Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Democratic Economic Disinformation Is Everywhere-Washington, Hartford, Wallingford

Whether it is on the Local, State, or Federal level, I continue to be amazed at the economic disinformation that the Democratic party force feeds the public.
For the Washington governmental shutdown which is in reality is saving taxpayers a great deal of money, we hear obviously that is completely the Republicans fault.  It is the Republicans fault that the President will not be part of a non partisan, open type of communications government that speaks to the other side and tries to resolve its differences.  If you do not agree with this Administration's convoluted theories of economics you are not spoken to or heard from.  I guess that is good government in Washington.  Either agree or face the consequences, sort of like a Dictatorship.
Economic fantasies continue to grow and prosper among the ruling elite of Hartford's One Party Rule which continues to talk about the Governor inheriting the largest budget deficit in the state's history.  All Mr. Malloy did was to pass the largest tax increase in our state's history and we still have - guess what - a budget deficit, which will not go away any time soon.  Especially with the massive amount of unfunded liabilities that exist in our state government.  But if we do not think about them they will go away...for the next Administration.
Finally in Wallingford, the Democratic Mayoral candidate Mr. Zandri  has placed a new twist on our town's efficiency such as its  Aaa bond rating, low taxes, low electric rates and excellent school system.  He apparently does not believe we have one of the most transparent area governments, nor believes we have a low tax rate by the disinformation he has created about our tax mill rate.  I suppose if he ever got elected, he could state that his future tax increases are actually tax cuts and other related economic fantasies.  His grand plans will definitely cost taxpayers a great deal more in taxes, economically it can not be done any other way. In my economic opinion many taxpayers fear his economic rhetoric and will stay the course and re elect Mayor William Dickinson for another term.
Democratic economic disinformation is everywhere, it is truly is a burden to our economy and to the taxpayers who must pay for it.

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