Sunday, September 29, 2013

Oops We Are Out Of Money and A Mere $17 Trillion Dollars Plus In Debt

Oh well, five years into the Obama Administration and they still can not seem to create any economic results for our economy and country.  We hear the constant and daily rants against all Republicans who apparently will not compromise with the President.  Even though the President does not engage Congress nor have a coherent economic plan other than more economic socialization, more taxes, more spending and more debt-he keeps hammering away that it is all the Republicans fault.
However the economic buck stops with the President and his lack of leadership and lack of economic vision.  Obamacare is the next coming economic fiasco and the next ballooning of our National Debt.  All due to the belief that some people do not have health insurance in our economy-it would have been much cheaper to give them a full tax credit for them to have buy their insurance. 
Why does the President condemn business and industry but gladly accepts their campaign contributions?  Why the witch hunt against J.P. Morgan Chase?  The list is always endless with this Administration.
Now the defunding of government blame by the Obama Democrats along with the usual pointing the fingers at the Republicans.  Yet what is lost in this debate is that this Administration has done nothing economically to come to terms with the National Debt nor the yearly budget deficits that the Federal Government has each year.  It is always more spending, more programs which are unsustainable, more economic rhetoric, more economic damage, and more, more, more blame on the Republicans especially Senator Cruz.  What is this Administrations Plan on anything?
Well we are out of money to fund this albatross called the Federal Government.  And we are bankrupt to the tune of a $17 trillion dollar National Debt.  And the blame is directly on the Obama Administration.  The coming economic turmoil is the Democrats issue and problem alone.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

How Much Higher Will Your Health Insurance Increase in 2014?

How much higher? A great deal.  Any way you look at it.  Real numbers and real dollars.  Higher premiums with less coverage. Rationed care.  Shortages of Doctors and skilled specialists.  All in the name of totalitarian control to gain single payer health care run by a bloated and economically irrational federal government.  A federal government who can not functionally run any program with economic efficiencies.   All in the mane of power and control.
Why should taxpayers support Obamacare?
Why should our health care be taken away from us?
Why did Congress and many other receive exemptions from it?
How does this make health care more affordable in our economy when premiums are skyrocketing?

I agree with Senator Ted Cruz-we need to defund this horrific health care plan today.  It is economically irrational for our economy and for our health.  If citizens can not afford insurance then give them a full tax credit each year to allow them to purchase it on the open market so they have coverage.  It would have resolved this issue.

Defund Obamacare.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Joe Marrone for the Wallingford Board of Education

I am using one of my votes to help re-elect Joe Marrone to the Wallingford Board of Education.  Mr. Marrone has done an excellent job in my opinion in his second term on the Board.  He shows a great deal of leadership qualities and characteristics in his actions on the Board of Education.  He has spent a great deal of time in examining all sides of the issues that come before the Board of Education.  That allows him to make in my opinion valid and effective votes on all topics.  Being a parent with children in the school system, Mr. Marrone takes an active role in what is actually going on in our schools with an eye to the future.
It is not an easy job to be a member of a Board of Education, but Joe does an excellent job in leading the debate on many issues.


Education accounts for more than two-thirds of our town budget. We need to make sure that we are providing the highest quality of education to our children while providing the best value for our taxpayers.


Our school system needs to be held accountable to our customers (our students, their parents, and the taxpayers that make it all possible) for delivering a results-based education.

Parental Involvement

Involved parents can do more for the education of a child than any school program. To that end, our school system needs to do as much as it can to foster the cooperation of parents, teachers and the school administration.

Vocational / Life Skills

Not every student is college bound. Students should be exposed to as many types of vocational skills as we can reasonably provide so that students that are not on an academic path can still succeed in life.


We need to be ever vigilant and aggressive at combating bullying in our schools. Students can't learn if they are anxious or fearful of their classmates.

Academic Rigor and Fidelity of Instruction

We need to ensure that every student gets the same challenging, high quality education regardless of which school they attend or what teacher delivers the instruction.

I urge Wallingford voters to re-elect Joe Marrone for Wallingford Board of Education

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chris Shortell For Wallingford Board Of Education

One of my votes for Wallingford Board of Education will be going to Republican candidate Chris Shortell. He is an energetic candidate who offers a variety of new ideas and thoughts to the Board of Education here in Wallingford.  As a Father of two young children he also has a stake in the future of education in Wallingford.
Some thoughts from his campaign information:
"Chris believes that the Board of Education, and all town agencies, must be stewards of the taxpayers’ dollars.  He is committed to continuing the recent trend of BOE budgets that ask for modest, responsible increases, balancing the demands of the school system with economic reality.    Chris is also an advocate for parental involvement, BOE transparency and open communication, and for the arts."

I feel Chris Shortell would be an excellent candidate for Board of Education.  I urge fellow Wallingford voters to vote for him in November.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

To Dump Or Not To Dump In Wallingford? Here Comes The Rhetoric

Election time in Wallingford.  Here comes the rhetorical garbage.
I love Wallingford.  I wish it could be located in a different state.  Wallingford is a well managed and fiscally responsible community where we take pride.  That pride can be seen in many different ways.
Wallingford's strength can also be seen in its Mayor.  A Mayor who holds high ethical values.  A Mayor who holds conservative fiscal values for the town, placing the town's needs over his political gain.  A Mayor who has led the town through its ups and downs to make it what it is today.  A powerful economic community in a horrific economic state.
I guess one of the main campaign themes of this election is the wrongful dumping of materials by Public Works.  I guess I should staying up each night wondering where that waste is going and will be going?  I guess I should be wondering why and why again did this have to happen?  I guess this is a political crisis of the highest order.  I guess Wallingford will forever be changed by this garbage.
Pick any election in Wallingford and we hear the same story by the Democrats, just change the time, places and names.  Mayor Dickinson can not do any good and only the Democrats can change things.  I guess the local party wishes to replicate the economic debacle and nightmare that we see in Hartford.  Why have a town with low taxes, low electric rates, a AAA Bond rating, good schools and fiscal responsibility?  When we can have an economic morass instead with arrogance mixed in?
To dump or not to dump is the question?  I still will vote for Mayor Dickinson for another term.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Economic Chaos=Obamacare

The President is worried that free market thinking Republicans in the House and the Senate wish to defund Obamacare.  There is a movement in the House to defund Obamacare along with allowing the government to continue to operate with current lowered funding.   The President has as expected lashed out at this thought. He feels that those Republicans are not willing to compromise on the bill.  I am curious as to when the President has compromised in his agenda with Congress over the past five years?  And as a reminder in the past five years we have had several different forms of economic chaos that he has created including a runaway National Debt, a massive scandal in the IRS, massive problems in the Middle East including unanswered American deaths, a lack of both business and consumer confidence and an unworkable, economically irrational socialized health care plan on the horizon.
An unworkable, economically irrational socialized health care plan that both the President and Congress have opted out of.  Amazing what political power does.
Who is really creating the economic chaos?
And how much more economic chaos will ensue for for the next forty months of this Administration?
An economic debacle. A health plan debacle.  A domestic policy debacle.  A foreign policy debacle.
Obamacare-it will make America much sicker than it already is.  Thanks.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


We must always remember this date and the lives lost in our society.
They were brutally murdered by terrorists and terrorism.
Their freedoms were violated for no reason at all except in the name of terrorism.
A terrorism which still exists today in many parts of the world.
And with weak leadership in our country on 9/11/13, twelve years later we still have yet to eliminate terrorism.  There is a great deal of rhetoric to state otherwise-but it still exists-and it costs our country a great deal of money to combat it.  It still has yet to go away.

We must always remember this date and the lives lost in our society.
They were brutally murdered by terrorists and terrorism.
May they rest in peace for giving their lives for our freedom.
A freedom that is precious and fleeing in all so many ways.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Connecticut's Traveling Governor-Why Stay In The State And Govern?

Connecticut has a traveling Governor.
He travels to many places usually at Connecticut taxpayers expense.
He travels here.  He travels there.
This week he is traveling to Canada for yet another Governors conference.
Travel and more travel  usually at Connecticut taxpayers expense.
Possibly to see the country and world at taxpayers expense?
Possibly to gain political statue and prestige?
He claims it is for the benefit of the state.
A state which is last or near last in so many different economic categories.
These travels really do not seem to be improving Connecticut with its harsh Omnipotent One-Party Rule.
These travels really do not seem to be improving our job formation in the state.
These travels seem to be wasting taxpayers monies.
Over and over again.
Connecticut has a traveling Governor.
He travels to many places usually at Connecticut taxpayers expense.
He travels here.  He travels there.
Where will he travel next week?
And how much more economic harm and cost will Connecticut taxpayers have to be burdened with?
And when will he start governing?

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

More Problems For This Administration

On both a National and International levels there are many problems (many self created) for the Obama Administration.
We see today on a International scale the indecisiveness in Syria and the Middle East in general.  Does this Administration really think that limited and late military action will do anything to improve the nightmare going on in Syria?  How long does this Administration wait until they actually do anything?  And what will the action actually be?  What happened with the crisis in Egypt?  Which side is this Administration actually on? Does this Administration remember not taking sides in Iran?  What about the Arab Spring?  And how are we going to pay for this limited military action?  Do we have a foreign policy any more?
Another thought how about the continuing human rights atrocities still occurring in Cuba? Any thoughts on how to resolve them?
On a National level what is this Administration doing about the IRS scandal?  What is this Administration doing about the issues of spying and security leaks?  What is this Administration doing about the National Debt?
It has been a long five years with this Administration and will be a long road until 2016 when we mercifully vote for a new President.  The splendor of the Obama Administration and his Presidency has faded quickly and completely.  Its indecision and irrational policies have hurt our country and our world statue.  Maybe before eight years are up this Administration might actually be honest and lead.  But do not count on that happening.
I long for a new day and direction for America-before it is too late.