Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Connecticut's Unfunded Liabilities Keep Growing And Growing

Connecticut's unfunded liabilities.  They keep growing and growing.  Have they been addressed by Mr. Malloy and Hartford's One Party Rule?
The answer is simple-no.  They keep growing and growing.
And growing and growing.  Connecticut has over $20 billion dollars in bond debt.  Money borrowed through bonds for projects and now for day-to-day operational expenses of the state.
It also has about another $46 to $60 billion dollars in unfunded liabilities.  These areas include state employee and teacher pensions, along with state employees post health and life care (retirement benefits).
Mr. Malloy and Hartford's One Party Rule answer to all this is to increase spending by another 10%, increase taxes and look the other way at this massive long term economic crisis that is facing our state.
Mr. Malloy and Hartford's One Party Rule are delusion when it comes to our economic issues facing Connecticut.  With the new costly gun law we will see the remaining gun industry leave the state, thus losing even more jobs and more tax revenues, not to the mention the actual costs of around $25 to $35 million to enact the new law, which in my economic opinion only allows guns to be owned by the police and criminals who will continue to get their guns illegally.
The most simplistic solution is to cut spending in Hartford quickly and efficiently.  There is no longer any need  to have a state our size spend $20 plus billion dollars a year and have the economic blight and poor conditions that we have here.  There is no more need for layers upon layers of upper level management in non producing, non productive, show only state jobs burdening taxpayers with excessive salaries and pensions.
Mr. Malloy and Hartford's One Party Rule are lost economically and need to be voted out of office in 2014.
We can not sustain this path to economic ruin any more.

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