Saturday, May 07, 2016

Fourth Connecticut Democrat Budget-Will There Be A Fifth?

Four budgets now here in Connecticut.  Each budget only slightly different than the other.  Each based upon incredible and overly opportunistic projections of tax revenues that never seem to be met due to the decaying Connecticut economy.  Pet projects and political nepotism never being touched.  High level non-productive, highly paid and massive benefit do nothing positions never cut.  Those most in need due to illness and or disability have their programs slashed.  Mandated transportation for school children bus funding is cut.  Hospitals are taxed and are supposed to provide free care for those who have no insurance even though there is socialized health insurance that is supposedly affordable for all.
Thus four budgets have been created with no input, discussion or debate from the Republicans in Hartford who represent believe it or not a large percentage of the remaining Connecticut taxpayers who still live here.  The supposed spirit of bipartisanship is unknown and declared illegal by the Connecticut Democrat Party at times of budget negotiations.
More of the same for Connecticut taxpayers.  More budget deficits, more long term unfunded liabilities, more and higher taxes, more of Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule and their continuing economic nightmare.  Will it ever end for Connecticut taxpayers?
I do not think so.  This budget serves up the same economic lies as the last three.  In 2017 we will be reading about the new deficit much the same as the old deficit and the new taxes that are needed to cover it.  We will be reading about how the highest taxpayers of Connecticut are not paying their fair share even though they are moving out of state quickly due to the massive tax burdens they have.  It is the constant replay of the Connecticut Democrat Party's economic nightmare and debacle.  And it has to stop this November with the voting out of office in mass of these same Democrats who have ruined Connecticut beyond economic repair.  Taxpayers can not afford this economic burden placed on them now that they are truly the economic slaves to the Connecticut Democrat Party.
It is time to take back Connecticut in November. 

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