Friday, April 26, 2013

Do Not Worry Connecticut's Rulers Are Well Above Any Laws

It really never ends for taxpayers and their lack of representation in government.
Our biased media again gives a free ride to the Esty clan of Connecticut for their actions.
First we see that our Department of Environmental Protection Czar Dan Esty briefs USB Securities about pending legislation.  This briefing in my economic opinion is insider information which can be used to influence the purchase and or sale of a traded security to benefit the insider.  It apparently has been given its blessing by our government and media.  Obviously, Esty denies any wrong doing, he has made a public statement that he did nothing wrong.
However in my economic opinion his discussion of pending legislation can and will influence the purchase of stock and securities that are directly related to that legislation.  It is illegal.  However here in Connecticut our ruling elite are above any laws.
Dan's wife United States Representative Elizabeth Esty from the Fifth District decides to finally return campaign contributions that she received from Northeast Utilities executives and lobbyists.  She apparently only decides to do this after the National Republican Congressional Committee brings to light that she received this money from a company which is influenced by her husband's decisions as Department of Environmental Protection Czar.  Dan Esty was also a paid consultant for Northeast Utilities for eight years from 1997 to 2005.  Thus she finally gives the money back two years later.
Again we hear little about this nor is it really questioned by our government or media.
I guess this is how she truly represents those people in her district.

To me there are few laws that govern our elected and paid governmental officials here in Connecticut.  There is little done to prevent unethical behavior, crime and corruption using taxpayers monies.   It is the corruption of our government along with our forced taxed support of it which continues to be unanswered.  It is a crime and rape that taxpayers must endure here in Connecticut.

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