Saturday, October 15, 2016

Why Have Ethics, Honesty and Truth Been Eliminated From Politics in 2016?

Why are ethics considered immoral and unwanted in politics in 2016?
Why is honesty wrong and being dishonest right in politics in 2016?  Why is truth considered a lie in politics in 2016?
I am personally sickened to see how far politics has regressed as far ethics, honesty and truth is concerned in 2016 especially at the national level.  As a taxpayer I am sickened to see that our government was and is for sale to enrich donors and a supposed charitable foundation.  I am personally sickened as to the cover up of the massive amount of lies that we are force fed each day by the media to place into the highest elected office in our country the first woman President who by no means has any ethics, honesty or truth forthcoming from her past, her present or her future.  I am horrified by the daily economic lies that are force fed to us here in Connecticut by the Connecticut Democrat Party to gain again full control of the House and Senate to continue Connecticut’s march to economic ruin.  
Again I ask why have ethics, honesty and truth been eliminated from politics in 2016?
To me there is no more rule of law or accountability in either our state or national government.  It is evident that taxpayers serve our government daily through the constant paying of taxes to support an elite group of individuals.  This elite group dictates to the masses what freedoms we can and cannot have.  This elite group manipulates rules and laws to their economic benefit.  This elite group has taken over our country and is leading us to a path of a painful and ruthless socialism.
The decision to me is clear on November 8th, 2016 and it is not a corrupted Democrat President.  Let us hope and pray that are freedoms are not eliminated even more over the next four years.  We as a country need to bring back ethics, honesty and truth to our political system.  Or is it too late?  God Bless America today and every day. 

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