Saturday, April 16, 2016

Malloy's New Budget-Same As the Old One-Tax Increases Now At the Local Level

More of the same.  That is the way the new Malloy Budget could be viewed as.  If you are a unionized Connecticut state employee you can view the budget as the end of your job and possibly your living in Connecticut any more.  The Democrat Governor made sure a great deal of pain would be felt for those most in need of state governmental services like disabled people and those employees who depend upon the state for employment.  Many Republican led cities and towns had a great deal of their allocated education funding monies completely taken away by Malloy in his new budget with those same cities and towns looking at massive property tax hikes. Thus the new budget still does not address any type of structural changes in the way Connecticut runs its salaries, benefits and pensions.  There was no addressing the multiple levels of non productive management found in our state government along with their bloated salaries, benefits and pensions.
Connecticut State Colleges and Universities President Mark E. Ojakian who earns over $332,000 a year plus benefits and an enormous pension (and apparently has never taught in his life) wants to have unpaid leaves as part of his solution to save money.  I have not heard either him or any of his highly paid coworkers state that they will be cutting their pay and benefits to help save money and avoid yet another tuition increase for state students.  I guess he can not deal with a pay cut in his political position nor can his coworkers. 
More of the same.  Malloy states the same thing over and over.  He has lied again.  Taxpayers now will brace themselves for the new local tax increases compliments of the Connecticut Democrat Party.  Nothing changes in Hartford; it is all about the protection of a ruling elitist political class, spending for those politically connected and damned be the Connecticut Taxpayer who has been enslaved to pay for this economic mess.

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