Saturday, April 23, 2016

Connecticut Democrats Fiddle While Connecticut Burns

Another week another budget deficit.
Another week while Connecticut Democrats play the blame game and Connecticut burns.
Burns through more taxpayers monies it does not have.
Throws more people out on the street with real needs while protecting a bloated upper level management salary, benefits and pension system.
The Connecticut Democrats in Hartford remind me of being on an all inclusive cruise ship while it is sinking and they are still sitting at the bar demanding their free drinks.   Even if they sink they still want their freebies, the heck with staying alive.
And another week of finger pointing, layoffs, cuts to cities and towns, rumors of new and higher taxes, on and on and on.  Nothing new, nothing different.
The new economic reality that the Connecticut Democrat Party is facing in the November election will be chilling for them.  A new world awaits them when they campaign and when voters go to the voting booth.  Connecticut in the most simplistic terms is broke and bankrupt.  It has now a never ending monthly budget deficit and a massive amount of long term unfunded debt and liabilities.  It can no longer borrow its way through this mess.  It has come to the end of its road.
The only way Connecticut can reform itself is in November.  It has to vote out of majority the tired and economically illiterate Democrats that have failed to lead the state for years now.  They have lead taxpayers to misery and continue to force them to move out of state for years now.  
The time has come for a change.  Let the Connecticut Democrat sink and go away this November.
Connecticut taxpayers deserve much better.

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