Saturday, December 19, 2015

Saturday's Random Political-Economic Thoughts

Maybe the Democratic Party Presidential Debates could be held in a secret location, recorded and then played from 2 am to 4 am on a Wednesday morning?   If I was a registered Democrat I would be both insulted and afraid by the candidates running. 
What happen to leadership in both political parties on a National level?   With the exceptions of Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Jeff Sessions in the Republican Party and Representative Jim Cooper in the Democrat Party both parties in my opinion have been bought off by special interest groups.  The latest budget deal is an atrocious economic quagmire of massive spending on laws that do not work and funds pork, pork and more pork.  The working middle class of America were definitely boxed out in this budget.
The National Debt should break $19 Trillion Dollars in a few months with this new spending.  It has merely doubled under the Obama Administration.  No big deal as each taxpayer could one day be forced to pay a National Debt Tax of $150,000 per person.  It could replicate becoming owned by our government in a forced working situation in a never ending spiral of debt and keep upper mobility of classes limited as the poor would not be able to pay it, thus be exempt from it, the rich would pay it off quickly and work to get loopholes passed to avoid it and thus the burden would be solely bore by the working middle class again.
Needless to say cutting spending and unnecessary programs falls on deaf ears.  It will once again become a major economic issue in the short term as interest rates rise and terrorism increases in our country.

And by the way-Happy Holidays!

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