Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Connecticut Legislature's Pomposity

The Connecticut Legislature fascinates me.  To me it is a  group of individuals working on a supposed part time basis that get together each year and submits hundreds of bills many symbolic and many taking away personal freedoms in the state.  These bills range from the ridiculous as seen in licensing cats to get revenue, placing a tax on plastic shopping bags, new tolls, a tax on how many miles you drive in the state, making Connecticut a "Sanctuary State" and to tax a large can or bottle of soda.  These bills get media attention while the underlying economic issues continue to be ignored.  And ignored.  And ignored even more.   While Connecticut's politically connected continue to be pampered in their excesses.
For example what is the plan to address the pension crisis?  The current negotiated settlement does not do anything to limit the growth in pensions nor properly fund them.  It kicks down the road addressing the issue to 2032, when most of our elected officials will comfortably be collecting their bloated pensions and benefits out-of-state. 
Another example is the addressing of Connecticut's short and long term debt along with its unfunded liabilities-what is the plan?  From what we see in this legislative session there is not much talk about it as all state union contracts seem to be safe.  As a taxpayer I wonder why the Legislature can not vote on every contract that comes up for both bargaining and non bargaining unit state employees?  After all aren't state taxpayers paying for their salaries and benefits?  By not voting on these contracts it represents to me the lack of respect that is shown to the Connecticut Taxpayers.  The respect is only shown to those individual workers who have great political ties and influence in the state. 
Why are state Judges afforded a full pension after a few years of service?  What makes them so special and why?  How does the state afford this?  Why is this considered essential?
Why can state employees supposedly work massive levels of overtime in their last three years of employment to boost their pensions?  And in some cases add their mileage reimbursements amounts to their final pension benefits?
The Connecticut Legislatures solution to our economic crisis seems to be more of the same, new and higher taxes.  The same stale talk about cutting spending for those truly in need while increasing salaries and benefits for those politically connected.  The same rhetoric.
In 2017 I really expected  to see some realistic solutions to cutting spending, salaries and benefits along with pensions by the Connecticut Legislature.  Instead I see the same meaningless pomposity that defines the Connecticut Legislature.
It is time to take back Connecticut in 2018.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Connecticut Lacks Leadership-The Emptiness of the State Capitol

The State of Connecticut lacks leadership.  It has lacked leadership for many years now.  Our current Governor has traveled all over the country throughout his terms bashing all things conservative and Republican.  He claims to be the voice and supposed leader of the Democrat Governors Association and is able to travel the country and do his dirty work.  He was at the President Trump inauguration stating it will be a "signal that we are not going away."  If only he could do the remaining Connecticut Taxpayers a real favor and leave Connecticut permanently.  And his reign of economic destruction would mercifully end for Connecticut Taxpayers.  Why does he have so many problems in leading Connecticut?  It is because he realizes that his Democrat tax and spend policies have failed the state and have left it in a wretched economic position?  Connecticut is last or near last in all economic categories-why?  The reason is his policies.
Connecticut lacks leadership.  It lacks political ethics from top to bottom in our state capitol.  We have a state capitol filled with ineptness and political cronyism.  We have a state capitol filled with unqualified political appointments that receive excessive salaries, benefits and pensions.  We have a state capitol filled with a lack of economic reality since the only concerns of state government is to provide for an appeasement, placation and constant concessions to prop up and please the state labor unions.  Connecticut Taxpayers fund this entire economic debacle day in and day out.
Connecticut lacks leadership.  Our two United States Senators can never have enough ego gratification and offer only rhetoric to problems while constantly bashing all things Republican.  I am sure Senators Blumenthal and Murphy will been seen daily in front of Connecticut's media assailing and condemning President Trump, his cabinet and his policies. 
Connecticut has massive economic problems.  It is virtually bankrupt with bloated state salaries, benefits and pensions that do not seem to be abating in the future.  It has to borrow money for its day to day expenses.  Its short and long term debt and unfunded liabilities are $60 to $80 billion dollars.
Thus what is the solution?  Our current legislature is predictable.  For all Connecticut Taxpayers hear about are new and higher taxes through the forms of tolls for its highway and bridge system that is currently in third world condition, higher income taxes and even more new trivial taxes.  It is the only policy that the Connecticut Democrat Party in conjunction with the state labor unions know of.  Make Connecticut Taxpayers pay for their excesses.
I suggest that Governor Malloy resigns.  I know he will not.  But I as a Connecticut Taxpayer and life long resident of this state see no economic future in a state that has been so mismanaged for so many years.  It is a leadership void that I really do not know if it will ever end.  To me Connecticut has become a political playground that funds deception, discrimination, partisanship, and unethical behaviors that Connecticut taxpayers must accept as the norm and truth.  It what our Connecticut elected officials want us to believe that their lies are the truth and truth is a big lie.
The State of Connecticut lacks leadership.   The State Capitol is vacuum of economic waste.
It is time to take back Connecticut in 2018.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Connecticut and its Deficit

No the Connecticut state budget deficit has not gone away.  Nor will it likely go away in 2017 or 2018.  Approximately 40% and more of the state budget goes to state employees benefits and salaries and debt interest payments in 2017.  For state that has a population of 3,587,860 it has short and long term debt obligations of $60 to $80 billion dollars.  These are not new figures nor should they be surprising.  State government is a tool of the politically connected.  If you are politically connected you are able to procure a state job that allows you a high salary along with high benefits with a pension that is unsurpassed in the real economic world (of which Connecticut state government is not part of).  Just look at the deals recently made between two Senators and a Representative. Add to the mix a total lack of accountability in the job and you have a taxpayer funded totally ineffective and bloated state government that in reality does little to represent its citizens.
How did Connecticut end up with this deficit?  Years and years of inflated and needless programs, projects and employees have taken a toll on the state.  $4 billion dollars of tax increases has not even put a dent into the never ending deficit.  The Utopian State Income Tax, a tool of tyranny, did little to solve any deficit problems.
And the solutions presented by state departments to address cuts in their budgets naturally tries to impact as much pain on those who need their services the most.  Taxpayers must accept these supposed solutions while the same state workers who offer them in some cases do not contribute a penny to their pensions and will never take a pay cut or a cut in their benefits.  Those in need remain in need while our state government laughs at them.  Just like serfs in a serfdom.  Politics as usual.
What is the solution?  Real reform.  Cuts in salaries, pensions and benefits.  It is a simple process.  In private industry it is a real solution.  In Connecticut state government it is a fantasy.
Connecticut Taxpayers need to say no to our current government.  Republicans need to become more vocal and offer solutions by leading by example.  Not by cutting deals that still protect their political elite.  And Dan Malloy should resign as he has done little other than run Connecticut into the ground with his non conservative failed economic policies of higher taxes to infinity.
No the Connecticut state budget deficit has not gone away.  Nor will it likely go away in 2017 or 2018.  The legislature if it is truly a governing body needs to resolve it today.  Their excuses have grown stale.

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Tired of being a Connecticut State Representative or State Senator?

Tired of being a Connecticut State Representative or State Senator?
Just get elected. Then need more cash and a pension?
Not to worry just cut a deal and your troubles are over.
No more financials worries for these three former State Representative and Senators.
Former State Representative Stephen Dargan, D-West Haven scored himself a mere $92,500 payoff in his new job in the State Board of Pardons.  Mr. Dargan was now able to triple his former salary and more importantly dramatically increase his lifetime pension.
Former State Senator Rob Kane, R-Waterford scored himself an even better position than Dargan becoming a Republican state auditor for a mere $150,000 a year.  Mr. Kane was now able to quintuple his former salary and more importantly dramatically increase his lifetime pension.
Former State Senator Eric Coleman, D-Bloomfield scored himself an even better position than Kane becoming a Judge for a mere $168,000 a year and only has to work five years before mandatory retirement.  Mr. Coleman was now able to more than quintuple his former salary and more importantly dramatically increase his lifetime pension.
Entitlements for our elected and appointed officials here in Connecticut.
What fiscal crisis?  Not for these three men who place their political self interest above the good of the state.  After they are entitled to it.  Politics for pay seems to be their game and the game of all of our elected officials.
All at the expense of the remaining Connecticut Taxpayers left here in Connecticut.
There is no pension crisis in Connecticut unless you are not an employee of the State. 
Reform of Connecticut's pension system.  All talk-no action.
Want a plan to correct it?  Kick it down the road to 2032.
This is yet another example of Connecticut's horrifically and fiscally inept government in action.
It is time to take back Connecticut in 2018.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Connecticut's Economy 2017

Happy New Year.
It is now 2017.  A great deal has changed in Connecticut in the past year.  The Connecticut Democrat Party lost a great deal of seats in the State House and Senate in this past election.  The Senate is now evenly divided 18-18 however the Democrat Lieutenant Governor holds the tie breaking vote thus one can view it as a one vote Democrat majority.  In the House the Democrats hold a 79-72 majority however the Democrats have lost 35 seats in the past four elections.  The Democrat majority in my opinion will end in 2018 in all areas of Connecticut's Legislature.
2017 represents another year of economic problems with Connecticut's bloated state budget and government.  The sacred political patronage system is under fire as excessively high salaries, benefits and pensions for both management and union workers are being seen finally as an economic problem in paying for them each year and in the future.  I will remind everyone that Connecticut's short and long term debt is about $60 to $80 billion dollars with absolutely no plan to address it by either side of the political aisle.  We will hear the constant rhetoric of trying to do something but I am confident that nothing will be done and 2018 will start off will another $1 to $2 billion dollars budget deficit like the $1.5 billion dollar deficit we have today in 2017.  What is the plan to address the deficit?  Yet more and higher taxes?  To drive more businesses out of state?  Why are management pension so high?  Why do 25% of those receiving a state pension contribute nothing-zero to their pensions?  Why is the State Legislature so generous with Connecticut's remaining taxpayers monies to give it away like this?  And then tell Veterans that they no longer can have a military presence at their funerals?
This is the true economic problem of Connecticut's government.  It is only worried about protecting those who are hand picked for their highly paid, high benefit and pension, non preforming jobs.  The jobs that they need not be held accountable for in any way shape or form.  It has helped ruin Connecticut economically.
I will continue my quest to educate my readers and voters of Connecticut that we need a change in our state government.  We need to hold all elected and non elected officials accountable for their economic actions.   We need to bombard our Representatives and Senators with phone calls, letters, emails and question why they are making such poor decisions for our state.  It needs to start today.
Debt is cancer for our state.  The disposal and disregard of those most needy in our state is a shameless political act that has grown stale.  Enough is enough.
It Is Time To Take Back Connecticut In 2018.