Saturday, December 19, 2015

Saturday's Random Political-Economic Thoughts

Maybe the Democratic Party Presidential Debates could be held in a secret location, recorded and then played from 2 am to 4 am on a Wednesday morning?   If I was a registered Democrat I would be both insulted and afraid by the candidates running. 
What happen to leadership in both political parties on a National level?   With the exceptions of Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Jeff Sessions in the Republican Party and Representative Jim Cooper in the Democrat Party both parties in my opinion have been bought off by special interest groups.  The latest budget deal is an atrocious economic quagmire of massive spending on laws that do not work and funds pork, pork and more pork.  The working middle class of America were definitely boxed out in this budget.
The National Debt should break $19 Trillion Dollars in a few months with this new spending.  It has merely doubled under the Obama Administration.  No big deal as each taxpayer could one day be forced to pay a National Debt Tax of $150,000 per person.  It could replicate becoming owned by our government in a forced working situation in a never ending spiral of debt and keep upper mobility of classes limited as the poor would not be able to pay it, thus be exempt from it, the rich would pay it off quickly and work to get loopholes passed to avoid it and thus the burden would be solely bore by the working middle class again.
Needless to say cutting spending and unnecessary programs falls on deaf ears.  It will once again become a major economic issue in the short term as interest rates rise and terrorism increases in our country.

And by the way-Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Connecticut Democrat Party New Normal Budget Mess

We have business as usual for the Connecticut Democrat Party and their supposed solution to the state budget crisis.  The Connecticut Democrat Party will in the last minutes of the budget session sequester $40 billion dollars worth of taxpayers monies in spending for a two year budget.  Less than six months later there is now a massive budget deficit that needs to be addressed.  Prior to this over the past four years, two of the largest Connecticut Democrat Party's tax increases in our state's history go into effect to supposedly eliminate all future budget deficits.  A special session is called and money gets thrown around, moved off budget, lock boxes are created, some business taxes get rolled back, some get increased and the Connecticut Democrat Party pats itself on their backs for what a great job they have done in resolving the budget crisis they have created over the many, many years they have been in power.  The Connecticut Democrat Party also condemns the Connecticut Republicans in the House and Senate for not going along with their economically irrational and unsustainable budget fantasies.
Do you see a pattern of lies by the Connecticut Democrat Party?
Do you see the same yearly budget crisis supplied by the Connecticut Democrat Party?
Do you see all structural changes to Connecticut's Government blocked by the Connecticut Democrat Party?
Do you see a legally voted into law Constitutional Spending Cap being declared null and void by the Connecticut Democrat Party?
Over and over again.  We see no changes in Hartford.   The long term budget crisis and long term budget deficits never get addressed.  Connecticut is broke financially. More of the same thanks to the Connecticut Democrat Party.
In 2016 Connecticut really needs a Constitutional amendment for the power of recalling our elected officials at a Federal and State level.  Taxpayers and voters have had enough of the total disrespect shown by the Connecticut Democrat Party in the way they have created their own political kingdom to their advantage at the expense of Connecticut's taxpayers.
And I will predict six months there will be yet budget deficit, another special session and more lies being spewed by the Connecticut Democrat Party.
Time for change and a Constitutional amendment for the power of recalling our elected officials at a Federal and State level.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Terrorism Again

Terrorists wish to murder innocent people.  It is has been proven over and over again in our country and around the world since 9/11/2001.  ISIS terrorism is to me pretty much the same as any another terrorist group that has developed since 9/11.  The intent of the terrorist group is to kill and murder anyone that stands in their way of the creation of their so-called perfect society that would plunge the earth back into the dark ages and eliminate anyone who does not believe in their so-called religion.
Terrorism has been on the rise over the past several years for a variety of reasons, two in particular.  The first reason is that they are receiving enough economic funding from sources to finance they elaborate system of weapons and travel to set up terrorist cells and operations to murder their victims.  The second reason is that unchecked liberalism in government has allowed in some cases unchecked movement of terrorists due to political correctness.  Governmental officials want us to say something if we see something-how this becomes a deterrent to terrorism astounds me.  We all may see a great deal and many of us are afraid to say anything due to being politically incorrect.  Government in its political correctness continues to turn its back on what is common sense in defending its citizens for their irrational thoughts on offending someones feelings.
America and the world in my opinion is unsafe due to terrorism.  Terrorism has been allowed to grow unchecked once again.  What will be attacked next?
And the Democrat political movement especially here in Connecticut treasures the photo opportunity and anti gun talk to get their agenda across.  Connecticut's Democrat Senator for life, Chris Murphy astounded many Christian citizens in our country this past week in response to his remarks on the latest terrorism attack in San Bernardino with his tweet: "Your “thoughts” should be about steps to take to stop this carnage. Your “prayers” should be for forgiveness if you do nothing – again."
What steps should I take as a private citizen to eliminate terrorism when Senator Murphy and the rest of Connecticut's political delegation demand that all guns be taken away from private, law abiding citizens like myself and this somehow will magically eliminate terrorism?  How am I am going defend myself and my family from a possible attack?  Should I gather rocks and stones to throw at terrorists while they aim their automatic weaponry at me?  Should I just be allowed to be shot at will by the terrorist and die so that I did not have in my hands a dreaded weapon to fight back?  How are we better off now not being able to defend ourselves?  Have shootings gone down in Connecticut since our new gun laws in Connecticut been enacted?
Christians do turn to prayer in times of trouble, there is nothing wrong with that and as far as I can see we still have some religious freedom left in our politically correct society.  Senator Murphy's tweet does nothing to eliminate terrorism in our country.  Senator Murphy's tweet does nothing other than shove the same stale Democrat propaganda of gun control as being this Utopian solution to end all violence.
Terrorists do not believe in prayer, they believe in murder.  Christians believe in prayer and not murder.  And we as American citizens need to defend ourselves since elected officials like Senator Murphy sit on their holy than thou chairs and do nothing to clear out the rotted core of terrorism at its roots due to their political correctness.