Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Connecticut Economic Dream

I dream a great deal.  I had a dream the other night which I knew was a dream only.
In my dream Connecticut was a robust and dynamic state once again.  In my dream I saw well kept neighborhoods with citizens prospering and working jobs of all sorts.  In my dream I saw students learning in the public education system, gaining skills and learning self sufficiency.  In my dream I saw the state income tax eliminated and state spending cut back dramatically.  In my dream I saw the state government eliminate laws that encroached on our personal freedoms.  In my dream I saw in my dream businesses flourishing and expanding creating jobs and income for all.  In my dream I saw a dynamic transportation system with well maintained roads and bridges.  In my dream I saw a renaissance of economic activity and personal freedom.

But then I woke up in a cold sweat-then I remembered.
I remembered how bad our state and government is.
I remembered the entitlement mentality of our state government.
I remembered how many personal freedoms we no longer have.
I remembered how bad our road and bridge structure is.
I remembered how businesses have and will move out of state.
I remembered how many jobs are permanently lost in our state.
I remembered how high taxes are in our state.

My Connecticut economic dream instead is a realistic economic nightmare.
A lack of personal freedoms.
Poor road and bridge infrastructure.
Excessively high taxes.
A poor business climate.
My Connecticut economic nightmare is real.

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