Saturday, October 22, 2016

Are You Better Off Today In Connecticut? Vote Republican on November 8th.

Are you better off today in Connecticut?   Are you better off in Connecticut over the past two years?  The past four years?  The past six years?  Are you better off since the Connecticut state income tax was passed?  Are you better off with even more bloated state management jobs and positions with high pay, benefits and pensions than two years ago?  Are you better off as a Connecticut taxpayer knowing that your state has over $70 billion dollars in short and long term unfunded debt and liabilities?  Are you better off knowing the Governor and his Democrat controlled General Assembly can't figure out what the current never ending budget deficit is at any time?   The same budget deficit that the Governor stated did not exist when running for reelection?  Are you better off being lied to by your Democrat elected officials on virtually every and any topic that pertains to you living in Connecticut?  Are you better knowing that the legally voted on and passed Connecticut Constitution Balanced Budget Amendment is somehow ruled unconstitutional to serve the purposes of the Connecticut Democrat Party?   Are you better off with one party rule in Connecticut?  Are you better off knowing that the Connecticut Democrat Party at any time can enact laws and rules that continue to erode and take away your personal and work freedom?  Are you better off knowing that Connecticut law abiding citizens who own legal guns are considered criminals while criminals with illegal guns are somehow the victims according to the Connecticut Democrat Party?  Are you better off knowing that you the Connecticut Taxpayer serve the Connecticut Democrat Party as serfs in their serfdom of political patronage, omnipotent political power and tyrannical economic rule?
Are you better off this election year?  Are you that better off here in Connecticut to vote yet again back into power for another two years the stale, ineffective, economically illogical and omnipotent Democrat Party to continue its unyielding march to completely dismantle freedom and the state's economy to their rule and advantage?
I do not think so.
It is time to take back Connecticut on November 8th.  There can be no rational or logical arguments any more to vote back into office and to power any Connecticut Democrat Representative or Senator this election day.  They have failed miserably in running this state for many years now.  They are responsible for the economic decline of Connecticut.  They own the horrific state economy.
It is time to take back Connecticut on November 8th.  It is time for voters to vote into office in mass Republican candidates for the State House and State Senate.  Connecticut Taxpayers deserve more respect that what they have been forced fed by the Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule for years now.   Vote Republican this election day.

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