Saturday, October 24, 2015

Wallingford's Strong Republican Leadership

As we all know election day is almost here.  On Tuesday,  November 3rd, legitimate registered voters are allowed to cast their ballots for the people of their choice to represent them for the next two years in Connecticut's municipal elections.  It a part of our democracy that many choose to follow and make their voices heard and a path where many could not be bothered to spend 15 minutes of their lives in actually doing.  In my opinion many of those who choose not to vote are the loudest complainers of what is going on in our society and community.  Do not complain if you do not vote.
The time of election here in Wallingford we hear a tale of two cities, one that is horribly run with massive taxes, high costs and path to economic and tree oblivion.  And a tale of economic reality with a prosperous, dynamic, efficiently run, low tax, low electric cost community run by a Republican led Town Council and a Mayor who has been office for many years placing Wallingford's needs above his own and his own political gain.
Wallingford is a unique community because of this.  Because of strong Republican leaders who place Wallingford's interest over their political ego on the Board of Education, Town Council, various Boards and in the Mayor's office.  Wallingford's strong Republican leadership has been able to keep a AAA bond rating for many years now, has been able to keep taxes low (contrary to what others may state), has been able to have the lowest electric rates in the state and provide effective local services and a strong educational system for our youth.  Yes, Wallingford's Republican leadership has been a dynamic force in keeping Wallingford moving forward economically while the rest of state (look at the cities of Bridgeport and Hartford for example) is in an economic decline.
Wallingford's Republican leadership should become a model for our state rather than the current corruption we see on an almost daily basis due to Connecticut's Democrat One Party Rule that has created a never ending economic nightmare for its taxpayers.
Mayor William Dickinson has led Wallingford and continues to lead Wallingford as an elected official should.  He is economically conservative and understands that taxpayers monies is not unlimited.  He is also legally bound by the countless unfunded mandates that Connecticut government places on its cities and towns that costs us money.  Funny that we do not see many complaints by those complainers who do not vote on those unfunded mandates.  Mayor Dickinson has led by example never to be brought up on any ethics charge in all of the years he has been in office.  Can that be said about the ex-felon who is running for Mayor in Bridgeport?
On November 3rd Wallingford voters have the opportunity to extend forceful, economically rational and ethical government in Wallingford by voting for Mayor Dickinson for reelection along with the entire Republican slates for Board of Education and Town Council.  Talk is cheap in politics, we see that daily with the Connecticut Democrat Party.  We see effective actions in Wallingford's Republican leadership.  They deserve to continue to run Wallingford for the next two years.

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