Saturday, June 18, 2016

Connecticut The Corrupted State

A constitution defined:  is a a body of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is acknowledged to be governed.
In my opinion Connecticut has no constitution.  It has no principles or precedents governing.  It has corrupted leadership and elected officials. 
With Connecticut's Omnipotent One Party Rule fully entrenched the constitution be it with regards to a legally binding state constitutional spending cap or with the total disregard for Connecticut's Clean Election Law is ignored. 
It is without question this weeks corrupted agreement between the Connecticut Democrat Party and in particular with Governor Malloy and the State Elections Enforcement Commission was done in secret with no one being allowed to be interviewed by the Commission.  Mr. Malloy and his Connecticut Democrat Party were in  clear violation of House Bill No. 850-Public Act No. 13-60 (which I urge Connecticut Democrats to reread and to comprehend what laws campaign financing should be followed).  Malloy made expenditures well in excess of what this law allows in his mailings in the last election.  It can not be denied nor was it actually investigated by the State Elections Enforcement Commission (which to me now is another tool of the Connecticut Democrat Party).  Should taxpayers and voters expect anything different?
And the question that also needs to be asked is why taxpayers are paying taxes to support such a corrupted regime in Hartford?   If the Constitution is non existent what rule of law are we following in Connecticut?  Thus why are we paying taxes?
Connecticut should be referred to at all times as the "Corrupted State"  I would hope in the next legislative session after more items are taken off budget illegally, more taxes were raised and new taxes implemented, more secret hiring of politically connected Democrats occur, no discussion on most laws or the budget take place that some legislator brings up a law to change the official state nickname to "Connecticut-The Corrupted State".  At the same a new law could also be passed to tax anyone moving out of the state.  An exit tax-a fitting tribute to the cancer that has engulfed our state-the Connecticut Democrat Party.
It is time to take back Connecticut in November.

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