Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Chris Murphy Said This?

Chris Murphy said this?
Really sad to watch Obama haters attack this kid who CHOSE to fight to protect the rest of us, just to score political points.

Has Chris Murphy ever been in the military? 
Has he ever come under enemy fire? 
Has he seen firsthand the destruction of a generation of young men and women who have seen combat on foreign soil?  
Has he waited in a Veterans Hospital for care?
Has he seen the jungles of Vietnam and been a POW there?
Has he seen the Middle Eastern hatred of our military men and women who have fought there?
Has he seen how military families been torn apart from the combat deaths of those loved who gave their lives without hesitation to protect the freedom of others (including Chris Murphy)?

Here is something for Chris Murphy to ponder over his coming lifetime as Connecticut’s Senator for Life:
We can reflect on the great sacrifices our military men and women make each day without ego or fanfare to help keep our country safe from worldwide threats. We can also reflect on all of the men and women who gave their lives to our country to keep us free. Freedom has never been nor ever will be free nor should it ever be taken for granted.

Chris Murphy Connecticut’s Senator for Life should really resign over his remarks which have degraded and disgraced every man and women who served our country.

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