Saturday, January 04, 2014

Connecticut's Inherent Corruption

Apparently it has become legal for Connecticut to be corrupt.  One must give a contribution to the Democratic Party and thus one's business or individual person gets a state contract and or taxpayer funded position in our state.  Thus in my economic opinion Connecticut has become inherently corrupted.
Trying to gather information on this pay for play corrupted state government has become difficult.  The media avoids the subject since it must be lock and step to with Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule.  We get little if any answers from our taxpayer funded elected officials either.
The pay for play issue which should make all state taxpayers call their legislators is what the Department of Economic Development did with $376,000 plus of taxpayers monies.  That money was given to politically connected Earl O'Garro, Jr. whose Hybrid Insurance Group failed to pay insurance premiums totaling $670,000 for the City of Hartford policies that they carried with his company. The money was apparently wired to his company rather than the insurance carrier that holds the policy as is the norm.  His company back in 2012 was given a mere $126,000 of taxpayers monies in loans and grants to move from Windsor to a building in Hartford which was owned by Hartford's Treasurer Adam Cloud (who apparently authorized the wire payment to O'Garro's company not the carrier for the premiums), his brother and his father. 
What a political mess.  But not to worry as we see little news regarding what is being done to get this taxpayer money back.  I also feel sorry for the City of Hartford's taxpayers who just saw $670,000 of their money go out the window.
Thus we have Example #1 of Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule corruption and scandal.  Maybe Mr. Malloy could take time out of his busy fundraising schedule and address it.  And maybe taxpayers could get a better explanation of where their $376,000 went. 
Connecticut's Inherent Corruption-alive and well in this election year.

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