Saturday, August 29, 2015

When Wrong Is Right-The Local Elections Are Here

Wrong is right in Connecticut.  Down is up and up is down.  A lie becomes truth when told over and over again.  From the Constitution State to the Corruption State.  A valueless political system along with a valueless economic system.  Taxpayers mistreated and abused.  Taxpayers lied to. 
Wrong is the new right in Connecticut.  A lie is the new truth in Connecticut.
The local elections are upon us.  In my opinion contrary to the lies of the Connecticut Democrat Party, the Connecticut economy is in horrific shape.  We see now on a daily basis an exodus of taxpayers and young people leaving the state on a daily basis.  We see now on an almost daily basis businesses leaving the state both small and large due to the high costs of taxes, transportation and doing business in Connecticut.  We see a non transparent and fraudulent state government in action, with violations of our constitution and rule of laws rampant.  We see Connecticut last in all so many economic categories.  We see Connecticut as a state that has developed into an economic windfall and personal bank for its elected and appointed state officials with high salaries, high pensions and never ending benefits that Connecticut taxpayers must support willingly and without questioning of our elected officials.
Wrong is right in Connecticut according to the Connecticut Democrat Party. 
The local elections are here. 
What really has the Connecticut Democrat Party done for you lately if you are not part of their well connected network of nepotism?
Are you better off since the Malloy regime began if you are not part of their well connected network of nepotism?
Are you paying less in taxes?
The local elections will be a referendum on the Connecticut Democrat Party.  The Connecticut Democrat Party continues to be out of touch with the economic reality of what is happening in this state.  The middle class who bears the brunt of oppressive and unyielding state taxes is being eliminated on a daily basis by the Connecticut Democrat Party. 
Do you really want to vote Democrat in this location election?  Or is time finally to start to rid our state beginning on a local level of the arrogance of the Connecticut Democrat Party and its lies that it claims is good government?
The choice is yours-continued economic strangulation with oppressive taxes or economic freedom?
Voters must make that critical choice this November.

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