Thursday, January 16, 2014

America's Never Ending National Debt

$17 trillion dollars and counting.  That is America's never ending National Debt.  And if taxpayers were to look at the new 1,582 page spending bill which increases spending by a mere $45 billion dollars they would see more of the same.  More wasteful spending, more entitlement programs and absolutely no plan to pay down the National Debt whatsoever.
It is more of the same.  $17 trillion dollars and counting.  No relief in sight.
Some uncomfortable economic facts about our National Debt is that China now owns over $1.3 trillion dollars of that debt.  Japan owns a mere $1.186 trillion dollars of the debt.  Why?  Has anyone in our Congress looked at the human rights violations in China lately?  Just curious.  Has anyone examined how China does business with our country or other countries lately?  Just curious.
Each citizen's share of the National Debt is over $54,000.  A family of four owes over $216,000.  Just curious as to when an actual National Debt tax assessment will be formulated by Congress?  Don't laugh it could happen.
I have come to an economic conclusion that our political system and those involved in it especially at a state and national level only concerns are their political egos, political power and economic gain they can take from our government and in turn from you and I the taxpayers who support this economic debacle.
The National Debt Game brought to you by our economically challenged elected officials.
$17 trillion dollars and counting.  That is America's never ending National Debt.
What is the plan to pay it back?

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