Saturday, June 20, 2015

Connecticut's Budget Process

Let me try to understand Connecticut's budget process.  First a budget is presented that is out of balance.  The budget then has money taken off budget and placed somewhere else to avoid the mandated state constitutional spending cap.  Then taxes increase and the Connecticut Democrat Party states that the budget is a victory for the working middle class even though your taxes have increased again.  Debate on a $40 billion dollar budget is limited to less than four hours.  The minority Republican Party is not allowed in the budget talks even though they represent over 40% of the population of Connecticut.  The budget is signed even though there is a massive deficit forthcoming, taxes increase yet again and state spending increases yet again. 
It is a simple process whereby the Connecticut Democrat Party eliminates all opposition, all debate and all democracy out of the budget process.  It is a simple process that Connecticut Democrat Party places itself above any state laws, any state constitution and any questioning of their supreme Omnipotent One Party Rule.  Taxpayers can no longer question anything that Connecticut Democrat Party does in Connecticut. 
The Connecticut Democrat Party is the unchecked cancer that has infected and is economically ruining Connecticut.
It is a simple process to eliminate opposition here in Connecticut.

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