Monday, November 04, 2013

Wallingford Voters-The Choice Is Clear On Tuesday-Vote Dickinson And The Republican Team

Wallingford voters have a clear choice for Mayor and those who will serve on both the Town Council and Board of Education.  Mayor William Dickinson has done a tremendous job as our Mayor for many years now.  He has the knowledge, education and leadership qualities to continue to lead Wallingford for the next two years.  He has no ego and does have the skills to continue to govern Wallingford.
If we truly look at the Democratic candidate for Mayor-do we really see management skills?  I do not see any according to his resume.  Do we see the advanced education along with finance expertise/knowledge to lead Wallingford?  I do not see any according to his resume. Do we see anything other than the constant drum beat of me, me, me in his campaign?  I see very little in Mr. Zandri’s qualification to run our town, nor was I impressed in his actions as a Town Councilor.  Being an IT person does not qualify you as a leader of multi-million dollar entity along with all of the essential day to day management functions that this position requires.

For Town Council Republican candidates Vincent Cervoni, Tom Laffin,  Craig Fishbein, John LeTourneau, Christine Mansfield, Bob Parisi and Ray Rys, all bring quality leadership and management to the Council.  They do not need power point slides nor ego to provide steady and conservative leadership to our town.  Our Republican Board of Education candidates all place needs before ego in their decisions also.

On Tuesday Vote William Dickinson and the Republican team for Wallingford.  I know  if you love our town as much as I do you will stay the course of exceptional leadership and government and Vote Republican.

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