Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Connecticut=Poor Government + Excessive Taxes

Connecticut has poor government and poor governing. Connecticut has excessive taxes.  It has a government which knowingly breaks a constitutional law and gets away with it.  It raise taxes on its morbid economy and says it does not raise its taxes.  It lies to taxpayers.  It lies to the remaining business and industries in our economy.   It blames others for its own spending problems.  It takes away even more personal and economic freedoms on a daily basis.  It creates even more laws which make no sense to taxpayers. Government will break laws whenever they wish to.
Hartford's One Party Rule is the only ruling body in our state now.  Its liberalism continues to fail our economy on a daily basis.  Why does it continue to be unchecked?
July 1 our state economy has absorbed even more taxes which will transfer purchasing power from the economy to the command economy of Hartford.  And the net result is even more debt, more poverty and more problems for Connecticut.
Connecticut equals poor government and poor governing. Connecticut equals excessive taxes.   The Democrats in Hartford own the economy today.  We must blame them completely.

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