Saturday, March 12, 2016

UTC’s $400 Million Dollars Or Has Connecticut Lost Its Economic Way

Has Connecticut lost its economic way?
At what economic point can the economic downturn not be righted?
I think we have reached the economic breaking point.
The Malloy Administration and the Connecticut Democrat tax and spend policies have failed yet again.  I find it ironic that the Governor is now withholding legal payments of $140 million dollars to state hospitals and other social service providers for services to the poor because apparently their profits are too high (?). 
At the same time the corporate head of United Technologies Corp. earned $10 million dollars last year in compensation.  UTC received $400 million dollars of Connecticut taxpayer’s monies in 2014.  Some employees of UTC especially executives donate money to the campaigns of the Connecticut Democrat Party on a regular basis.  Thus one must assume there is a direct economic correlation between money donated to the Connecticut Democrat Party and free Connecticut taxpayer money received by that same state corporation.  Yet hospitals are not entitled to the money that they are legally entitled to.  But UTC deserves that $400 million dollars for whatever reason.  $400 million dollars could have paid off the current deficit in 2016 and could put a dent into the never-ending state deficits of the next 100 years.
And we continue to hear the rhetoric of Malloy that somehow this is the entire Republicans fault for his incoherent economic policies that have bankrupted the state.
Here is my suggestion for the state’s economic crisis: ask for the $400 million dollars back from UTC over the next twelve months.  Apply that $400 million dollars to the $80 billion dollars of long term bonds, debt and unfunded liabilities the state has.  Then pass a law to end all forms of corporate welfare payments in Connecticut.
Too radical?  Possibly?  But maybe just maybe taxpayers are sick of the Connecticut Democrat Party tax and spend economic debacle in 2016. 

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