Wednesday, May 08, 2013

If Connecticut's Economy Is Broken Can We Do Something Different-No Just Keep Spending And Raising Taxes

Is Connecticut's economy broken?  In my economic opinion yes.  Is Hartford's One Party Rule doing anything about it?  No.  Thus let us just keep increasing state spending and raise taxes.  Done and over.
Until the next survey or poll comes out.  And the finger pointing and blame starts.

This new survey by "Chief Executive Magazine" ranks Connecticut as 45th out of 50 states in doing business. From their website  Here are a few quotes from CEO's who responded to the survey:

“Connecticut is a tax and spend, Democrat-controlled state with no debate. The state agencies do not coordinate their actions and there are several that could be combined as they each have a part in incentives or solutions. Governor Malloy is more visible than prior governors, but likes to pick winners and losers rather than establish an environment for all businesses as other states do.”
“Connecticut is the worst. Poor leadership.”

To me it is more of the same, more wasted state resources, more wasted productivity and labor.  Just really more of the same tax and spend policies which continue to fail our economy.   $12 billion dollars in increased state spending over the last twenty years with nothing to show for it other than excessive debt, excessive long term unfunded liabilities and an elitist centralized government in Hartford.
Why can't state spending be cut?  Why can't Commissioners be downsized and positions eliminated?  Why so many duplicate programs? Why can't taxes actually be cut to stimulate the state economy?
Connecticut's economy is broken and continues to be broken by the excessive demands of Hartford's One Party Rule.  
State spending needs to be cut now.  State government needs to be downsized and streamlined.  Political elitism and patronage needs to end on both sides of the political aisle.  Connecticut's economy needs to be the priority of our elected officials not a Utopian playground to use for personal and political gain at taxpayer's expense.

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