Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Power, Corruption-Washington and Hartford In Unison. Garbage For Government

Does power and politics corrupt? Is there any limit to the power of political corruption?  Is there any limits to the power of our State and Federal government?  Can they be limited?
More importantly why is our tax monies being used to supports this type of corruption?
The political corruption seems to never end in Connecticut.
Nor either in Washington.  The current scandals and cover ups in Washington are enormous.
You mean to tell me that our tax monies are being used to investigate those who have a different political view than the current administration and that information is being given to a news organization?
Our phone conversations I guess are no longer private either.
You do not see the misuse of the City of Hartford's credit cards which are paid for by Hartford taxpayers monies? 
You do not see the political payoffs and corruption of our State Legislature?  The Donovan debacle is no longer front page news in Connecticut-hushed up as usual. 
Why should the Republicans offer a budget?  It is automatically ridiculed by the Democrats-they own the state and the economic debacle we are in.

Garbage for government.  And our tax monies are being used to support the power and corruption.
It is time for a change and time to stop funding the power and corruption that is our government.

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