Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"What Does Governor Malloy’s Connecticut Look Like?” Read down for more…

My daughter recently received a political mailing by Connecticut Forward even though she no longer lives in Connecticut and has not voted here in Connecticut for years that states: “What Does Tom Foley’s Connecticut Look Like?  See Inside For More…”
It is interesting to note that Connecticut Forward according to this mailing states: “Our top five aggregate covered transfers were made by the Democratic Governors Association, AFT Solidarity, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Service Employees International  Union COPE, and Teamsters Local 1150.”  Thus one must assume union money went to produce the flyer.
Here is a more real view of Connecticut:
 "What Does Governor Malloy’s Connecticut Look Like?”  Read down for more…
In Dan Malloy’s State things are a bit different.
The Working Middle Class are under constant threat of losing their jobs and newer and higher taxes.

Law abiding citizens must register their guns and criminals under Malloy’s Early Release Program are allowed to roam free to commit more crimes with in some cases their illegal guns.

Higher education which is subsidized by state taxpayers is fast becoming unaffordable for state residents.

And those remaining working people pay one of the highest tax burdens in the country.

Democrat Dan Malloy has taken Connecticut the wrong way.

His economic policies and avoidance of the rules and laws in our state have driven it to the bottom tier in our country in many economic and business categories.   He and Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule have driven Connecticut to an economic wasteland.

This election matters-Get the facts on Governor Dan Malloy’s Connecticut.

Please Vote Republican on November 4th.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Why Is Connecticut An Economic Mess?

I have some thoughts as to why I feel along with many of my students and readers as to why Connecticut is an economic mess.  There has been a steady decline in many areas of our state economy for many years now.  Blame has been pointed from one politician to another.  In this 2014 election there is much economic irrational thought being presented by Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule as to how well the state’s economy is doing with mythical job creation, blaming the last Republican Administration for the deficit even though Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule has controlled both the House and Senate for years now and vetoed many pieces of a Republican Governor’s legislation to lower the debt and lastly the inability for Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule to follow the rules and laws that they have enacted for campaign financing.  Thus in October 2014 Connecticut continues to be an economic mess.
Taxes, job growth and job creation are interwoven parts of our economy.  When taxes become too high businesses must either cut costs to remain profitable and or relocate to a more tax and business friendly state.  We have seen this happening for years here in Connecticut directly due to a lack of checks and balances in our state government.  Those lucky businesses that remain here in Connecticut seem to be bullied into donating to the Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule various committees and fund raisers.  Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule then slams a successful businessman who apparently has not taken state aid and who is running for Governor on the Republican ticket.  Millionaires abound in Hartford’s and Washington’s Omnipotent One Party Rule yet the state Republican party continues to be vilified by having a successful businessman who is running for Governor on the Republican ticket.  Money, hard work, success and wealth is bad to Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule unless you are legally paying them off in the form of political contributions and other unknown and unpublished perks.  Thus in October 2014 Connecticut continues to be an economic mess.  To me it is a fraudulent government supported by those remaining taxpayers in Connecticut.
Connecticut has over $80 billion dollars in long term unfunded and funded liabilities.  Unfortunately a taxpayer is not able to obtain an answer from Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule as to the actual amount of the debt is nor what the plan is to pay it off.  I guess current taxpayers will not obtain an answer to this in their current lifetime.   Again to me this is economic chaos being nurtured by Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule.
Taxpayers get the bill for over $33 million dollars to support these same candidates running for office through the state's free campaign money law. This money supports these corrupted campaigns and elections.  Why?  Why can't we view this campaign finance reform program as a sham after the current Malloy anti-Foley mailing? 
Thus in October 2014 Connecticut continues to be an economic mess.  Its roots and origins can be blamed back to the first Governor Czar we had, Lowell Weicker who slammed down the throats of state taxpayers the economically draining state income tax back in 1991 which began the orgy of state spending that has not let up in 23 years.  In 2014 the state spends in excess of $21 billion dollars a year.  For what you may also ask?  We still have crime, we still have poverty, we still have high taxes, we still see our youth flee the state when they graduate, we still see people hungry, we still see a horrific highway, road and bridge system, we still have one of the highest costs of living in the country and we still have a corrupted state government system which enables this economic charade to continue.

Have you had enough?  Do you really want to continue Connecticut’s economic mess for yet another four years?  Why can’t we change the way political business is done in Connecticut?  Why can’t we give all the Republicans running for state office a vote and a chance to see if they can eliminate the economic mess that Connecticut is in 2014?  Or is it too late to save Connecticut from Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Why Campaign Finance Laws Are Made To Be Disregarded By Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule

Apparently campaign finance laws here in Connecticut are made to be broken by Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule and meant to be followed by Connecticut Republicans. 
The Malloy mailer which was sent out using the state Democrats Federal campaign funds account is currently illegal according to state campaign laws.  Obviously that does not stop Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule in doing what they want when they want regardless of any type of law.
Connecticut passed in the wake of the Rowland scandal some strict campaign finance reform laws in 2005 to prohibit what just occurred with this mailing.  These reform laws which were hailed as revolutionary-taxpayer monies were to be used in public financing of state elections so long as candidates did not accept funds from political action committees, companies or individuals who did business with the state or special interest groups.  Malloy in this election has taken $6.2 in taxpayer funded public finance funds, some $4 million which has somehow been channeled through the State Democratic State Central Committee and an astonishing $3.5 through a Malloy Political Action Committee.  And he uses monies that were raised for federal campaigns now for this attack mailing on Tom Foley in what seems to me to be an act of desperation in his failing campaign.
Thus as if it was not bad enough taxpayers now paid for illegally his $6.2 public finance funds even though he has taken $7.5 million in funds which are in clear violation of this campaign financing reform law and the debacle with using illegally these federal campaign funds.  How the campaign finance reform laws of 2005 have helped our state is beyond any type of rational thought.  It is now another burden to the already overburden state taxpayers.
Sounds confusing-it is-campaign finance reforms are now a farce. 
Campaign finance laws here in Connecticut are made to be broken by Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule and meant to be followed by Connecticut Republicans.   Why anyone will vote for Malloy, his under ticket or any Democrat candidate is beyond me.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

So What Has Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule Done For You Lately?

Just curious?
So what has Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule done for you lately?
Have they lowered your taxes?  What do you mean they raised them?
Have they made Connecticut more business friendly? What do you mean you want to move your business out-of-state?
Have they addressed why they force businesses to pay to play?  What do you mean as a business owner you cannot afford that Democrat political contribution they want?
Have they improved Connecticut’s roads?  What do you mean you spend one hour each day one way commuting due to the traffic congestions?
Have addressed Connecticut’s unfunded liabilities?  What do you mean it is now $80 billion dollars plus?
Have they addressed the issues in the State Treasurer’s office?  What do you mean we have not heard from Denise Nappier in how long?
Have they looked at how many citizens are moving out-of-state?  What do you mean that you are going to?
Just curious?
So what has Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule done for you lately?
Just curious as the record they are running for reelection on is pretty poor.  Actually and in reality it is a horrible record of what they have done for Connecticut.
Just curious why any voter would vote for the Malloy regime and Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule again.
I know now my curiosity has been satisfied.  And I have had enough of their lies.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Will Connecticut Voters Wake Up?

Will Connecticut voters wake up on November 4th?  Will they wake up and go to their local polling places and vote?  Will Connecticut voters make a change in our stale and economically inept government?
Can they?  Do they understand the current road to economic ruin that Connecticut is on due to Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule?  Do they understand the magnitude of Connecticut’s unfunded liabilities?  Do they understand how Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule chooses economic winners and losers? Do they understand that the winners contribute to the Democratic Party or risk falling out of grace?  Do they understand economic development is done with their own taxpayer’s monies?  Do they understand there are no longer any checks or balances in our state government?
The ruling elite is a better term for Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule.  They have driven the state to the ground economically.  We even have an unknown State Treasurer who is responsible for $26 billion dollars of state investments who is
nowhere to be found at this time.  We have a Governor who does not lead nor govern nor understand how an economy works.  We are not better off than we were before the Malloy Regime entered office.  We are not safer than we were before the Malloy early prisoner release program.  We are a state of no’s and not’s.  We have one of the highest tax rates in the country along with a negative business climate.  Businesses and citizens are fleeing the state.  It is the nasty truth of the Malloy Administration and Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule.
They really deserve to be reelected on this record of the past four years?
Why we give these candidates a chance to show what they can do for a change?
Tom Foley for Governor.
Heather Somers for Lt. Governor.
Tim Herbst for State Treasurer.
Peter Lumaj for Secretary of State.
Sharon McLaughlin for Comptroller.
Kie Westby for Attorney General.
Why do we need four more years of garbage that is called state government given to us by Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule?  Wake up voters before it is too late.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Tim Herbst For Connecticut State Treasurer-Why Won't Denise Nappier Debate? Why?

Why won't State Treasurer Denise Nappier engage in a debate with Republican State Treasurer  Tim Herbst?  Don't we as taxpayers deserve it?
We actually have a race here in Connecticut for the under ticket positions in November.  The State Treasurer position is the subject of an intense campaign between our current State Treasurer who has been in office since 1998 and Republican candidate Tim Herbst.  This office controls $26 billion dollars worth of state monies, must hedge all funds against potential losses and maintains the state's credit rating.
We have currently in office a State Treasurer who to me from an economic point of view is completely overwhelmed by the office, is detached from economic reality and really should resign as soon as possible due to her lack of economic/credit knowledge.  However we know in the land of Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule that would never happen (however I can always dream).
Mr. Herbst is running an aggressive campaign to unseat Denise Nappier.  From her ignoring Freedom of Information requests, to an irrational push poll created by the Nappier campaign which brings up Herbst's Mother, to absolutely no plan whatsoever to fund the $80 billion dollars in unfunded pension liabilities the state has, State Treasurer Nappier is in over her head.  She has the economic ability to help create a bankruptcy for Connecticut through her lack of action.  This is one state position that does not need a political hack in.  To me $26 billion dollars of taxpayers monies is a great deal of money to be concerned about and she has no concerns at all in my opinion.  And we have the highest state debt per person in the country.  What a great record to run for reelection on!
Tim Herbst is an economically qualified and dynamic candidate for State Treasurer.  He has proven that he can manage and lead by his First Selectman position in Trumbull.  His actions including a lowering of taxers and greater economic development has helped make Trumbull a robust and growing community in our state.  Actions not rhetoric drive Mr. Herbst.  We need a change rapidly in this office to offset the impending economic nightmare which will continue if Nappier remains in office.
I conclude by wondering why State Employee/Taxpayer Funded/State Treasurer Denise Nappier will not debate Tim Herbst?  What is State Employee/Taxpayer Funded/State Treasurer Denise Nappier hiding?  I as a taxpayer would like to know.  Wouldn't you?