Wednesday, April 03, 2013

More Much Ado About Nothing Or The Connecticut Folly

Welcome to the Connecticut Folly 2013 version.
I do not have enough hours in the day to write about all of the economic issues and ethical issues Connecticut faces in 2013.  Nor can I draw a blind eye to the massive waste of taxpayers monies which continue to occur each day.
The new massive gun bureaucracy that is going to be rammed through Hartford's One Party Rule along with the meek Republicans who are voting for it will do little to improve safety for any resident.  From what I can understand from the bill (and good luck anyone actually understanding a bill passed in Hartford), the state has created a new layer of laws, rules to be enforced by state workers?  And how are those state workers going to be chosen?  How much is this actually going to cost both gun owners and taxpayers?  What happened to the public hearings on the bill?  Apparently there were just for show.
And most importantly how will this bill actually help to prevent violent crimes with illegal guns from happening?  No answers on that one from Hartford's One Party Rule.  Thus a new bureaucracy forms until the next mass violent outbreak and then yet another newer bureaucracy forms.
In my economic opinion if we actually had laws that were enforced to penalize and incarcerate criminals not the victims then we would have a safer state, sort of like having a death penalty when you murder someone.
But alas this is Connecticut's Folly 2013 version.
And could someone tell me what is being done about the state debt and the state economy?
Wow the silence really sickens me as a taxpayer.

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