Friday, November 04, 2016

You Mean There Is A Connecticut Democrat Economic Plan? Kind Of Late-Don't You Think?

The Connecticut Democrat Party never ceases to amaze me especially when it is election time.
The Governor claimed there was no budget deficit and the budget deficit has not ceased to exist for six long years now of new and higher taxes.
The Governor claimed that business conditions have improved through his and his fellow Connecticut Democrat programs of corporate welfare that picks the winners and losers in our economy.  Even though Connecticut ranks near the bottom in all too many economic programs.
The Connecticut Democrat Party now has a supposed "small business agenda"  that they are embracing.  Even though in my economic opinion the Connecticut Democrat Party is anti business and anti free market as proven by their tax and spend policies and by their current United States Senator Richard Blumenthal's war on small businesses while he was the states' Attorney General for all too many years.
The Connecticut Democrat Party embraces corporate welfare as a means to their political ends-we will throw you want you want, make sure you donate to our cause.  Sort of like Hillary Clinton's current campaign and tenure as Secretary of State.
Taxpayers must be wondering why and how any Connecticut Democrats are running for election or reelection in 2016 for the State House or State Senate based upon the horrific economic conditions we have in our state?  Do you they really believe that their economic policies somehow work?
They do not.  And they never will.
It is time to take back Connecticut on Tuesday.  Enough of the politically and economically inept Connecticut Democrat Party.  We can not afford two more years of omnipotent one part rule that has failed our state day in and day out.
Vote for State Representative in the 90th District Craig Fishbein
Vote for State Representative in the 85th District Serge Mihlay.
Vote for State Representative in the 86th District Vin Candelora.
Vote for State Senate in the 13th District Len Suzio.
Vote for State Senate in the 16th District Joe Markley.
Vote for State Senate in the 34th District Len Fasano.
Vote Republican this Tuesday.

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