Thursday, August 07, 2014

James Brown For Congress In Connecticut's Third District

I wonder if anyone has told Rosa DeLauro to drop out of her re election race like she has told Gubernatorial Candidate Jonathan Pelto?  Just a thought?  Maybe it has been a long 23 years that she has been in office achieving what I do not know for the Third Congressional District here in Connecticut.
James Brown is running against her for this seat in Congress.  And from what I have been reading about him he is offering the voters and taxpayers of our District a true choice this November.
Mr. Brown has offered many different thoughts and ideas on the serious issues of our economy, country and District.  Contrary to the DeLauro robo-calls that we receive from her, Mr. Brown has offered a solid and logical platform to the voters and taxpayers he will represent.
I especially like his solution of our out-of-control federal spending by offering no new spending bills along with small spending cuts to begin the process of addressing the current $17 trillion dollar plus National Debt.
Mr. Brown also offers alternatives to the overpriced and bureaucratic Obamacare program which was fully endorsed by Rosa DeLauro.
He favors Congress making laws again not by Presidential fiat and a major simplification of our economically irrational tax code.
Taxpayers need a Representative who will work for them not the same stale failed policies which force us to work for our Representative as we have today in 2014.
This is his website
I know my family and friends will be voting for a  new Representative in Congress-James Brown, in the Third Congressional District here in Connecticut.

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