Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday's Random Thoughts

Some Random Sunday Thoughts-back from my writing vacation:
Apparently if you do business in Connecticut one must make a contribution to Hartford's Ominpotent One Party-The Elite Democratic Party.  Obviously, it is legal and encouraged.  Think about it next time you paying one of Connecticut's many highest taxes in the country.  Think about it when you paying one of the highest gas prices in the country while stuck in yet another traffic jam on one of Connecticut's highways.
Obamacare still does not work, nor do we know how much taxpayers will be paying both for their new policies and the new hidden taxes of the plan.  Obamacare remains an inept economic debacle.  Taxpayers and voters will ultimately blame the Democratic party for this nightmare.  It still should be repealed immediately.
Any news on the different Obama scandals?  The NSA?  The IRS?  Obamacare?   Benghazi?   EPA emails?  Circumventing the Constitution?  Recess Appointments?  Just wondering if any truths will be found?
Oh well just three more years of this economic debacle of an Administration...

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