Thursday, October 10, 2013

G O V E R N M E N T S H U T D O W N - But Where Is Our Tax Money Going? $16,750,221,318,255.68 Trillion Dollar National Debt And Rising...

Our National Debt is $16,750,221,318,255.68 and rising.  $16.75 trillion and rising.  And with Federal Government unfunded liabilities we are looking at additional $100 trillion dollars which is off budget and out-of-sight from taxpayers.  Economically we could be considered bankrupt.
If one wonders where their tax monies they are paying is going during our government shutdown, it is a valid question given all of the doomsday economic rhetoric we are hearing at this time.  First in the first five years of the Obama Administration, the National Debt has increased by $4.93 trillion dollars, for those who despise all things Republican, under the Bush Administration it increased by $4.89 trillion dollars in eight years.  We still have three more years of this Administration, thus we may and probably will see an additional $3 to $6 trillion dollars in National Debt.  Our current tax monies are being used to basically continue paying the interest on the National Debt and to run certain services of government especially the salaries and benefits of the members of Congress and their staffs.  Our current Administration wants to prove its point by making this "shutdown" as nasty as possible, thus we are seeing the staged closings of our National Parks, Monuments, etc. (with the exception having a taxpayer funded rally for immigration at a "closed" governmental facility) with as much perceived pain as possible.  To me as a taxpayer it is laughable and insulting to my continued financial support of this rogue and economically irrational administration and government.   I thought our elected officials serve us?  Or are we now serfs in a non democracy type of serfdom?
The National Debt is out of control.  The costs of our new socialized health care system are out of control.  And the issues here for our new fiscal year should be to cut spending, come up with a plan to resolve the National Debt, come up with a plan to allow the free markets to create jobs and economic growth not government and most importantly allow the free markets to dynamically allow for better health insurance for all.
When will this Administration understand coherent economic thought?
Our National Debt is my $16,750,221,318,255.68 and rising.  That is the real issue that is avoided by all in politics and our ultra liberal media.

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dxj said...

The Prez says we need to pay our national bills ... but since when is borrowing on one credit card to pay the other considered paying your bills?