor has traveled all over the country throughout his terms bashing all things conservative and Republican.  He claims to be the voice and supposed leader of the Democrat Governors Association and is able to travel the country and do his dirty work.  He was at the President Trump inauguration stating it will be a "signal that we are not going away."  If only he could do the remaining Connecticut Taxpayers a real favor and leave Connecticut permanently.  And his reign of economic destruction would mercifully end for Connecticut Taxpayers.  Why does he have so many problems in leading Connecticut?  It is because he realizes that his Democrat tax and spend policies have failed the state and have left it in a wretched economic position?  Connecticut is last or near last in all economic categories-why?  The reason is his policies.
Connecticut lacks leadership.  It lacks political ethics from top to bottom in our state capitol.  We have a state capitol filled with ineptness and political cronyism.  We have a state capitol filled with unqualified political appointments that receive excessive salaries, benefits and pensions.  We have a state capitol filled with a lack of economic reality since the only concerns of state government is to provide for an appeasement, placation and constant concessions to prop up and please the state labor unions.  Connecticut Taxpayers fund this entire economic debacle day in and day out.
Connecticut lacks leadership.  Our two United States Senators can never have enough ego gratification and offer only rhetoric to problems while constantly bashing all things Republican.  I am sure Senators Blumenthal and Murphy will been seen daily in front of Connecticut's media assailing and condemning President Trump, his cabinet and his policies. 
Connecticut has massive economic problems.  It is virtually bankrupt with bloated state salaries, benefits and pensions that do not seem to be abating in the future.  It has to borrow money for its day to day expenses.  Its short and long term debt and unfunded liabilities are $60 to $80 billion dollars.
Thus what is the solution?  Our current legislature is predictable.  For all Connecticut Taxpayers hear about are new and higher taxes through the forms of tolls for its highway and bridge system that is currently in third world condition, higher income taxes and even more new trivial taxes.  It is the only policy that the Connecticut Democrat Party in conjunction with the state labor unions know of.  Make Connecticut Taxpayers pay for their excesses.
I suggest that Governor Malloy resigns.  I know he will not.  But I as a Connecticut Taxpayer and life long resident of this state see no economic future in a state that has been so mismanaged for so many years.  It is a leadership void that I really do not know if it will ever end.  To me Connecticut has become a political playground that funds deception, discrimination, partisanship, and unethical behaviors that Connecticut taxpayers must accept as the norm and truth.  It what our Connecticut elected officials want us to believe that their lies are the truth and truth is a big lie.
The State of Connecticut lacks leadership.   The State Capitol is vacuum of economic waste.
It is time to take back Connecticut in 2018.

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