Sunday, September 29, 2013

Oops We Are Out Of Money and A Mere $17 Trillion Dollars Plus In Debt

Oh well, five years into the Obama Administration and they still can not seem to create any economic results for our economy and country.  We hear the constant and daily rants against all Republicans who apparently will not compromise with the President.  Even though the President does not engage Congress nor have a coherent economic plan other than more economic socialization, more taxes, more spending and more debt-he keeps hammering away that it is all the Republicans fault.
However the economic buck stops with the President and his lack of leadership and lack of economic vision.  Obamacare is the next coming economic fiasco and the next ballooning of our National Debt.  All due to the belief that some people do not have health insurance in our economy-it would have been much cheaper to give them a full tax credit for them to have buy their insurance. 
Why does the President condemn business and industry but gladly accepts their campaign contributions?  Why the witch hunt against J.P. Morgan Chase?  The list is always endless with this Administration.
Now the defunding of government blame by the Obama Democrats along with the usual pointing the fingers at the Republicans.  Yet what is lost in this debate is that this Administration has done nothing economically to come to terms with the National Debt nor the yearly budget deficits that the Federal Government has each year.  It is always more spending, more programs which are unsustainable, more economic rhetoric, more economic damage, and more, more, more blame on the Republicans especially Senator Cruz.  What is this Administrations Plan on anything?
Well we are out of money to fund this albatross called the Federal Government.  And we are bankrupt to the tune of a $17 trillion dollar National Debt.  And the blame is directly on the Obama Administration.  The coming economic turmoil is the Democrats issue and problem alone.

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