Saturday, April 30, 2016

Continue To Spend Taxpayer Money That Does Not Exist-The Connecticut Democrat Party Plan

I am exhausted.  As a taxpayer I am tired at the end of the week working my three jobs. On my weekends I still must work on the classes that I teach grading papers and answering student questions.  I work seven days a week.  I work so I can pay a never ending state burden since taxes are constantly being raised for those who work for a living in Connecticut.
Connecticut has also a never ending budget deficit that increases on a daily basis.  Yesterday on April 29th it is now $256 million dollars and rising.  The current Democrat Party budget proposal is just as economically illiterate as the last one, in one area the Democrats are adding money they think they will receive from future legal settlements.  Maybe in all of our personal budgets we should add money we can dream about receiving, spend it and not worry about it if the money does not come in.  We as citizens of Connecticut can adopt the Connecticut Democrat Party way of budgeting and never worry about the consequences of it.  I am exhausted reading about this economically irrational way of budgeting that I feel is illegal to actually present to the public.  Remember the ignored Balance Budget Amendment?
Thus we are now looking at a Connecticut Democrat Party two year budget deficit for Fiscal 2016-17, 2017-18 of about $5 billion dollars.  Depending on the way you look at Connecticut's long term funded and unfunded liabilities the range is $60 to $80 billion dollars.  It is nothing new.  However there really is nothing new coming out of Hartford and the Connecticut Democrat Party as far as spending and debt prevention is concerned.
It is time to take back Connecticut in 2016.  It can only be done by voting out of office the do-nothing Democrat State Representatives and Senators and start fresh with a Republican majority in both the State House and Senate.  The time has come to end this misuse and waste of hard earned taxpayers monies each year, year in and year out for the past thirty years.  Connecticut due to the Connecticut Democrat Party has bankrupted the state and its taxpayers.  These irrational economic policies that are force fed to Connecticut taxpayers will only end with a balance in state government ending too many years of Omnipotent One Party Rule in Hartford.
I am exhausted.
It is really time to take back Connecticut.

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