Friday, November 15, 2013

I Apologize-You Still Must Accept My Health Care Plan-Any Questions?

Why should we still accept Obamacare?  Are there any economic advantages or medical advantages to socialized health care?  Why were five million policies cancelled due to this law?  What was economically and medically wrong with these policies?  Why is Congress not subject to Obamacare but has exempted themselves from it? Were any members of Congress or this Administrations policies cancelled?  How much is it actually going to cost to develop a workable health insurance web site portal?  What will be the costs in the long run to maintain it?  What is a one year extension of your current plan actually going to do for you? How will the additional costs to Medicare and Medicare going to be paid for?  By taxpayers through yet even higher medical care taxes?  Higher payroll taxes?  What provisions in Obamacare are related to medical tort and medical malpractice settlement reforms?  At what age does medical care start to be rationed due to costs?
He apologized-You Still Must Accept His Health Care Plan-Any Questions?  Good.  There are no answers from this Administration.  I do not accept this apology.

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