Sunday, February 09, 2014

The Malloy State Of The State Address-Was He Talking About Connecticut?

I was unclear as to Mr. Malloy's recent snow delayed State of the State address as if he was talking about Connecticut, the state he is supposedly Governor of.  For what Mr. Malloy talked about as far as what was in his $19 billion dollar budget seemed to me to be an economic fantasy in his dreams and the politically charged re-election dreams of Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule.
For example higher minimum wages somehow create new jobs-in Connecticut or in another state when businesses and industries move out to those other business friendly states?
For example a $55 tax rebate stimulates the economy, you can not even buy a full tank of gas with $55.
For example the largest tax increase in the state's history still helps to produce short and long term debt, budget deficits and long term unfunded liabilities.
For example state spending increases another 2.8% in the coming budget, this type of increase is not an increase due to the supposed fact of the massive amounts of money that the state has borrowed and not paid back to fund day-to-day operations.  Therefore the borrowed money does not exist.
For example 27,000 Connecticut residents are not working as compared to when Mr. Malloy took office-this is viewed as an economic recovery in four years?  How many unemployed Connecticut residents have given up finding work in the past four years-possibly 50,000 plus?
For example Connecticut still ranks near last in the country in many different economic areas-this is the true economic reality of Mr. Malloy's economic recovery and the economic dreams of Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule.

We continue to face an economic crisis in Connecticut.  $55 and massive over taxation and over spending does not resolve it.  A new Republican Governor along with a Republican State House of Representatives and State Senate would go a long way in turning the vast economic wasteland known as Connecticut around in 2014.

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