Monday, June 15, 2015

Taxation Without Representation Brought To You By Connecticut's Democrat Party

Many years ago our state was part of a group of colonists who had enough of taxation without representation from England and decided to declare their freedom so that they could have freedom at that time.  In 2015 the Democrat Party of Connecticut has decided that Connecticut taxpayers will also have taxation without representation as represented by an economically unsustainable and irrational budget they passed with no debate nor input from a governing minority party nor from the taxpaying public.
Middle class tax relief we are led to believe under this taxation without representation is in the form of yet even newer and higher taxes for Connecticut taxpayers.  A mere $2 Billion dollars more in taxes.  A Constitutional Spending Cap law is ignored and ridiculed by the Democrat Party of Connecticut under the guise of their own personal distaste for the rule of law. 
$85,000 plus benefits for a Democrat Party of Connecticut “Financial Literacy” position?  The Democrat Party of Connecticut hands out 12% binding pay increases for their politically connected?  The list is endless of the waste and fraud that goes on in Hartford-Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule of the Democrat Party of Connecticut.
Taxpayers work for the Democrat Party of Connecticut-they have successfully recreated taxation without representation in 2015. 

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