Saturday, February 27, 2016

Welcome To The Weekly Connecticut Democrat Budget Crisis

Welcome to the weekly Connecticut budget deficit crisis.  Round and round the budget deficit goes where it will stop the Connecticut Democrat Party will never know.  Or care either.  With each passing week Connecticut seems to be having yet even higher and higher projected budget deficits.  The new deficit clocks in for fiscal 2017 at a mere $900 million dollars while for the current year to me it is any ones guess.  I will point out yet again Connecticut's long term debt as viewed through both short and long term bonding along with unfunded long term liabilities stands at $70 to $80 billion dollars in my best guess opinion (since the figures seems to be secret from the state).
Thus Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule has now run out of options.  Connecticut due to thirty years of unchecked and imbalanced Democrat rule is broke.  It has no more areas to tax, no more taxes it can raise, no areas of political nepotism and patronage to cut,  nor any more new jobs being created, nor any more new businesses moving into the state and lastly any more new higher income citizens coming into the state.  The Connecticut Democrat Party has raped and pillaged the state of its economic vibrancy to the point of no return for their own personal political gain.  And yet they will somehow spin this latest economic debacle upon a somehow "obstructionist" Republican party that has been completely shut out for years in the actual budgetary process.
It is the constant Democrat lie here in Connecticut.  A Democrat party that has lost its credibility with both the taxpayers and voters with its spins and lies about the budget.  With its spins and lies about its political appointments.  With its spins and lies about economic development.  With its spins and lies about taxes.  With its spins and lies about revenue.  With its spins and lies on spending.  And it seems that the Republican party only now is allowed for their opinions to be voiced in the media.  And only now will Republicans be allowed at the budget negotiation table.  When it is too late?  So that the Republicans will be somehow blamed for this mess?
What is the economic solution?  There are many solutions however they are not politically correct for Connecticut Democrats.  There needs to be a serious cut in the never ending levels of middle and upper level state employee managers and commissioners who receive massive levels of salaries, benefits and pensions for what amounts to do nothing jobs.  There needs to be an end to pensions that can be escalated with unlimited amounts of overtime.  There needs to be an end to lifetime paid for medical benefits for former employees.  There needs to be an end to the unlimited corporate welfare to politically correct companies in the state.
And that is only the beginning of what can be cut.
But these are hard political choices.  In my opinion much too hard to be made by Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule.  Too many of Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule would be forced to make do with less just like Connecticut taxpayer's have been doing for years now.
Connecticut is broke.  And will be forgotten economically.  Thanks to Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule.

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