Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Never Ending Clinton Political Scandals-President Trump

I have always stated that history repeats itself.  In the history of our country I have seen it happen numerous times.  In my opinion we are reliving a time frame of 1964 to 1974 with civil unrest, war, and political corruption.
Political corruption in 2016 is investigated and reported upon by our media in a much different fashion than it was back in the 1972 to 1974 time frame.  President Nixon and his Watergate cover up led to Nixon's resignation on August 9, 1974.  Watergate for those too young to remember involved a far reaching probe of the wiretapping of the Democratic National Committee Party headquarters and its subsequent cover up by both Nixon and several members of his administration.  I remember reading and watching the daily hearings and speculation as to what occurred.  In my eyes it was a complex crisis that was difficult to follow and understand yet I tried my best by reading the each week Time, Newsweek, US News and World Report, New Times, National Review and the daily papers.  It was the time before 24/7/365 non stop news programs like have we have today.  In my opinion the difference today is the media bias has underscored the seriousness of the Hillary Clinton email server scandal, has shunned any investigation into a supposed non profit Clinton foundation racket and refuses to look at any connections of the selling of the Hillary Clinton Secretary of States office in proportion to donations to the Clinton Foundation with certain pieces of laws/legislation/deals that occurred during that time period.
Watergate was a horrific time in my opinion in our nation's history.
The Clinton scandals that are being suppressed at this time are a horrific time in our nation's history.
And history is repeating itself again.
Nixon.  Clinton.  An abuse and disregard for power.   Nixon at least resigned from what he did.
Hillary Clinton may be given even more corrupted power by possibly being elected President, thus showing our country and world that the American set of rules and laws are not applicable to this individual.  An individual who with her family has been able to manipulate the highest office in the land to their personal financial gain and power while putting the nation at risk.  The Clinton family empire takes priority over the well being and security of America.  America is the Clinton family conquest of territory as they dictate their recklessness and total disregard for law to enhance their empire.  Sort of like a King and Queen of a country.
Has America regressed this far backwards to allow for this to happen?  Are we now a Monarchy?  A Dictatorship?  Why can't Taxpayers and voters of our country get answers?
I see the answer.   The answer is a change in who runs the White House.  The answer is in following the United States Constitution.  The answer is in electing a man who is not a paid professional politician but a successful businessman. 
The choice is there and it is not the Clinton Empire.
President Trump.  It is time to take back America from the Clinton Family trail of corruption, deception and theft.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Your Connecticut Taxpayers Monies At Work

Connecticut's remaining taxpayers work hard each day and night paying their taxes.  We pay an excessively high rate in state income taxes, state sales taxes, business taxes, user fees and licenses, secret gross earnings taxes on gasoline, excise taxes and miscellaneous nuisance taxes.  For our efforts the Democrat controlled State House and State Senate runs a constant budget deficit year-in and year-out a mere $1 Billion dollars in over spending.  Since the Utopian State Income Tax was passed in 1991, the Democrat controlled State House and State Senate has increased spending by 200% from a $7 Billion dollar budget in 1991 to over $20 Billion dollars in 2016.  Connecticut's short and long term funded and unfunded liabilities are from $70 to $80 Billion dollars also in 2016. 
This is the record that the Connecticut Democrats are running on for election and re election this November.  They have had thirty years of running Connecticut and they have successfully brought Connecticut to its economic ruin.  Connecticut as we know ranks last in many economic categories such as business development, economic freedom and tax rates.  Connecticut's economic vibrancy continues to erode daily due to the Connecticut Democrat Party and their irrational, illogical and detrimental economic policies.  There should be more to the State of Connecticut budget than just an overpaid management work force whose only concern is getting more and more politically created taxpayer funded positions so as to accumulate unheard of salaries, benefits and a never ending pension to those who pay their Democrat political dues.
Again this is the record that the Connecticut Democrats are running on for election and re election this November.   It is horrific.
Connecticut has been led too long by the Connecticut Democrat Party.  Their tax and spend policies make no economic sense any more.  They can no longer govern in any way, shape or form.
The Connecticut Democrat Party can be seen at work through their failed taxpayer funded baseball park in Hartford, their protection of unions at all costs and Dan Malloy's illegal campaign mailer just to name a few debacles.   In my opinion the list is endless.
It is Time To Take Back Connecticut in November.  Connecticut Taxpayers have reached a dead end with the Connecticut Democrat Party and their failed policies.  It is time for new leadership and an end to one party rule.  It is time to give the Connecticut Republican Party a chance to lead and govern Connecticut and to bring back economic vibrancy to what was once an economically dynamic state.  The cesspool of leadership that defines the Connecticut Democrat Party needs to be flushed out once and fall all in order for Connecticut to survive.
Vote Republican in November. 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Ethics In Politics. November 2016?

I wonder if ethics exists any more in Presidential politics?  I wonder if our President believes in truth and a value system.  A system that truth whether good or bad is essential for democracy to work in America and the spoken truth takes priority over lies that endanger our country.  That the spoken truth takes priority over personal financial gain.  It is like selling your high elected or appointed governmental position to the highest bidder for a supposed charity you run.   Does this sound familiar? Does the Iranian Nuclear deal fit this idea?   The Benghazi debacle?  Keeping your Doctor and lower health insurance premiums under the Affordable Health Care Act/Obamacare?  An $11 million dollar tax return released by the Clinton dynasty shows that 96% of their charitable donations are given beck to their foundation that they own.  And any investigation into their supposed foundation gets silenced by the Attorney General.  National legal political theft and financial gain seem to be the norm for Washington politics in 2016.
To the many voters I have spoken to they are irate at the lies they are hearing from both national and state Democrat Parties.  On a state level we are seeing a massive clean election law campaign mailing scandal unfold with an unsuccessful payoff of a state commission investigating it.  We are seeing a state economy unravel daily due to massive taxes and horrific regulations which endanger businesses staying in the state.   At what point are there any ethics left in Hartford?  Why are Connecticut Taxpayers continued to force to pay for the corruption of Hartford?  Why are Federal Taxpayers forced to pay for the corruption of Washington?
Democracy and ethics seem to me to go hand in hand.  Revisionist history seems to be the norm by liberalism gone amok.  I see that 2016 is a radical turning point in both our state and nation's history.
And I hope that time has not passed for those taxpayers who have been forced to pay their taxes to support these different levels of corruption in both our Federal and State governments.  Billions upon billions dollars of taxpayers monies wasted for personal and political gain.
It is Time To Take Back America in November.  It Is Time To Take Back Connecticut in November.